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Note: This repo is no longer core! The new master repo can be found at the link below. SwiftRiver is a platform that crowdsources the verification of news, aided by algorithms that determine trust and accuracy.
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NOTE: This is an Alpha software release for evaluation and feedback purposes only. Please do NOT use this in critical scenarios without further consultation. Contact jon [at] with additional questions or feedback.

SWIFT RIVER v0.1.0 - Apala
Swiftriver is a FOSS platform for determining the veracity and accuracy of news related to an event. 

There's a global emergency. Twitter, blogs and the news are all ablaze with rumor and reports.  Swiftriver's role in this scenario is to surface relevant information using probabilistic algorithms and crowd-sourcing, in real-time. Swift has an extremely modular design with support for plug-ins and hosted API services.  You can find out more about these at -

Find it on Github -


	New Core written in PHP optimized for speed and structuring data
	Plugin Architecture
	Semantic Tagging (Who, What, Where)
	Support for noSQL DBs like Cassandra
	Extensible Source Parsing Service
	Swiftriver Web Services


Documentation - 
Installation -
Roadmap -


Team Swift Core Developers

	Jon Gosier (System Architect) 
	Ivan Kavuma (Core Developer)
	Matthew Griffiths (Lead Developer)
	Josh Bronson (Developer)

Team Swift Volunteers

	Moses Mugisha (Swift - SULSa)
	Victor Miclovich (Swift - SiLCC)
	Wolfgang Werner (Swift - SiLCC)
	M. Edward (Ed) Borasky (Swift - SiLCC)
	Maarten J. van der Veen (Twitter API)

Team Swift Advisors

	Andrew Turner (Swift - Original Build)
	Chris Blow (Concept and Strategy)
	Kaushal Jhalla (Concept)
	Ed Bice (Strategy)

Contributing Organizations

	The Ushahidi Team
	Appfrica Labs
	Geo Commons

2010-04-30	Merge New Core, New Installer
2010-04-03	Theming Admin, Auto Logo Styles
2010-03-26	Rumba v0.0.9 Released
2010-03-22	Changes to Reporting Panel in Admin
2010-03-21	Tag Sorting, Tag Pages
2010-03-19	Added Support
2010-03-19	Voting Fixes
2010-03-18	Auto Verify when posting to self, Service API
2010-03-17	Post to Self
2010-03-15	Admin Panel Styling, Default Veracity Slider Value Changed to '0 - 100'
2010-03-14	Design, CSS and UI
2010-03-11	Debug Installer, README, Added Rumba Theme, Sweeper Panel Icons
2010-03-10	User Roles & Tagging, UI fixes
2010-03-01  Announced Release Schedule
2010-02-28	Fixed Installer and .htaccess file
2010-02-26	Veracity Slider and Analytics
2010-02-25	Fixes to Scoring Algorithm
2010-02-24	Implemented Rating Algorithm
2010-02-22	Sweeper Login, Ajax Tagging, Dupe Suppression, Routing Problems, Change to .sql
2010-02-18	Ajax Tagging
2010-02-16	Veracity: Tagging and Weighting
2010-02-14	Sql update
2010-02-12	Implemented Tagging
2010-02-11	Update
2010-02-10	Early Build
2010-01-27	Initial Push, README

0.0.0	Rumba		(released 2010-03-31)
0.1.0	Apala
0.2.0	*Batuque		
0.3.0	Benga
0.4.0	Bikutsi
0.5.0	Cape Jazz
0.6.0	Chimurenga
0.7.0	Fuji music
0.8.0	Harare
0.9.0	Jit
1.0.0	Jùjú		(Beta)
1.1.0	Kizomba
1.2.0	Kuduro
1.3.0	Kwaito
1.4.0	Kwela
1.5.0	Makossa
1.6.0	Malouf
1.7.0	Maloya
1.8.0	Marrabenta
1.9.0	Museve
2.0.0	Mbalax
2.1.0	Mbaqanga	(Non-Beta)
2.2.0	Mbube
2.3.0	Morna
2.4.0	Palm
2.5.0	Raï
2.6.0	Sakara
2.7.0	Sega
2.8.0	Soukous
2.9.0	Taarab	
3.0.0	Zouk

* = currently in development
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