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Debian package for isso comments server.

N.B. if you want a debian repository with pre-built packages for amd64 arch, please check

Quick build

First you need to install dpkg-dev package.

# apt-get install python-all debhelper dpkg-dev fakeroot

Then do quickly a build for your own use (produce only unsigned binary package for your arch):

$ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -b

You should then have the resulting package in parent directory.

Long build

Requires sbuild.

First build source package:

    $ dpkg-source -b isso

Then build package in minimal chrooted build environment:

    $ sbuild -A ../isso_<version>.dsc

Or just run sbuild source directory:

    $ sbuild -A -s .

Or build different architecture or distribution (create sbuild schroots first):

    $ sbuild --arch=i386 --dist=precise -A --append-to-version=~precise0 isso*dsc

See man sbuild for available options.


Update upstream source (from pypi releases):

    $ gbp import-orig --uscan


  • Test package on ubuntu(s)
  • Test systemd script
  • Add upstart script