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Facepy makes it really easy to use Facebook's Graph API
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from facepy import GraphAPI

# Initialize the Graph API with a valid access token (optional,
# but will allow you to do all sorts of fun stuff).
graph = GraphAPI(oauth_access_token)

# Get my latest posts

# Post a photo of a parrot
    path = 'me/photos',
    source = open('parrot.jpg', 'rb')

Facepy can do more than reading your latest posts and posting photographs of parrots, but you'll have to read the documentation to find out how.

Please note that Facepy does not do authentication with Facebook; it only consumes its API. To get an access token to consume the API on behalf of a user, use a suitable OAuth library for your platform (if you're using Django, for example, you might use Fandjango).


$ pip install facepy


  • Fork the repository.
  • Do your thing (preferably on a feature branch).
  • Write a test that demonstrates that the bug was fixed or the feature works as expected.
  • Send a pull request and bug me until I merge it!

I love you

Johannes Gorset made this. You should tweet me if you can't get it to work. In fact, you should tweet me anyway.

I love Schibsted

I work at Schibsted Products & Technology with a bunch of awesome folks who are every bit as passionate about building things as I am. If you're using Facepy, we probably want to hire you.

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