Generates a portable web dev environment for the PortableApps Suite.
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Portable Dev Environment for PortableApps Suite

Generates a portable web dev environment for the PortableApps Suite.

What's Inside

The following are installed and configured for running off a usb drive:

  • XAMPP (with php 7.1 and xdebug)
  • Composer
  • NodeJS
  • Ruby
  • Netbeans
  • Microsoft VS Code
  • Papercut SMTP server emulator (see notes below about running Papercut)


Recommended, but not required

Build Process

Use Git Portable to clone the existing repo to the drive you wish to install the development environment

git clone /f/Documents/portableDevEnvironment

From the Repository menu, open git-bash. Run $ ./, and there will be a confirmation for which letter is detected as the target.

Close git-bash after building. Subsequent bash sessions will include all the proper PATH locations.

Run updateGitPortable.bat after closing git-bash to update git to a later version.

The cloned repository is not needed afterwards, and the folder can be discarded.

Running the Environment

  1. Open Git Portable from the PortableApps menu.
  2. In the git bash window, type in ./ The script will auto-detect your drive letter (necessary if it's changed since last time), update it in all the places it can with the new paths.


  • Papercut isn't technically a portable app, and it may leave a couple of inconsequential files behind on the host machine.
  • Papercut dumps some warning messages to the git-bash window. These can be ignored.
  • On its first run, git-bash may complain about a couple of mkdir permissions. This can be ignored. Subsequent launches will not present this error
  • Opening Netbeans or VSCode from the PA menu instead of the git bash window may cause the PATH variable to not have all the portable information. You should open it from the git-bash window by typing in $ netbeans or $ vscode, and pressing enter.