A module for SeAT that tracks SRP requests
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A module for SeAT that tracks SRP requests

This plugin write for SeAT is providing to your instance a way to manage your ship replacement program (SRP)

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If you have issues with this, you can contact me on Eve as Denngarr B'tarn, or on email as 'denngarr@cripplecreekcorp.com'

Quick Installation:

In your seat directory (By default: /var/www/seat), type the following:

php artisan down
composer require denngarr/seat-srp

(You can skip this step if you are running 3.x) After a successful installation, you can include the actual plugin by editing config/app.php and adding the following after:

         * Package Service Providers...



and save the file. Now you're ready to tell SeAT how to use the plugin:

php artisan vendor:publish --force
php artisan migrate

php artisan up

And now, when you log into 'Seat', you should see a 'Ship Replacement Program' link on the left.

Good luck, and Happy Hunting!! o7