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This fork is an initiative for developing an e-book reader for DAISY 3 files.

Web demo at

DAISY 3 is a format that helps to make reading easier for those having reading disabilities.
Benetech (, the organization that leads the efforts for making the world 
a better place for the print disabled, is maintainer of this project.
Benetech staff and olunteer programmers help to develop and maintain this fork.

This is a fork of the FBReaderJ project located at
The original FBReaderJ project in under GNU GPL license.
As a result, this effort is also under the same license.

The apk file for this project can be downloaded from the Downloads section.
The current production build can be found in the Android marketplace under Go Read.
The unzipped DAISY 3 text e-books can also be loaded via the SD card into the folder set as the loading directory in
the settings of the FBReader app.  The book will automatically show in the Library section of the application.

A basic implementation of the Text-To-Speech functionality has been done using the Android TTS API. 
We will be working on a more sophisticated version of that module. 

This version also supports other formats, such as epub, fb2, palmdoc and tcr.

To build this project, please follow the instructions in the HowToBuild file.

If you plan to build this project, you need an API key, which can be obtained by registered at and acquiring an API key.

Last Edited by - Gerardo Capiel 


An accessible Android app for reading and listening to books on Bookshare. It's available for free on Google Play as "Go Read".






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