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This document is also available in German. / Dieses Dokument ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar.

This project is not maintained any longer. Please use the original Karabiner-Elements and install the Neo2 complex modifications instead.


Karabiner-Elements-Neo implements the layers 4 and 6 of the Neo2 keyboard layout for macOS Sierra. It is based on takahasix' fork of Karabiner-Elements, a subset of the next generation Karabiner for macOS Sierra.

Project Status

Beta, please report any bugs or incomplete installation instructions as GitHub issues. You may report issues in English or German.

Known issues

  • Caps lock (pressing both shift keys at the same time) might not work. This is an upstream Karabiner-Elements issue (tekezo/Karabiner-Elements#467). Killing the karabiner_grabber process is know to fix the problem in some instances.
  • Some applications and webpages might register some wrong key combinations for certain shortcuts. There is probably not a lot that can be done about these because it most cases it is the applications that are not considering the keyboard layout correctly and in many cases the problem is not even specific to Karabiner-Elements.


I do not have an Apple Developer license at the moment that would me allow to distribute a ready-made installable package. Thus, it is necessary to build Karabiner-Elements-Neo yourself.

Follow these instructions.

Once you have built the installable package:

  1. Open the DMG file and follow the instructions.
  2. Open Karabiner-Elements and add the following “Simple Modifications”:
    • backslash (\) to right_option (on some external keyboards it might be necessary to remap non_us_backslash or non_us_pound instead of backslash (\))
    • caps_lock to right_option
    • grave_accent_and_tilde (`) to right_command
    • right_option to left_command
  3. Download the keyboard layout file and move it either to ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts (personal installation) or /Library/Keyboard Layouts (system-wide installation). You have the choice between to keyboard layout files:
  4. Select the Neo2 keyboard layout (“Deutsch (Neo 2)”) in your system settings (under “Keyboard → Input Sources”).