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27-MAY-2023: 21.3.5
- Fixes tabs converted to spaces in labels [drawio-3540]
24-MAY-2023: 21.3.4
- Adds support for MermaidJS timelines [drawio-3613]
- Keeps MermaidJS styling after update [drawio-3417]
- [conf cloud] Count errors of each kind in pageID import, Gliffy/Lucid import, and re-indexing and display summary at bottom of file. Add FAQ text for common fixes.
- Forces direct load in browser to download PlantUML diagrams
- [conf cloud] Added page IDs logging - partial [DID-8048]
- Improves replace shapes [drawio-3505]
- Removes hard-coded image base path [drawio-3171]
- Adds titles to shape tags, normalizes search terms [drawio-3618]
23-MAY-2023: 21.3.3
- Allows http and localhost in services (OAuth) [drawio-3079]
- Fixes nth-check dependencies vulnerability by removing react-scripts and using vite [drawio-dev-dependabot-144]
- [desktop] Fixed page-index and page-rage CLI export arguments [drawio-3597]
- [desktop] Fixed svg export scale [drawio-desktop-1165]
- Fixes Trello power-up repeated auth [DND-1015]
- Fixes possible NPE in VSDX export [drawio-3608]
- Fixes automatic dark mode in viewer [drawio-3614]
- Fixes patch and in-place change of local view state
- Improves AI prompt for smart template generation
- Fixes timeout and adds callback in synchronizeFile
- Adds plain text tooltips to SVG export [drawio-3610]
- Uses noopener,noreferrer to open links in viewer
15-MAY-2023: 21.3.2
- Fixes NPE added in 21.3.1
15-MAY-2023: 21.3.1
- Removes animation for lightbox in all viewers
- Shows error for possible NPE in print preview
- Fixes restoring scrollbars after page selection
- Fixes view after undo, restore and for blank pages
- Escapes HTML in embed dialog preview title and body
- Handles possible missing child in row [drawio-3592]
- Fixes removed text between < and > with pasteHere
- Fixes blank PDF export [drawio-3596]
- Adds shortcut for in-/decrease font [drawio-3585]
12-MAY-2023: 21.3.0
- Updates DOMPurify from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3
- Fixes in-place change of graph bounds in fitWindow
- Restores sidebar on dark mode change [drawio-3577]
- Fixes page scroll while editing text [drawio-3523]
- [conf cloud] Fixed embed diagram macro when context lack the contentType [DID-8214]
- Preserves tabs in pasted text from text editors
- Uses simple theme on iPadOS, iOS and Android
- [desktop]] Potential fix for spawn errors [drawio-desktop-1122]
- Resets scrollbar state after inserting new pages
- Fixes reset of scrollbars after deleting last page
04-MAY-2023: 21.2.9
- Fixes scrolling of iframe parents [drawio-3563]
04-MAY-2023: 21.2.8
- [jira cloud] Uses issueContext instead of the deprecated issueGlance
- Fixes invalidation for filenames, sanitized labels [CSP-1852]
03-MAY-2023: 21.2.7
- Fixes possible NPE in validate
02-MAY-2023: 21.2.6
- Fixes setting x0 and y0 in graph.sizeDidChange [DS-949]
02-MAY-2023: 21.2.5
- Re-release of 21.2.4 for caching issues
02-MAY-2023: 21.2.4
- Adds wrapper container for view node hierarchy
- Removes view validation for document title changes
- Adds less strict search matching [drawio-655]
- Improves performance for page selection
- Adds threshhold for reset view check
- [conf cloud] Adds space filter to pagesIds import [DID-8048]
26-APR-2023: 21.2.3
- Uses move cursor CSS style for table row handle
- Adds current selected page ID to URL [drawio-3128]
- Adds lazy ResizeObserver and blocks possible loops [DFCC-61]
- Fixes fitWindow in page view, refactors common code
- Fixes syntax for check of property with value of 0
- [conf cloud] Fix uncompressed custom libraries preview [DID-8096]
25-APR-2023: 21.2.2
- Improves performance for window resize event handlers
- Fixes handles for zoom and large selection changes
- Improves performance for GraphViewer [drawio-2766]
- Ignores invalid numbers in bounding box [DID-8051]
- Fixes possible divide by zero in router [DID-8051]
19-APR-2023: 21.2.1
- Skips sanitizeHtml for unchanged labels [drawio-3530]
- Uses cssText property to set CSS in foreignObjects
- Adds submenu to enable and change diagram language
19-APR-2023: 21.2.0
- Defers bounding box update until after DOM changes [DID-7902]
18-APR-2023: 21.1.9
- Edit connection points in popup menu [drawio-2984]
- [vsdx] Fixes image cropping [drawio-3518]
- Updates DOMPurify from 2.4.3 to 3.0.2
- Fixes image export if inside group [drawio-3516]
- Increases maximum image size to 1200 pixels and 2 MB
- Removes Theme submenu from MS Teams app and Confluence DC [drawio-3517]
14-APR-2023: 21.1.8
- Adds headless editor UI class that sets chromeless
- Fixes line jumps crossing waypoints [drawio-2664]
- Fixes possible NPE for VSDX import [drawio-3507]
- Fixes remove group with drag and drop [drawio-3510]
- Fixes moving vertical label position [drawio-3512]
- Updates AWS icons [drawio-3336]
12-APR-2023: 21.1.7
- [vsdx] Fixes text overflow of zero width/height labels [DID-7950]
- Uses Alt+Shift+R for clear waypoints [drawio-3501]
- Allow blank replace string in dialog [drawio-3502]
- Handles dark theme change in trees plugin [drawio-3496]
- Adds smart-template-type, -generate URL parameters
11-APR-2023: 21.1.6
- [conf cloud] Fixes large instances page IDs export and import and using new API [DID-7895]
- Fixes safari bug with embed mode (calling App.main twice) [drawio-nextcloud-37]
- Adds support for links to pages in print preview [drawio-722]
- Blocks direct links to plantUML images generator and from other domains [CSP-1717]
- Fixes OneDrive saving large files with non-Ascii characters [drawio-3481]
- Prevents mermaid insertion errors when mxMermaidToDrawio is not available [drawio-3488]
06-APR-2023: 21.1.5
- Fixes asynchronous MathJax rendering [drawio-2876]
- Added mermaid insertion as diagram to Atlassian [drawio-3488]
- [conf cloud] Adds support for importing Gliffy macros with no diagram name (only attachment ID) [DID-7470]
- [conf cloud] Fixed space filter search when key has "-" [DID-7470]
- [conf cloud] Added support for Historical revisions of imported pages [DID-7233]
04-APR-2023: 21.1.4
- Remerge and release of dev branch
03-APR-2023: 21.1.3
- Adds zoom and border properties for XML+SVG files
- Adds Clear Formatting button in Text style panel
- Removes fontSource cell styles in clear formatting
- Fixes possible resolving of defaults in stylesheet
- Conf Cloud: Support proper versioning for embed -> upload [DID-7828]
- Enables compression with compressXml [drawio-3484]
29-MAR-2023: 21.1.2
- Fixes handling of ctrl+shift+v on Mac [drawio-291]
- Fixes properties cannot be named id [drawio-3460]
- [vsdx]] Adds overflow=width to improve support label alignment [DID-7420]
- Fixes change of title size in tables [drawio-3468]
- Adds live preview for change of swimlane title size
23-MAR-2023: 21.1.1
- Fixes possible f.replace is not a function
- Fixes detection for Firefox browser [drawio-3456]
- Fixes OutlineWindow is not defined in viewer
- Fixes block layout in link info for multiple links
23-MAR-2023: 21.1.0
- Updates Pako compression library to 2.1.0
- Fixes inconsistent file opening in app and desktop
- Disables file compression [drawio-1724]
- Removes compression in libraries and embedded PDFs [drawio-1724]
- Fixes change of page ID [drawio-3397]
21-MAR-2023: 21.0.10
- Removes P1 plugin
21-MAR-2023: 21.0.9 Build not released nor tested
- Fixes dialog after resize in viewer and embed mode
18-MAR-2023: 21.0.8
- Fixes sequence diagram generation from mermaid
17-MAR-2023: 21.0.7
- Fixes order of image class in styles [drawio-3432]
- Fixes update of global edge style [drawio-3429]
- Connector split clones marker and spacing [DS-946]
- VSDX import: Fixed some cases of incorrect text alignment [DID-7420]
09-MAR-2023: 21.0.6
- Fixes preview for smart template
09-MAR-2023: 21.0.5 Build Rejected on test
- Fixes e not a function error for arrow [DID-7677]
- Fixes 404 for sign out from GitLab [drawio-3416]
08-MAR-2023: 21.0.4
- Enables smart templates in production [DS-942]
08-MAR-2023: 21.0.3 Build Rejected on test
- Updates to Mermaid v10 [DS-945]
- Adds rack shape with vertical size determining number of units.
