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Fix incorrect link syntax in CONTRIBUTING

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commit 535627561198c27725584d1bdf79c509731a49f8 1 parent 372fc90
Bryan McLellan authored December 14, 2012

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@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ the patch is ready to be merged, we update the status to _Fix Reviewed_.
124 124
 Depending on the project, these tickets are then merged within a week or two, depending on the current release cycle. At this
125 125
 point the ticket status will be updated to _Fix Committed_ or _Closed_.
126 126
-Please see the [Code Review|] page on the wiki for additional information.
+Please see the [Code Review]( page on the wiki for additional information.
128 128
129 129
 ## Release Cycle
130 130

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