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Welcome to the TIPI/32K Wiki!

This Wiki covers items specific to the TIPI/32K version of the TIPI. For general help common to all versions of the TIPI, please see Jedimatt42's TIPI wiki.

What is TIPI/32K?


TIPI/32k is a derivative of the original TIPI designed by Jedimatt42 and ElectricLab, but modified to fit in the TI-99/4A speech synthesizer housing. It combines both the sideport TIPI and the sideport 32K memory expansion into a single PCB. The primary goals of this version are to:

  • Make a smaller, simpler package for the TIPI, matching the original factory TI-99/4 look and feel.
  • Reduce cost by integrating the TIPI and 32K cards, using the Pi ZeroW, and designing for low cost production and simple assembly.
  • Getting more TIPIs in the hands of us casual TI-99/4A users.
  • Finally finding a use for that door on the speech synthesizer housing.
  • Have some fun with a TIPI PCB design.


Getting Started:

Raspberry PI hardware

Raspberry PI power


TIPI/32K Installation


Design Files - Jump in! Or just browse to understand.

Atariage Development/ Support Thread

Other TIPI/32K Resources

Where to buy

Buy assembled Boards at ArcadeShopper

You can provide your own Raspberry Pi Zero W, micro sd card, housing (optional), and Raspberry Pi power supply (optional) or source them all from ArcadeShopper.

Interested in building your own TIPI/32K? See TIPI-32K-Build