- Fixes HTML entities in format change [drawio-3403]
- [conf cloud] Shows message when conf diagram is edited from Jira Service Desk [DID-7647]
- Fixes default for container property [drawio-3406]
03-MAR-2023: 21.0.2
- Fixes BPMN event attachment [draw-3342]
- Removes testing code for no branches [drawio-3396]
02-MAR-2023: 21.0.1
- Changes behaviour of default styling [drawio-3312]
02-MAR-2023: 21.0.0 Build Rejected on test
- Build rejected, failed testing on stage
01-MAR-2023: 20.8.24
- Fixes tolerance and logic for shape picker [drawio-3256]
- Updates sequence diagram styles in UML 2.5 library
- Fixes possible clipping of help icon in save dialog
- Using Mermaid v10 ESM in dev mode [DS-945]
- Fixed jscompiler error due to dynamic module import.
- Disables all diagram exports via configuration [drawio-3374]
- Improves error messages in git clients [drawio-3185]
- Fixes tooltip for elbow edge styles [drawio-3343]
- Fixes NPE when "more shapes" is clicked and configured libraries are incorrect
- [conf cloud] Sorts custom libraries alphabetically [DID-7590, drawio-1287]
- Fixes possible NPE in ArrangePanel
22-FEB-2023: 20.8.23
- Fixes file extension for .drawio.pdf files [drawio-3368]
- [conf cloud] Workaround for invalid JSON response from getContentProperty API [DID-7519]
20-FEB-2023: 20.8.22
- Internal release to update hidden flag template functionality [DS-942]
20-FEB-2023: 20.8.21
- [vsdx] Adds special case of text field esc(0) format [DID-7420]
- Avoids NPE with bad libraries configurations [DID-7439]
- [conf cloud] Improved Gliffy mass import logs (page links start end time) [DID-7470]
10-FEB-2023: 20.8.20
- Fixes rubberband, links for cells in locked layers [drawio-3343]
09-FEB-2023: 20.8.19
- Disables object selection in locked layers [drawio-3343]
07-FEB-2023: 20.8.18
- Fixes locked is not defined in read-only diagrams [DS-944]
- Fixes offset of terminal point after drag and drop
- Fixes special cases for drag and drop from sidebar
- Fixes parents for adding edges in cell hierarchies
- Fixes point offsets for duplicated edges in groups
06-FEB-2023: 20.8.17
- Fixes connection points dialog, adds help button
- Fixed connection points losing dx, dy on edit (DS-943)
- Improves UX for UML sequence diagrams [DID-7338]
- Fixes initial embedded inline editor position
- Fixes default fill color on UML frame label
- Fixes inconsistent font color for condition shape
02-FEB-2023: 20.8.16
- Fixes overriden CSS for buttons and button states [drawio-3326]
- Uses manifest version 3 in Notion Chrome extension
- Fixes possible NPE in async resize handler
- Clear default style action disables sketch mode [drawio-3331]
- View sketch option no longer updates existing cells[drawio-3331]
01-FEB-2023: 20.8.15
- Adds debug output, improves UX in Notion extension
- Fixes clipping of start screen checkbox in dialog
- Fixes vertical alignment of show start screen item
- Fixes CSS for default action button [drawio-desktop-1219]
31-JAN-2023: 20.8.14
- Updates in-place editor after scroll and UI change
- Fixes CSS specificity and global styles [DID-7294]
- Limit convert labels to SVG option to online only
- [conf cloud] Adds config option to disable the automatic generation of the preview images from the page view ["disableEmbedAutoImgGen": true] [DID-7251]
- Ignore events on selection border and parent shape
- Fixes library save, improves error handling [drawio-3323]
26-JAN-2023: 20.8.13
- Fixes NPE when changing colors from toolbar [drawio-3315]
26-JAN-2023: 20.8.12
- Updates CSP and script check for new JS index.html
- Fixes setDefaultStyle if updateDefaultStyle is false
- Updated express dependency of nodeImport (vsd server) [CSP-1246]
- Prevent XSS due to unsanitized input [CSP-1267]
- Attempt to fix NPE in mxVertexHandler.redrawHandles
- Error message links to Notion and diagram template
- Fixes picker and background in inline embed mode
- Adds links to templates, minimum size for editor
- Fixes initial view state for inline embed editing
- Adds viewer entry to CSP generation
24-JAN-2023: 20.8.11
- Simplifies error logging code for parser in MSEdge
- Adds orgchart to PWA, fixes orgchart in CSV [2028]
- Adds Custom Orgchart button and handling in dialog
- Fixes keyboard input in native color dialog [3291]
- Improves error handling in Notion extension [3284]
- Adds updateDefaultStyle for tracking style changes
- Fixes possible NPE in StyleFormatPanel.addStyles
20-JAN-2023: 20.8.10
- [conf cloud] Handles some common errors in initializing viewer
- [desktop] Updates internal filename in desktop after save as
20-JAN-2023: 20.8.9
- Handles possible errors in custom links
- Adds paste data in style tab for multiple cells
- Improves error logging in P2PCollab [drawio-nextcloud-27]
19-JAN-2023: 20.8.8
- Updates actions after undo history events [drawio-3294]
- Adds navigation items to context menu in simple UI
- Mermaid Updated to v9.3.0
- Updates express dependency of nodeImport (vsd server) [CSP-1246]
- [conf cloud] Removes auth dialog in Safari with anonymous access [DID-7219]
19-JAN-2023: 20.8.7
- Fixes initial page ID and name when creating files [DS-941]
- [vsdx] Fixed edge/vertex detection [DID-7208]
- Fixes log of ignored anoymous and extension errors
18-JAN-2023: 20.8.6
- Returns trash URL for trashed Google Drive files
- Moves refresh icon to header in GitHub file dialog
- Shift+click in shape picker updates selected cells
- Fixes refresh icon for OneDrive picker in dark mode
- Fixes default stroke color applied in UML subshape
- Applies basic text styles to cells with text class
- Updates DOMPurify from 2.3.6 to 2.4.3
- Fixes possible NPE in mxGraph.cloneCells
- Ignores errors in <anonymous> script source files
- Shows paste style button for multiple selected cells
- Calls auth fallback on parse error in Google Drive
- Handles invalid JSON in P2PCollab message listener
- Improves error handling for pasting cells
- Improves error handling for firing mouse events
- Executes layouts in min and simple layout submenu
- Fixes center, rounds waypoint for parallel routing
- Fixes possible NPE for adding SVG with no viewBox
- Fixes possible NPE in shape picker
- Hides button to add custom plugins if not allowed
- Fixes possible NPE in hideDialog
- Fixes possible NPE in OneDriveClient
12-JAN-2023: 20.8.5
- Fixes possible NPE [DID-7061]
- Shows spinner while authorizing with Google Drive
- Conf & Jira Cloud: Added error check to JSON.parse in multiple locations [DID-7101]
- Lucid import: Added support for notes [DID-7053]
- Retries saving after invalid response from Google
- Fixes possible NPE in mxCellEditor
- Fixes hidden Format option in view menu [DID-7133]
- About shift+click prints window and app to console
- Fixes possible NPE in Lucid import extension
11-JAN-2023: 20.8.4
- Fixes evt is not defined in selectSiblings action
- Adds sharp, rounded, curved option for wire shapes
- Fixes drawing of markers and shadows in wire shape
- Fixes sidebar triggers autosave, scale for preview
- Fixed OneDrive share link [3273]
- Fixes clientId in checksum error fallback logging
- Fixes preview graph state, drag preview background
- Shift+Click on About menu item shows console
- [conf cloud] Adds viewerCanExceedPageWidth settings to allow increasing the viewer size above the allowed width [DID-7094]
- Adds fallback for missing translations to show key
- Fixes specificity for gePrimaryBtn dark mode style
- Fixes possible NPE for missing resource in confirm
- Saves file to Google Drive if sharing unavailable
- Fixes draft dialog shape background for dark mode
- Adds merge/unmerge to context menu for table cells
- Fixes reset of view state after initial file save
- Fixes change stroke color for table cells and rows
- Removes span with cell styles after paste of text
06-JAN-2023: 20.8.3
- Adds logging for merge fallback success or failure
- Fires consumeMouseEvent event in consumeMouseEvent
- Removes edge URL parameter
- Fixes mouse cursors for direct edge event handling
06-JAN-2023: 20.8.2
- Fixes possible NPE, missing update of page tabs
- Fallback to mergeFile after checksum error in sync [DS-940]
- Fixes scrollbars after reset view on empty diagram
- [jira cloud] license compliance improvements [DFJC-17]
