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1. Install Node >= v6 and NPM >= v3 (check with node -v and npm -v)
2. Run "(sudo) npm install -g create-quip-app"
3. Run "npm install"
4. Change port in node_modules/quip-app-webpack-config/webpack.config.js
5. Run "npm start" to start the development server
6. Check "Use Local Resources" in the Diagram menu under Developer

On Windows 10, npm install should be run in a command prompt, but
npm run build and npm start should be run on a Linux subsystem.


The following files must be copied manually from the project into
app/dist _AND_ app/dist/dist (for local development):

- integrate.min.js
- grapheditor.css
- common.css

A copy of dia.txt is in the code stored in the defaultResources variable as a
fallback when offline so this must be updated (and escaped) if there are any
changes to the English resources. To escape, copy and paste the contents into


then escape and replace all ' with \' in the resulting string.


1. Run "npm run build" to create app/app.ele for upload to production.

2. Go to, click on Upload
   app.ele, select app/app.ele and click on Update. Then click Deploy.

Content Security Policy

- Allowed connect sources are * Actually used domains for XHR are:
  - For loading resources, shapes and stencils
  - For PDF export (and image export if MathJax is enabled)
  - For PlantUML integration
- Allowed script and font sources: for MathJax
- Allowed image sources are * and * for clipart

Note: No proxy is used to access icons on Iconfinder.
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