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- Add back the Ganglia logo
- Provide an easy method for user to add their organization's logo
- Centralize sanitization of user input (Extract this from get_context.php and graph.php, no other scripts
should use $_GET directly)
- Make indentation consistent - mixed usage of 2 spaces, 3 spaces, 4 spaces, or tabs makes code harder to read
- In Cluster Report, when one clicks on the text box besides "Metric", it should bring up a dropbox with a
list of paginated metrics and continue to show metric name hints as you type
- Support regex expressions for metrics in regex views
Suggestions from Ben Hartshorne.
- Color code by host or metric, so as to easily differentiate
- Do something else to sort by host or metric, such as all metrics from a specific host in a row
- group by metric or group by host - right now it lists all hosts metric A, then all hosts metric B (when
using the regex)
- Figure out a better way to cache metrics
- Avoid race conditions
- Add ability to specify arbitrary time ranges
- Add support for multi-touch enlarging of graphs
- Allow hosts to be named the same in multiple clusters (right now they are filtered out)
- Mobile browser detection code to automatically use mobile version
- Clicking on a metric search result should bring up the host page anchoring at the
metric graph in question
- Add ability to add metrics to views
- Implement "refresh" for pages to prevent stale data from being displayed via ajax
- Fix XSS vuln. in input handling (See general 'Centralize sanitization' task above)
- Add polish to Graphite integration
- Fix CPU report for Cluster summary. Needs to be "scaled" by number of nodes
- Add user guide
- Add installation guide (expand on README)
- Add templating guide