- Fixes empty edge label handle disables moving edge
03-JAN-2023: 20.8.1
- Fixes substring not a function for invalid pattern
- Paints grid in fast zoom preview with no page view
- Shows shapes before freehand in responsive toolbar
- Fixes CSS for template dialog in dark mode
- Fixes possible NPE in format panel
02-JAN-2023: 20.8.0
- Fixes possible NPE for window widths below 360px
- Fixes NPE [DS-935]
- Shows keyboard shortcuts as tooltips when disabled
- Decreases tap and hold delay for marquee selection
- Fixes keyboard shortcuts conflicts
- Hides no unread notification icon in simple theme
- Adds background color, shadow, sketch view options
- Add selection count in simple UI delete popup menu
- Adds dashed wire shape [3249]
- Fixes Cloudflare workers deployment scripts to prevent removing KV bindings and dashboard configurations [DS-938]
- Fixes ignored dark UI theme in embed mode [3172]
- Fixes edge styles in Advanced sidebar containers
- Fixes order after split edge and size of waypoint
- Fixes direct moving of segment edge end points
- Fixes moving edge segments with segment connector
- Fixes drag from sidebar and popup on touch devices
- Fixes ignored final rounding for fast zoom preview
- Updates zoom label in UI during fast zoom preview
- Enables line jump format option for wire shapes
- Fixes dash pattern dropdown for current selection
- Changes default edge style in simple theme
- Fixes sketch URL parameter default and host checks
- Removes redirect for drive button in splash [3260]
- Fixes possible DOM error in obsolete plugin
- Attempt to fix possible NPE in TextFormatPanel
- Moves page actions to submenu in pages menu
- Adds animation for sidebar and shape picker items
- Adds live preview for drag and drop from sidebar
- Fixes hardcoded title font color for process bar
- Fixes scratchpad and entry background in dark mode
- Adds native scrolling for page tabs [3265]
- Fixes preview for edge cases where height is 0
- Fixes sidebar live preview item count check
- Adds select option in tags dialog
- Fixes focus handling with props plugin [3264]
- Fixes NPE in vsdx import, hiddenTags is null
- Removes undo/redo from context menu in simple UI
- Fixes border for predefined colors in dark mode
- Fixes height for inserted SQL table shapes
- Adds outline for zoom menu in min and sketch UI
16-DEC-2022: 20.7.4
- Fixes notification icon CSS styles
- Fixes vertical offset of bell icon in classic UI
- Fixes app icon and comments button in Conf Cloud
- Smaller notification count icon
- Removes shadow for notification icon
- Shows Classic menu item only in kennedy theme
- Darker menu highlight CSS style
- Improves network status updates and error handling
- Uses status box styling for collaboration updates
15-DEC-2022: 20.7.3
- Hides empty button container in standalone app
- Fixes inconsistent network status icon and message
- Fixes direct moving of unconnected edge end points
- Fixes NPE with disabled libs in embed mode [3247]
- Adds order for multiple cells in popup menu [3248]
- Adds page CSS in print preview output
- Fixes possible NPE [DS-933]
- Fixes possible NPE in pages menu [DS-934]
- Fixes print preview dialog in Safari
- Fixes remove background color in background dialog
14-DEC-2022: 20.7.2
- Fixes undefined function error when switching to simple UI
- Adds missing network status and icon in simple UI
13-DEC-2022: 20.7.1
- Restores original default jiggle value for sketch
- Fixes position of inserted edges with shape picker
- Fixes user element CSS display after window resize
- Moves Close item to Diagram menu in modern themes
12-DEC-2022: 20.7.0
- Fixes cell selection while using cursor [DID-6906]
- VSDX import: Fixed layers (replaced with tags to support multiple layers per cell) and cancelled considering group edges as vertexes. [DID-6874]
- Refactors simple UI [DRAWIO-DEV-13]
08-DEC-2022: 20.6.2
- Enabled native window frame on Windows and Linux [DESK-784]
- Adds button container in atlassian sketch mode [DFCS-314]
- Conf Cloud: Added configuration to auto crop the viewer [DID-6866]
08-DEC-2022: 20.6.1
- Adds API to get cloud storage folder and file URL
- Restores edit link menu option in sketch mode
- Added support for OneDrive Single Tenant apps [3203]
- [conf cloud] Copy diagram attachment on Page Editor Copy/paste [DID-6797]
- Fixes label editing on older iOS versions [3214]
- Fixes handling of nested cells with negative child
22-NOV-2022: 20.6.0
- Adds search, scratchpad in simple UI shapes dialog
- Removes tooltip for removed click event handler
- Supports reading uncompressed library entries [DS-929]
- Adds AWS lambda authenication replication [DS-930]
- Fixes ignored locked table and row styles [3174]
- Adds lock/unlock option in arrange tab
- Fixes mouse selection bugs on iOS [2758,3055,3056]
- Handles change of search query via clipboard event
- [desktop] Added CLI csv export [202]
- [desktop] Added layers selection support to CLI export [143]
- Blocks functions from being overwritten with values [DID-6750]
- Improves visibility of more shapes item in sidebar [DS-931]
- Checks url parameters before using them [CSP-1035]
- Removes potential ReDoS code that is not used [CSP-1036]
- Escapes url parameters used in output [CSP-1037]
- Fixes link to app folder in Dropbox [2843]
- Fixes restoring from mxGraphModel files [DID-6788]
- Fixes hover shape picker ignores container [3199]
06-NOV-2022: 20.5.3
- Uses static Graph.sanitizeHtml
- Sanitizes status bar content
- Fixes icon stroke width
- Shows crop option only if image style is used
04-NOV-2022: 20.5.2
- Fixes infinite redirection in embed + proxy (
- Updates autosize for text insert with keyboard
- Removes Cloud Fortified program metric API calls
- getPublicUrl checks for private GitHub repository
- Limits default simple mode for small window sizes
- Updates Azure stencils
- [conf cloud] Fixed getProperty as Atlassian sometimes returns duplicates [DID-6520]
- [conf cloud] Improved export/import/mass import/re-indexing error logging [DID-6646]
- Fixes possible CSS and CSP bypass in tickets plugin
- [conf cloud] Workaround for cases where API returns duplicate entries for unique items [DID-6501]
22-OCT-2022: 20.5.1
- Restores original CSS selector for links in footer
- Fixes possible NPE for tagsWindow, style in viewer
- Fixes gray background in Conf Cloud [DID-6578]
- Fixes find/replace window size in sketch/simple UI
- Hides all tool windows when diagram is closed
- Disables themes in viewer
- Ignores possible missing method for auto dark mode
21-OCT-2022: 20.5.0
- Enables live UI switching between sketch and default themes [DS-909]
- Replaces old tables in the Threat Modeling library [3019]
- Shows download banner for own domains only [3119]
- Consistent select in export, handle auto dark mode
- Changes label of background image button to image
- Adds page move menu in sketch theme
- Fixes ignored movable style for cursor keys [3110]
- Fixes exit flag for save button in embed mode
- Adds drag and drop to shape picker
- Updates autosize for text insert with shape picker (edited)
- Fixes proxy infinite redirection loop by a malicious site (
- [conf cloud] Adds "Edit Owning Page" button to embed diagram editor [DID-6482]
- [conf cloud] Fixes NPE when publishing a diagram in a page with no draft
19-OCT-2022: 20.4.2
- Fixes draggable elements problem in Chrome [3112]
13-OCT-2022: 20.4.1
- Adds Gliffy file size error message [DS-920]
- Only hides current menu for mouse down event types [DS-921]
- Fixes possible #ERROR fill for invalid fillStyles [DS-922]
- Bugfixes for Rack Cabinet shape [3052]
- Fixes DOM for empty status message
- Fixes status alert style in dark mode-
- Fixes spaces, missing HTML tag in C4 shapes [3082]
- Uses data attribute for status event handling code [DS-923]
- Uses svg icons, fixes revisions dialog for mobile
- Adds new port shape to the SysML library [3015]
- Inverts order of toolbar items in revision dialog
- Adds editing for relative positions in Arrange tab
- Fixes possible overflow of library preview [3080]
- Handles data-effect attribute for status bar items
- Fixes key insert position if mouse outside diagram [DS-924]
29-SEP-2022: 20.4.0
