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permalink: /contact/
bodyid: contact
title: Contact information
author: One Nite Band
description: Rob Koski will happily take your requests and inquiries.
<div class='intro'>
<h1>This is Rob. He is here to <span class="nobr">help. <img src="/images/{% versioned images/smallstar.png %}" alt=""></span></h1>
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<li class='home'><a href="/">Home</a></li><li class='bio'><a href="/bio/">About Us</a></li><li class='contact'><a href="/contact/">Contact Us!</a></li>
<div id='main' class='vcard'>
<h2 class="fn">Rob Koski</h2>
<p class='contact-info'>
<span class='label'>Email:</span> <a href=''><span class='email'></span></a><br>
<span class='label'>Phone:</span> <span class='tel'>403.390.8246</span>
Rob is our manager, bassist and fearless leader.
He would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
<img class='rob' src='{{ }}/rob-contact.jpg' alt='Rob Koski playing bass'>
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