Sabermetrics, Data, and Value
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See BaseBall_SlideShow for Keynote presentation.

Part 1:
Lock, Stock, and 2 smokin’ bats:
Sabermetrics, modeling, and value doesn’t really rhyme.
—Problem statement, eda, data, & stats…
—Talent gap at the top is closer than we think. Yet so far ahead of average athlete from general population…

Part 2:
What stats are important:
All Bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is Bourbon.
—A lot of stats to describe events that don’t always win games…
—Can we find the most important stats for WS Winners?
—Let's talk Feature selection...

Part 3:
How much does that cow cost?
—How much did teams pay to perform?
—But how much (how fast) are salaries increasing?

Part 4:
Winners vs. Rockies:
—Compare key features of Winners vs. Rockies.
—Did Rockies over pay? Or under perform?
—How can we be prescriptive…

Part 5: Future
— “Its tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”-Yogi Berra
—Can we use model to predict Pre-1903 WS Winners?