- [conf cloud] Fixed bug that instances without configuration store diagrams as compressed XML [DID-6387]
- Applies fill=stroke for some stencils [DS-918]
- Fixed image export text shift in lightbox [DID-6374]
27-SEP-2022: 20.3.7
- [conf cloud] Fixes conf pdf export of diagrams with () in their name
- Prevents loading compatible files (png, svg...) as local files in embed mode and on-prem [DID-6193]
- Fixes call to fadeNodes in animation plugin [3070]
- Added Spacing option to distribute to have equal spacing between cells [736]
22-SEP-2022: 20.3.6
- Fixes possible NPE in viewer lightbox [DS-917]
22-SEP-2022: 20.3.5
- Ignores OS setting for default dark mode [DS-916]
- Changes proxy 500 returns to 400 [DS-915]
- Disables dark mode with UI in embed mode [DS-6350]
- Fixes embed button offset and padding in sketch UI
19-SEP-2022: 20.3.3
- Replaces CSS classname in live UI refresh to avoid extension clash [DS-909]
16-SEP-2022: 20.3.2
- Keep SVG content attribute in DOMPurify [DID-6193]
15-SEP-2022: 20.3.1
- Multiple commits preparing for live UI switch [DS-909]
- Disables java proxy by default [DS-912]
- Removes click to stop drawing freehand [1109]
- NPE fix [DS-913]
- NPE fix [DS-914]
- [conf cloud] Diagram count restrictions on free tier [DFCC-57]
- Fixes scroll issue for CMD key in Safari 16 [3017]
- Enables autosize for multiple vertices [1116]
- Adds ui/safe to fix possible XSS in math [CSP-733]
07-SEP-2022: 20.3.0
- Uses organic as default layout to fix possible NPE in CSV import [DS-910]
- Removes from CSP as no longer needed for PWA [CSP-673]
- Adds ALLOW_CUSTOM_PLUGINS for third party plugins [CSP-676]
- Limits plugins to built-in or same domain [CSP-676]
- Hides connect arrows while freehand drawing [1107]
- Removes yarn.lock file as we removed package.json from this project [DS-911]
- Fixes possible XSS in viewer back/refresh buttons [CSP-677]
- Checks href attribute with no namespace in use tag [CSP-678]
01-SEP-2022: 20.2.8
- Fixes importing plain SVG images by drag and drop [DS-902]
- Adds createToolbarButton helper function [3007]
- Sets current stroke color and width independently [DS-903]
- Fixes layout for CSV import in lightbox mode [DS-904]
- Fixes repeated set default style not working [DS-905]
- [conf cloud] Catches errors in diagram text extraction to not break re-indexing process [DS-908]
- Applies fillColor=strokeColor for shapes where appropriate [DS-903]
- Makes format window closable in min ui [DS-906]
- Fixes file pattern for workbox [2977]
- Smaller stencils.min, uses built-in base64 encoder [DS-907]
- Allows for close icon in minimized format window [DS-906]
- Adds support for stroke and fill color in stencils [DS-903]
- Restricts proxy servlet, java disabled by default, all errors are 500 (not distinguishable), allow ports only by config [CSP-633]
- Conf Cloud: Fixed error of renaming/changing view settings not published if no modification done to the diagram [DID-6141]
- Adds custom starting unit number to Rack Cabinet shape [2967]
22-AUG-2022: 20.2.7
- Reduces cursor update frequency to reduce DO request count [DS-899]
- Creates Github app specific to confluence cloud [DS-900]
- Adds enumeration state in image export [2900]
- Updates freehand library to fix security dependency issue
- Fixes highlight for drag over AWS subnet [2966]
21-AUG-2022: 20.2.6
- Updates to latest GCP icon set [DS-898]
- Changes language menu icon to SVG [DS-897]
- Use relative URL for service worker [2740]
18-AUG-2022: 20.2.5
- [conf cloud] Adds support for anon users by using display name instead of email [DS-895]
- [conf cloud] Adds private repository support to embed diagram github option [DID-5931]
- [conf cloud] Fixes hi res preview setting in viewer [DID-5978]
15-AUG-2022: 20.2.4
- [conf cloud] Adds support for legacy diagramly macros [DID-5823]
03-AUG-2022: 20.2.3
- [conf cloud] Fixes adding diagrams to unsaved global templates [DID-5761]
26-JUL-2022: 20.2.2
- Uses proxy for loading from template URL [DND-629]
- [conf cloud] Fixes issue in page update of pageIDs import [DID-5641]
26-JUL-2022: 20.2.1
- Adds statistics to realtime CF worker
- Adds checksums for merge(File) error logging
22-JUL-2022: 20.2.0
- Changes real-time collaboration CF worker to use the same DO for multiple files
21-JUL-2022: 20.1.4
- Fixes dark mode switch overlaps embed buttons
- Fixes embed button styles in dark mode
- Uses proxy for CSV descriptor URL if CSP is used
20-JUL-2022: 20.1.3
- Fixes curved/rounded checkbox in diagram style tab
- Restores update of default curved/rounded style
- Adds border width and type for color scheme [2924]
- Fixes ignored expand style for image change [2921]
19-JUL-2022: 20.1.2
- Update mermaid to v9.1.3
- Removes Advanced PDF export when printPdfExport is true
- Adds A/S/D/F/X/C, moves Ctrl+(Shift)+K/X shortcuts
- Fixes page background if ui URL parameter is used
- Adds label in dialog/tooltip if diagram translated
- Uses default browser language for online app
12-JUL-2022: 20.1.1
- Closes secret manager resources
11-JUL-2022: 20.1.0
- [conf cloud] Trial to add archived spaces support to Gliffy mass import
- Improves performance for CSV parsing (RFC 4180)
- Uses gcloud secret manager
- [conf cloud] Changed page IDs export name to Export
- [conf cloud] Using Page IDs import/export in cloud/server
- [conf cloud] Added archived spaces support to Gliffy mass import
- Changes to pusher_properties
29-JUN-2022: 20.0.4
- [conf cloud] Adds tags to viewer/lightbox toolbar
- Adds initial miro import (non-production)
- Disables math typesetting for plain text [2899]
22-JUN-2022: 20.0.3
- Fixes ignored error codes for loading templates
- Fixes new tab for insert from template URL [2891]
- Validates dialog size after window resize [2883]
- Fixes page tabs overflow after format panel toggle
- Adds Lithuanian and Latvian translations
21-JUN-2022: 20.0.2
- Fixes autosize and text editor with spacing [2732]
- Fixes embed mode with math typesetting [2879]
- Fixes math rendering in embed code for html files
12-JUN-2022: 20.0.1
- Fixes bold math in print output for Chrome [2873]
- Disables MathJax for Internet Explorer
- Adds MathJax callback, fixes math in PDF export
- Fixes style changes override default style [2164]
11-JUN-2022: 20.0.0
- Fixes font style button state before typing [2398]
- Fixes overwritten style for new cell in CSV import
- Updates to MathJax 3
08-JUN-2022: 19.0.3
- Adds allowlist for allowed constructors in mxCodec
- Fixes possible NPE with no local storage [2850]
- Handles service worker permission error in promise
- Adds fixedWidth to limit autosize to height [2732]
07-JUN-2022: 19.0.2
- Fixes isNode check, handling of HTML in node names
- Fixes cell value Element type check in mxCellCodec
- Changes mxStylesheetCodec.allowEval to false
06-JUN-2022: 19.0.1
- Fixes handling of cell ID in CSV import [DID-5225]
03-JUN-2022: 19.0.0
- Removes IE 11 support
- Updates mermaid.js to 9.1.1
- Fixes updating existing cells in CSV import [2796]
02-JUN-2022: 18.2.1
- Updates JSZip to 3.10.0
- Ignores only cells with hidden state in layouts
- Fixes reset of document overflow in viewer [2822]
- Adds support for orgchart layouts in CSV import
- Updates AWS
31-MAY-2022: 18.2.0
- Fixes inconsistent menus in sketch theme
- Fixes ignored XML data for importing embedded SVG
- Fixes ignored double arrow marker selection [2839]
- Fixes NPE with regex in find/replace dialog [2833]
- Fixes link icons in dark mode
- Fixes main button hover state in conf sketch macro
26-MAY-2022: 18.1.3
- Adds spacing dialog for parallels layout
- Adds allowlist for layout constructor names
- Adds JSON values for childLayout styles
- Adds size check for fetched connection data
- Allows custom protocols in links
23-MAY-2022: 18.1.2
- Limits export proxy URL
20-MAY-2022: 18.1.1
- [VSDX import] Fixes case when theme index is incorrect
- Checks stencil name parameter in embed servlet
- Adds DOM_PURIFY_CONFIG global variable
- Check env var is set in ExportProxy
19-MAY-2022: 18.0.8
- Deletes unused ExportProxyServlet
17-MAY-2022: 18.0.7
- Sets setInstanceFollowRedirects(false) in proxyservlet
- Fixes issue in state redirect of AbsAuth
- Changes regex for CORS check
16-MAY-2022: 18.0.6
- Moves sanitize URL to Utils, adds extra IPv6 check
