Creates a modal view similar to uiactivityviewcontroller that is seen in the sharing features of ios 6. This can be used as an easy to customize icon based action sheet using blocks.
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Icon Action Sheet Demo

Version History

10/8/2012 - Initial Commit


This project contains a reusable classes for presenting a view that imitates the uiactivityviewcontroller in iOS. In iOS 6 the button based action sheet has been replaced in several Apple apps with a controller that contains friendlier space saving icons. This class allows people to easily reproduce this same control using blocks and allows for easier customizations than the uiactivityviewcontroller.

Using the class

By default a cancel button is added to the view. A title can be specified for the action sheet. Icons with labels and blocks can be added as well. Please see below for an example.

IconActionSheet *sheet = [IconActionSheet sheetWithTitle:@"Icon Action Sheet Demo"];

[sheet addIconWithTitle:@"Camera" image:[UIImage imageNamed:@"Facebook.png"] block:^{
    //Do things
} atIndex:-1];    
[sheet showInView:self.view];