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Visualizes TGraph Schemas using GraphViz.

Getting started

This project uses Leiningen for retrieving all its dependencies from various Maven repositories, building, and test automation.

Getting started is really simple:

  • Install the lein shell (or bat) script as explained at the Leiningen homepage page.

  • Fetch the project's dependencies:

$ cd schemaviz
$ lein deps
  • Visualize a schema to a PDF document:
$ lein run my-schema.pdf
  • There are also some options you may provide to change how things look like. To get a list of supported options, just run:
$ lein run

lein run [options] outfile

Valid options are:
--edgeclass-weight: The weight of edgeclass edges.  If it is
  higher than :specialization-weight, then edgeclass edges are tried to be
  shorter and more straight than specialization edges.
  Default value: 1


Copyright (C) 2012 The JGraLab Team

Distributed under the General Public License, Version 3.

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