- Adds additional checks for hyperlinks
15-MAY-2022: 18.0.5
- Adds isLinkLocalAddress() to address checks
- Limits well known servlet to serving single file
14-MAY-2022: 18.0.4
- Fixes type error for diffsync with overlays [2808]
- Handles possible error 400 in OneDrive auth flow
- Fixes update of cell metadata in CSV import [2796]
- Applies URL filtering checks to location header in java proxy
- Resolves URL parameters in java proxy before filtering
11-MAY-2022: 18.0.3
- Removes remote cursor options from context menu
- Fixes patch checking for entry with no secret
- Updates closure compiler to v20220502
- Fixes check for text/plain transfer data
- Fixes replace all ignoring the first match
07-MAY-2022: 18.0.2
- Handles Element fields in object cloning [DND-477]
- Fixes lost changes for preview while editing
- Forbids use of form tags in labels
- Fixes CSS issues in print dialog for lightbox
05-MAY-2022: 18.0.1
- Adds support for windows line break in CSV files
- [conf cloud] Fixes trailing space in diagram name during page IDs import
- FIxes timestamp check in watchFile [819] [DND-487]
- Hides menus and dropdowns if clicked again [2745]
- Fixes cursor handling for composite cells [2756]
- [desktop] Adds strict CSP after loading plugins (disabling unsafe-inline scripts)
04-MAY-2022: 18.0.0
- Replaces sanitizer with DOMpurify
04-MAY-2022: 17.5.1
- [conf cloud] Adds saving delay for specific timing case [DID-4851]
- Adds "shareCursorPosition": true/false configuration
- [conf cloud] Prevent publishing without changes creating new version
- Fixes alt+shift for floating connection [DID-4550]
- Changes default for shareCursorPosition to true
- Hides non-applicable sketch options for edges
- Fixes handling of invalid background page images
- Adds showRemoteCursors option
- Fixes LocalFile ctor arguments
- Fixes lazy shadow pages, stale local draft files
- Fixes conflict handling for writing electron files
28-APR-2022: 17.5.0
- Refactors GCP2 shapes
- [conf cloud] Improves page IDs import
20-APR-2022: 17.4.6
- Internal release testing whiteboard app changes
11-APR-2022: 17.4.5
- Internal release testing whiteboard app changes
11-APR-2022: 17.4.4
- Internal release testing whiteboard app changes
11-APR-2022: 17.4.3
- Avoids null string in unused token key
09-APR-2022: 17.4.2
- Fixes height of zero height groups in vsdx import
- Adds connection points support in vsdx import
- Adds isolation for caches, logs reading non-latest
06-APR-2022: 17.4.1
- Fixes OneDrive inline picker in Link dialog and show all files
- Extracts text from selection if cells selected
- Returns indexable text in model cell order
- Fixes minimum stroke width for image export
- Fixes PDF printing of background images
- [conf cloud] Fixes NPE in viewer
- [jira cloud] Adds delete button for cases of removed embed diagrams
31-MAR-2022: 17.4.0
- Disables text selection in OneDrive inline picker
- [jira cloud] Fixes re-indexing of old diagrams
- Fixes NPE for OneDrive file in LinkDialog
- Fixes modal sync status in embed with sketch theme
- GAE API SDK update to 1.9.95
30-MAR-2022: 17.3.0
- [conf cloud] Enables RT on all domains
- [jira cloud] Fixes conf auth when multiple sites are allowed
- Adds enableHtmlEditOption in EditorUi [DID-4610]
30-MAR-2022: 17.2.6
- [jira cloud] Adds Configuration page with re-indexing functionality
29-MAR-2022: 17.2.5
- Adds lazy parsing of file data for shadow pages
- Adds selection option in print dialog for one page
- Changes token generation to use SecureRandom
- [conf cloud] Increases timeout after successful write to next write
25-MAR-2022: 17.2.4
- Fixes replace is not a function
- Fixes Sharepoint saving to site root drives in new picker
25-MAR-2022: 17.2.3
- Fixes custom links in duplicated page for realtime
- Uses same domain for realtime in production
24-MAR-2022: 17.2.2
- Adds Shift+Alt for floating connections [DID-4550]
23-MAR-2022: 17.2.1
- Fixes realtime for optimistic sync in OneDrive
23-MAR-2022: 17.2.0
- Improves performance issues on real time mechanism
22-MAR-2022: 17.1.5
- [conf cloud] Gliffy import case, containerId wrong, but diagram on current page
22-MAR-2022: 17.1.4
- [conf cloud] Fixed gliffy mass import, incorrect macro type imported
15-MAR-2022: 17.1.3
- Adds image clipPath support to mxLabel and mxSwimlane
- [jira Cloud] Updates embed conf scopes
11-MAR-2022: 17.1.2
- Skips sort and merge in RT for single receive data
- Reduces flickering, simplified RT code
10-MAR-2022: 17.1.1
- Uses tab key for nesting in list elements
- Adds protocol and editor version to p2p message
- Replaces consensus with improved consistency check
- Fixes Gliffy DnD import
09-MAR-2022: 17.1.0
- Changes freehand drawing to filled path
- Ignores pageNotFound in background image dialog
- Fixes handling of default colors in style targets
- Adds selection only option to print output
- Fixes background image offset in print output
- Fixes dark mode and background pages in print output
08-MAR-2022: 17.0.0
- Enables real time collaborative editing
08-MAR-2022: 16.6.8
- [conf cloud] Fixes toolbar showing in page editor in FF
07-MAR-2022: 16.6.7
- Adds MathJax Safe-mode to fix XSS vulnerability when viewer is used with CSP
04-MAR-2022: 16.6.6
- Fixed cropped images of sub shapes not showing
02-MAR-2022: 16.6.5
- Handles drag and drop of .drawio.png image files
- Improves error handling when loading files
- Adds i18n for realtime collaboration
24-FEB-2022: 16.6.4
- Make consistency check independent of return value
- Fixes cropping in background image dialog
- Adds click handler for status error message
- [conf cloud] Adds clean draft files to re-indexing
- Disables fast sync by default in OneDrive
23-FEB-2022: 16.6.3
- Enables Google Drive on PC in Office addon
- Enables fast RT for OneDrive
- Selects URL input after drag and drop
21-FEB-2022: 16.6.2
- Fixes snap to terminal tolerance
- Fixes import of bitmap images into blank diagrams
- Fixes dialog title for checksum error [DID-4314]
- Handles remote page name changes in sketch theme
17-FEB-2022: 16.6.1
- Adds P2PCollab to build
17-FEB-2022: 16.6.0
- Mode URL parameter forces splash
- Adds pass-through arguments
- Disables auth check for external editing
- Fixes parsing of keywords in SQL plugin
10-FEB-2022: 16.5.6
- Opens file after drag and drop on blank diagram
- Shift+drop forces open file in new tab
- Fixes pinch to zoom in lightbox
- Moves multitouch event filtering to mxGraph
09-FEB-2022: 16.5.5
- Updates AWS stencils
08-FEB-2022: 16.5.4
- Removes font CSS links with embedded fonts
- Adds Cmd+Shift+Alt+Drag
- Allow connection points for vertices only excluding groups
- Fixed export to pdf error of empty pages
- Fixes ctrl+resize for groups
02-FEB-2022: 16.5.3
- Fixes sketch font path
- [conf cloud] Adds linkAdjustment configuration to viewer
- [Conf Cloud] Fixes issue in linkAdjustment of tooltips
- Adds shift+drag to swap shapes
- Adds missing background for SVG files in dark mode
28-JAN-2022: 16.5.2
- Disables iOS scroll workaround in viewer
28-JAN-2022: 16.5.1
- Adds isExternalDataComms flag
28-JAN-2022: 16.5.0
- Keeps windows in viewport for inline embed mode
- Sets default scrollbars to true
- [desktop] Removes setting offline to true
27-JAN-2022: 16.4.11
- Fixes build process to deploy teams.html
27-JAN-2022: 16.4.8
- [desktop] Fixes draft files removal when auto-save is enabled
- Edit connection points dialog can now only be closed via the dialog button
- [conf cloud] Disables editing if confluence page is opened inside another service (e.g, Jira project pages)
- Shows label in edit connection points dialog
- Fixes touch event handling on Android
- [desktop] Sets offline and offlineApp true
- [desktop] Display meaningful error when content is imported that requires server
- Fixes drag from picker for Chrome on touch devices
25-JAN-2022: 16.4.7
- Improves output validation of AbsAuthServlet [DND-371]
- Improves redirect url validation [DND-370]
- Changes child-src from none to self
- Fixes two windows with disabled start screen
- Fixes handling of hidden stroke in RoughCanvas
- Fixes order and start point for circle layout
- Removes tags and layers icon in sketch footer
- [conf cloud] Replaces deprecated dialog.on('close', ...)
- [conf cloud] Forces sketch mode even when config sets ui
- Improves connection points dialog
24-JAN-2022: 16.4.6
- Fixes border for waypoint shape with sketch style
- [conf cloud] Added support for "new line" in page name in PageIds Export
- Fixes configurations not saving
21-JAN-2022: 16.4.5
- Corrects SHA for bootstrap
21-JAN-2022: 16.4.4
- Fixes undeclared variable idx
- Adds a confirmation step to public Github deployment
- Enables reverse action for edges
- Switches to dev branch of i18n submodule
- [conf cloud] Uses instead of the deprecated
- [conf cloud] Fixes errors of spaces in diagram name and NPE in GraphViewer
20-JAN-2022: 16.4.3
- [jira cloud] Adds refresh button to diagram search page
- Fixes duplicate flipEdge function
- Adds unknownStyle option for CSV import
- Uses new app path in Dropbox
19-JAN-2022: 16.4.2
- Fixes NPE on destroyParentHighlight
19-JAN-2022: 16.4.1
- Fixes NPE in CropImageDialog
- Expands format window on large screens in sketch
- Fixes parent highlight after change of parent
19-JAN-2022: 16.4.0
- Adds helper function for tree layouts
- Fixes inkscape svg export size
- Adds support for special characters and html entities in string properties
- Adds sketch default font to PWA cache
- Fixes crop button state
- Adds insert menu in sketch sidepanel
- Bypasses proxy for Google fonts, adds font mapping
- Fixes local folder for Google font in cell style
- Adds mapping from font CSS URLs to font-face CSS
18-JAN-2022: 16.3.0
- Fixes hardcoded textarea dialog size
- Adds snapToGrid action
- Adds flip for groups and edges /1139
- Fixes copySize enabled state for edges
- Embeds sketch default font (Architects Daughter)
- Clears background image with background color
- Fixes mouse wheel zoom in Brave for Windows
- Adds support for enumerating edges
14-JAN-2022: 16.2.7
- Adds enumerateValue property
- Adds peristent scratchpad and search in sketch
- Updated for modified inline CSS
- Fixes realtime zoom on iPad with sketch
12-JAN-2022: 16.2.6
- Fixes NPE
12-JAN-2022: 16.2.5
- Fixes reset of grid color
- Adds File submenu, windows=0 test URL parameter
- Adds enumerate property to replace number plugin
- Adds non-destructive image cropping
- Adds Advanced submenu in Import from
- Adds mailto for short text sharing
- Adds ellipsis for Comments menu item
- Fixes broken background page links after import
07-JAN-2022: 16.2.4
- Fixes duplicate edges in CVS import
- Adds Convert labels to SVG option to SVG export
07-JAN-2022: 16.2.3
- Uses tableRow in ERD shapes
- Handles special title sizes in table
- Adds labels checkbox in More Shapes dialog
05-JAN-2022: 16.2.2
- Disables merging for merged cells
- [conf cloud] Adds support for anchor importing from server + support for adding links to anchors in old editor
- Adds precedence for alt on mouse down
- Adds Shift+Click for table range selection
- Fixes insertRow/Column for selected cell range
04-JAN-2022: 16.2.1
- Fixes cell divider event handling
04-JAN-2022: 16.2.0
- Fixes MathJax anti-aliasing in CLI export
03-JAN-2022: 16.1.4
- Fixes possible NPE
03-JAN-2022: 16.1.3
- Fixes highlight for table shapes
30-DEC-2021: 16.1.2
- Adds fillStyle dropdown for image background
29-DEC-2021: 16.1.1
- Avoids creating Blob for parseFile
- Fixes dimension shape with large stroke size
- Hides foreign object warnings in background pages
- Fixes overflows in minimal and sketch theme
- Fixes freehand mode for Apple pencil on iOS
- Adds tableRow shape, fixes events for merged cells
- Uses clip path attribute for SVG image clipping
- Fixes default label background for imported images
- Fits image to clipPath bounding box
- Fixes collapsed table foreground
- Fixes overflow in LinkDialog
- Disables child layout for collapsed cells
23-DEC-2021: 16.1.0
- Fixes inconsistent event cursors on table lines
- Fixes default lanecolor for UML frame
- [conf cloud] Reduces number of comments requests
- Refactor structure of WEB-INF folder
21-DEC-2021: 16.0.3
- Adds Share and Comments in sketch File menu
- Fixes no stroke in Roughjs, adds swimlaneHead/Body
- Uses persisted default grid color
- Fixes rendering and tooltips for special colors
- Fixes initial placement of shapes window
- Uses Pusher 7.0.3 to fix NPE
21-DEC-2021: 16.0.2
- Re-build
21-DEC-2021: 16.0.1
- Fixes possible NPE
17-DEC-2021: 16.0.0
The reason for going to version 16 is there is a breaking change in the docker image. The
default base image used has been changed because the previous image was not supported. There
is no breaking change in the editor codebase, but the docker images follow the same numbering.
- Fixes clipping on initial arrow drop down
- Fixes table and template icon in sketch mode
- Restores sync problem icon
- Hides Cmd+R keyboard shortcut in Safari
- Moves selection state to EditorUi
- Added scrollbar to layersDialog in GraphViewer
- Added dark mode support for Mermaid
- [conf cloud] Added minorEdit for page changes just in case it is effective
13-DEC-2021: 15.9.6
- Fixes NPE for wheel event in outline window
13-DEC-2021: 15.9.5
- Ctrl disables copy if enabled by default
- Uses action state for (un)group buttons
- Altered AWS group styles for better usability
- Fixes no pointerEvents for no (fill)opacity
- Fixes for AWS container usability
- Uses lazyZoom and adds trackpad in outline window
- Fixes dark mode support in browser picker
- Fixes ignored stroke option in SVG getBBox
08-DEC-2021: 15.9.4
- Adds mxShape.intersectsRectangle
- Shows row-/colspan property for table cells
- Fixes style processing issues
08-DEC-2021: 15.9.3
- Adds commons-lang3 3.12.0 for commons text dependency
08-DEC-2021: 15.9.2
- Keeps only window title inside viewrect
- Fixes handling of defaults in copy/paste style
- Removes GoogleGadgetServlet
- Improves handling of special style values
- Uses map in signature of Graph.updateCellStyles
- Fixes possible unresolved values in default style
- Fixes unresolved colors in style thumbnail
- Fixes background page for PDF export in dark mode
- Fixes line cap for partial rectangle
- Fixes ignored model for change of cells in event
03-DEC-2021: 15.9.1
- Fixes build error
03-DEC-2021: 15.9.0
- Fixes possible hidden tool windows in sketch
- [conf cloud] Fixes page ids export error log
- [conf cloud] Adds fallback for the viewer when a file returns 403 for a specific version
- Fixes in-app help search query
- Improves pinch to zoom on trackpad
- Updates GCP icons
02-DEC-2021: 15.8.9
- Adds Shift+Click on Zoom in Sketch theme
- Add table divider handles with col/rowspan
- Fixes text selection with inline OneDrive picker
30-NOV-2021: 15.8.8
- Hides xml extension in library title
- [vsdx] Improves font-size and line height and links to internal pages
- Fixes file exists check in GitHub
29-NOV-2021: 15.8.7
- Fixed string replace when label has a new line
- Removes dots fill pattern
- Fixes parsing of base64 PNG with XML and no prefix
- Hides empty table section in Arrange panel
- Ignores cached style in table background
- Shows error if popup is blocked in Google Drive
- Adds 2px between scrollbar and elements
- Uses rgb for default colors in output
- Fixes rgb values in SVG gradient IDs [DID-3797]
24-NOV-2021: 15.8.6
- Adds support for refresh token to github
- Adds authorize, refresh and help buttons in GitHub
- [conf cloud] Fixes NPE in page ids import/export
24-NOV-2021: 15.8.5
- Removes alignment from current style
- Handles combined row- and colspans
- Adds Ctrl+Enter in text and data dialog
- Removes last row and column line
- Conf Cloud: Added custom templates preview
- Handles resource not accessible in GitHub
- Fixes reset of configuration, adds tooltip
22-NOV-2021: 15.8.4
- Fixes move of edge labels after ungroup
- [conf cloud] Added space filtering to page collection to avoid CONFCLOUD-73202
- Fixes default color and other possible rgba colors in vsdx export
- [conf cloud] Added revision history to Board macro
19-NOV-2021: 15.8.3
- Removes whitespace in resource values
- Uses SVG for folding icons
- Matches folding icon gradient colors
- Ignores icon search response with error code
- Fixes broken check for supported domain
- Adds check for enabledLibraries
- Moves page setup and scale to preferences in sketch
- Ignores disabled libraries in search
- Moves page setup to file menu
17-NOV-2021: 15.8.2
- [conf cloud] Fixes diagrams with non-English characters in name
17-NOV-2021: 15.8.1
- Changes Trello API key
- Adds drawiolib files in OneDrive inline picker
- Fixes preview for libraries in OneDrive picker
- Fixes connectable for multiple vertices
- Update to kr translations, thanks to Hochul cho
17-NOV-2021: 15.8.0
- Switches to command line deployment script
- Uses API for inline styles
- Fixes chrome extension link color
- Replaces inline CSS styles with DOM API
- Uses larger handles for line end
- [conf cloud] Allows page ids import to continue when Confluence fails to list all pages
- Fixes event handling for Chrome on Linux
- Fixes clear waypoints keyboard shortcut
- Fixes handling of PNG data URL with charset
15-NOV-2021: 15.7.4
- Adds titlebar to desktop sketch mode
- Adds styles config type check
- Adds rowspan for row line rendering
10-NOV-2021: 15.7.3
- [teams] Fixes shapes rendering in picker
10-NOV-2021: 15.7.2
- Fixes pointer events in sketch mode
- Fixes undo history after table insert
- Fixes delayed style change in table shape
08-NOV-2021: 15.7.1
- Makes all C4 shapes attributes editable
- Enables transparent default page background color
- Separate cell style for dark mode no longer needed
- Applies AWS stencil colors for light background
05-NOV-2021: 15.7.0
- Add missing GCP3 file to build
05-NOV-2021: 15.6.9
- Adds new GCP icons
- Limits Google and disabled editing in mobile apps (webview) to MS Teams only
- Fixes line visible in ERzeroToMany marker
- Adds additional SVG sanitizing
- Fixes zero to one/many marker fill color
03-NOV-2021: 15.6.8
- Fixes handling of transparent default colors
03-NOV-2021: 15.6.7
- Fixes overridden colors in UI update callback
02-NOV-2021: 15.6.6
- Fixes scrolling with css transforms [DID-3588]
- Fixes hardcoded default colors
01-NOV-2021: 15.6.5
- Fixes change of default style
01-NOV-2021: 15.6.4
- Moves resolve default colors to cell style
- Adds default text border color
- FIxes handling of Atlas mode and default colors
- Updates default color via prototype
- Fixes sticky scrollbar in FF on Windows [DID-3588]
- Restores previous Notion embed menu
31-OCT-2021: 15.6.3
- Hides dragHandle while editing diagram
- Fixes inline embed resize moves format panel
- Fixes handling of default colors in SVG output
- Notion extension improvements
28-OCT-2021: 15.6.2
- Fixes bounding box scale for SVG clipping
- Uses default style for thumbnails
- Improves handling for background colors in Notion
- Fixes remove rounded diagram style for line
- Adds sidebarTitles, sidebarTitleSize config
- Adds drag and drop to swap UML lifelines
- Adds exit point for inline embed protocol
- Hides dragHandle while editing diagram
- Fixes inline embed resize moves format panel
27-OCT-2021: 15.6.1
- Handles of dark mode change for diagram styles
- Uses waypoint shapes, removes hardcoded colors
- Ignores some edge styles when inserting templates
- [jira cloud] Hide button when no diagrams are in the issue
- Uses default not current style for import
- [conf cloud] Log viewer xml errors
- Fixes OneDrive inlinePicker config error
- [conf cloud] Added simpleViewer global config
26-OCT-2021: 15.6.0
- First release of Notion Chrome extension
- Add trigger of release on push of VERSION to release branch
- Adds embed viewport
- [conf cloud] Stops unnecessary viewer refreshes
- Keeps windows inside embed viewport
22-OCT-2021: 15.5.9
- Fixes stroke and font color in dark mode
21-OCT-2021: 15.5.8
- Fixes NPE in OneDrive inline picker
- [conf cloud] Fixes JSON validation CSP no-eval restriction
- Improves error handling for inline embed mode
- Fixes ignored configured styles in sketch mode
20-OCT-2021: 15.5.7
- Fixes rendering of row lines
- Fixes hardcoded dark mode colors
- Adds oneDriveInlinePicker switch
- Adds settingsName config
- Fixes color override for non-formatted text
- Changes for conf server to use sketch mode
- Fixes in-place editor default color
- Adds Graph.defaultForegroundColor
- Fixes background page default foreground
19-OCT-2021: 15.5.6
- [conf Cloud] Adds Config JSON Schema validation and error check in viewer
- Minor fix for inline embed mode
18-OCT_2021: 15.5.5
- Adds support for "primary key (PK)" SQL syntax #DID-3505
- Fixes crop to selection in export
15-OCT-2021: 15.5.4
- Fixes NPE in TableShape.paintForeground
15-OCT-2021: 15.5.3
- Fixes background clipping, in-place bounds changes
- Fixes clipping in EmbedDialog
- Updates C4 shapes
- Fixes new page defaults, adds stepper shift+click
- Fixes possible getAttribute is not a function
- Fixes export to GitLab
- Removes save and import servlet
- Fixes ignored edge source for metadata [DID-3512]
12-OCT-2021: 15.5.2
- Disables plugins, shows sketch for inline embed
- Adds fullscreenExitImage
- Adds Editor.enableExportUrl
- Updates current style for fillStyle change
- Uses shift+click for stroke, alt+click for fill
- Fixes logic for alt and shift click
- Adds defaultGridEnabled/-PageVisible config
- Stops editing on exit inline embed mode
11-OCT-2021: 15.5.1
- Adds embedInline URL parameter
- Uses system dark mode for default
- Fixes library depends on current edge style
- Fixes handling of inlineFullscreen iframe
08-OCT-2021: 15.5.0
- Adds inches and meters as units
- Fixes date formatted labels on vsdx import
- Fixes possible NPE in Gitlab client
- Fires CELLS_ADDED for duplicating cells
- Adds embed fonts option in SVG export
- Fixes fonts for embedded SVG files with callback
- Ports resource generation to JS (Node)
- Fixes clipping for longer button labels
- Fixes possible clipping in download PDF dialog
- Fixes pointer events with no fill color in sketch
- Adds numbered property, fixed for sketch theme
- Fixes math output in JSON protocol export
- i18n update Lambda function
- Adds i18n resources as a submodule in internal repo
05-OCT-2021: 15.4.3
- Tides NPEs from logging
05-OCT-2021: 15.4.2
- [conf/jira cloud] Changes theme to Kennedy
- Adds grid URL parameter
- Adds table actions for child cells in stacks
- Fixes PDF export with background page in dark mode
- Adds preview for moved cells with arrow key
- [conf cloud] Adds embed from GitHub
- Improves CSV import for groups, values and sizing
- Fixes ignored zoom for arrows keys
01-OCT-2021: 15.4.1
- [gliffy] Hides shapes fully in -ve coord
- Fixes lineheight and regex, adds rowspan
- Fixes possible getAttribute is not a function
- Fixes update of current style for label editing
- Fixes update of color button, handling of rgba
30-SEP-2021: 15.4.0
- Adds pages switch for sketch mode
- Fixes format panel styling in sketch mode
- Fixes stroke tolerance for disabled pointer events
- Adds Double Block arrow end style
- [lucidchart] Improves freehand stencil import
- Fixes connection point contrast
- Fixes text shape size
- Fixes ignored current styles
- Fixes autosize for groups
- Fixes clipping in Safari in chromeles mode
- Adds Alt+Drag to select intersection
- Uses shadowModified for saving storage files
- Changes active page tab text color
29-SEP-2021: 15.3.8
- Fixes width for list dropdown on the arrow heads
- Switches search to use
- Improves error handling of invalid config values
- Fixes text inconsistencies in sketch mode
- Adds dark mode and fullscreen to preferences menu
28-SEP-2021: 15.3.7
- Ignores floating terminal points for snapping
- Improved lollipop notation
- Fixes for sketch toggle
- Fixes sketch mode used in non-sketch themes
28-SEP-2021: 15.3.6
- Replaces cssText with DOM API
- Replaces cssText and innerHTML with DOM API
-[conf cloud] Fixes duplicate name of copied diagrams
27-SEP-2021: 15.3.5
- Fixes inconsistent styling in format panel
- Fixes scrollbar dependency for some format options
- Fixes NPE of localStorage.setItem
26-SEP-2021: 15.3.4
- Moves sketch option to preferences menu
- Fixes mxSetting NPE
25-SEP-2021: 15.3.3
- Fixes update of zoom label
- Invokes cellsInserted for table rows and cells
- Fixes user panel styles
- Uses Alt+Wheel for zoom in sketch theme
- Fixes update of background page image
- Adds sketch toggle, moves options to context menu
- Fixes zIndex for user panel over format window
- Fixes for Teams app
- Uses sketch theme on small screens
- Fixes encoding of tags URL parameter
24-SEP-2021: 15.3.2
- Fixes NPE in ODPicker
- Fixes NPE in notifications
23-SEP-2021: 15.3.1
- Improves extra pages in PDF export
- Self-host JQuery for Trello and removing its CDN from CSP header
- Adds table controls for stacks
- Fixes inconsistent event handling with no stroke
- Fixes default font size and vertical alignment
- Adds insert table option in sketch toolbar
- Fixes shift+drag for column handle in table
22-SEP-2021: 15.3.0
- Fixes handling folder error while loading preview
- Fixes svg/png with dark theme, background pages
- Escapes HTML entities in file titles
- Escaped innerHTML when mxResources is used in ODPicker
- Fixes cellToClone is not defined
- Adds electrical shapes
- Updates pt-br translation. Thanks to Marcelo Filho.
16-SEP-2021: 15.2.9
- Fixes OneDrive inline picker script not loaded
16-SEP-2021: 15.2.8
- Moves enableWebFonts switch to Editor
- Fixes inconsistent naming for shadowOptionEnabled
- Adds more label flexibility to C4 Database shape
- Uses SVG for spinner in sketch and min theme
- Hides title and container option for HTML table
- Adds colspan in test mode
- Fixes duplicate rounded style for flexArrow
- [gliffy import] Fixes svg image clipping (#DID-1443 and #DID-3137)
- Adds comment for embedded SVG files
- Using OneDrive inline picker by default
14-SEP-2021: 15.2.7
- Fixes possible use of undefined FontDialog
14-SEP-2021: 15.2.6
- Fixes SVG export in IE, adds more status hashes
- Removes inline styles for status messages
- Adds FontDialog.enableWebFonts switch
- Removes unsafe-inline style-src for se CSP outputs
- [electron] Fixes issue using old remote in Init.js (disabled localStorage)
13-SEP-2021: 15.2.5
- Uses DOM API for SVG gradients
- Uses unsafe-inline style-src for se in production
- Fixes possible NPE on cssText
13-SEP-2021: 15.2.4
- Internal build
13-SEP-2021: 15.2.3
- Fixes background color issues for some shapes
13-SEP-2021: 15.2.2
- Fixes possible NPE due to getAllTags scope
- Fixes drop target detection with live preview and guides
- Adds safe-style-src URL parameter
12-SEP-2021: 15.2.1
- Uses icon to toggle layer visibility
- Hides tooltip when entering chromeless toolbar
- Handles default color in dialogs
- Improves handling of default colors for dark mode
- Fixes inconsistent modifier keys for connections
10-SEP-2021: 15.2.0
- Consolidates icons
- Fixes scrollbars in dialog for iOS
- Fixes CSS selector for chromeless toolbar controls
- Fixes default label background color for vertices
- Adds default, fixes lane color in dark mode
- Uses OS font for application user interface
- Enables tags in all viewers, removes unused images
- Disables dark mode in IE
- [lucid import] Fixes issues with group ordering and freehand stencils
- Removes double click handling in tags dialog
09-SEP-2021: 15.1.4
- Fixes spacing and sizes in tags dialog
- Adds tags to viewer, SVG icons to layers dialog
- [vsdx import] Fixes invalid attribute error when input data is not suitable for html
- Fixes text overflow in dialogs
- Uses static viewer with no dynamic loading
08-SEP-2021: 15.1.3
- Internal release
08-SEP-2021: 15.1.2
- Adds tags option for export to lightbox
- Adds SVG icons for some markers
- Ignores ghosted waypoints in context menu
- Fixes edge context menu on some devices DID-3284
- Adds tags in view menu
- Makes tags case-sensitive
- Moves tag click handler to table cell
- Moves tag double click handler to table cell
- Shows all tags after double click or shift click
- Fixes initial dialog size
- Fixes scrollbar in dialog
07-SEP-2021: 15.1.1
- Uses SVG for large toolbar icons
- Adds createTagsDialog and double click handler
- Uses dbl click for selection or highlight
- Adds tags URL parameter for lightbox (beta)
- Disables sketch style for specific shapes by default
- Adds support for tags in lightbox
- [o365] Updates Office.ui.messageParent with targetOrigin
- Fixes possible duplicate cells, event names
- Fixes tags in custom actions
06-SEP-2021: 15.1.0
- Fixes link handling in viewer
- Improvements to tags dialog
- Fixes missing background page dropdown
- Removes link if graph disabled or no cells selected
- Highlights selection cells in disabled graphs
- Fixes placeholders in PDF export
- Fixes background pages and clipping
- Adds tags custom action
- Adds checks for valid tags
- Fixes ignored background image bounds in lightbox
02-SEP-2021: 15.0.6
- Fixes NPE for PDF export with single page
- Fixes padding for buttons in CustomDialog
- Adds zoomWheel config option
01-SEP-2021: 15.0.5
- Adds hover handler for blue arrows
- Fixes PDF export with background pages
- Adds page range for PDF export
- Fixes possible charAt is not a function
31-AUG-2021: 15.0.4
- Fixes offset for background pages
- Fixes dash color for sketch theme in dark mode
- Adds extension to embedded files
- Adds includeDiagram config option
- Adds app icon click handler, removes debug output
- Adds support for background pages in PDF export
27-AUG-2021: 15.0.3
- Fixes missing background images in thumbnails
- [conf cloud] Adds page edit comment when a diagram is saved from direct edit
- Fixes issue with application of constraints
- Updates background image after relevant events
26-AUG-2021: 15.0.2
- Fixes special cases for default page format
- Adds type check to avoid charAt is not a function in format panel color
- [teams] Fixes auth error and upgraded manifest and JS sdk
- [teams] disable EditorUi.nativeFileSupport in teams
26-AUG-2021: 15.0.1
- Adds configuration for page format
- Fixes background page image offset
26-AUG-2021: 15.0.0
- Adds file properties dialog to sketch mode
- Adds Shift+Click for color button
- Adds ability to include page(s) as background to other pages on diagrams
24-AUG-2021: 14.9.9
- Updates AWS stencils to latest set
- Reports curved edges as not fully supported in Lucidchart import
- Updates ru translations. Thanks to Ash Ed.
18-AUG-2021: 14.9.8
- Fixes preview domain in trello powerup
- [conf cloud] Undo check name fix to consider 404 error as success
16-AUG-2021: 14.9.7
- Prevents NPE in style format dialog
- Fixes new attachment download auth errors in Trello power up
- [conf cloud] Fixes an error when checkName api returns 404 when list of attachments are requested
10-AUG-2021: 14.9.6
- [jira cloud] Adds Metrics publish API to log app load time or failure
- [conf cloud] Adds Metrics publish API to log app load time or failure
- Fixes possible NPE in StyleFormatPanel (colorset.title)
06-AUG-2021: 14.9.5
- Adds shift/alt to extract data on copy data button
- Adds barrier for parallel async custom actions
- Adds background page support
- Fixes ignored background image size for image export
- Adds colorNames and titles for color schemes
- Adds edit geometry in sketch theme context menu
- Fixes inconsistent cut and delete actions
- Uses shift+click to paste data with label
- Adds edit submenu in min and sketch themes
- Adds popup for additonal color models
- Handles page links in background image dialog
03-AUG-2021: 14.9.4
- Executes actions in sequence, adds animation custom actions
- Fixes update of cell IDs in style actions
- Adds stopping for custom action sequences
- Fixes naming for parallel animations
- [conf cloud] Adds timeout config
- Updates it translations. Thanks to Vincenzo Reale
- Fixes cloning for actions, final animation state
- [jira cloud] Adds back Confluence embed using new API
- Fixes update of custom actions for copy, duplicate and recursion
- Hides tooltip if mouse enters link hint
- Fixes loading SVG from OneDrive
- Adds data extraction to props plugin
28-JUL-2021: 14.9.3
- Fixes pointer events for table cells in sketch theme
- Adds title and container option for insert table drop down
- Fixes possible cropping in SVG export
- Fixes is not a function in OneDrive client
- Adds edit tooltip in context menu for sketch mode
- Adds dash line jump style
- Fixes rough URL parameter, possible missing sidebar preview
- [conf cloud] Fixes multiple embedded diagrams with the same name editing issue
- Disables plugins action for plugins=0
- [conf cloud] Adds a fallback for AP is undefined error
- Updates it tranlsations. Thanks to Vincenzo Reale
- Updates el tranlsations. Thanks to Io Papadimitriou
22-JUL-2021: 14.9.2
- [conf cloud] Fixes scroll bars with hidden toolbar
- [conf cloud] Fixes incorrect height of simple viewer
- Creates draft while saving local file to fix possible data loss
- Adds support for radial gradients
21-JUL-2021: 14.9.1
- [conf cloud] Fixes pending updates of embedded macros
- Fixes autosize for wrapped text, ignored aspect
16-JUL-2021: 14.9.0
- Adds support for domain
- Fixes clipping in viewer with initial hidden layers
- Adds autoOrigin option
- Updates cs translations. Thanks to Pavel Borecki
- Updates el tranlsations. Thanks to Io Papadimitriou
- [conf cloud] Improves viewer load time
12-JUL-2021: 14.8.6
- Disables pointerEvents style for images
- [jira cloud] Disables Confluence embed option due to changes in auth token valdation
- Improvements to Lucidchart import
07-JUL-2021: 14.8.5
- Fixes XSS attack on GoogleGadgetServlet. Thanks to Alfred Berg for report.
- Updates to cs translations
02-JUL-2021: 14.8.4
- Fixes drag and drop for edge labels with selected parents
- [conf cloud] Fixes recent and search in embed diagrams
30-JUN-2021: 14.8.3
- [conf cloud] Fixes save settings with current viewer status
- Adds function for image export in viewer
- Fixes possible NPE
25-JUN-2021: 14.8.2
- [conf cloud] Adds lightbox to simple viewer
- [conf+jira cloud] Fixes export downloads
- [conf cloud] Updates self import to support data:confluence/id and links
24-JUN-2021: 14.8.1
- Clones existing SVG for outline rendering
- Fixes possible ignored gesture end in outline
- Fixes unconnected edges z-index order in vsdx import
- Fixes line jump handling in vsdx import
- Improves locking
- Fixes action states and cursors for locked cells
- Fixes selection in locked layers
- Updates French translations
17-JUN-2021: 14.8.0
- Adds bringForward and sendBackward actions
- Fixes GraphViewer toolbar and border hiding in FF
16-JUN-2021: 14.7.10
- [jira cloud] Adds support for uploading zipped format diagrams
- Fixes ignored locked layers, hover icons, shape picker clipping
15-JUN-2021: 14.7.9
- Adds minimize to shape picker in sketch theme
- Fixes unicode char to HTML entity on some JVMs from Gliffy
14-JUN-2021: 14.7.8
- [conf cloud] Adds custom templates to sketch macro add template dialog
- [conf cloud] Fixes minor issues with templates dialog
- Prevents showing an empty viewer when configured layers are incorrect
- [conf cloud] Fixes template and new dialog bugs and added no file type option
- [conf cloud] Fixes Link dialog attachment links
- [conf cloud] Fixes centering with hidden toolbar or simple viewer
- Adds preview button in templates dialog
- Adds pinch to zoom CSS preview for iOS (beta)
- Prevents scrollbars on PDF and Image Export
- [conf cloud] Fixes settings dialog hidden buttons with certain diagram height
09-JUN-2021: 14.7.7
- Fixes event handling for template previews
- Adds modified check for open browser file in standalone mode
- Adds select edges option in context menu
- Adds delay for double tap edit trigger before context menu
- Hides template preview when dialog is closed
- Adds padding for touch events on window controls
- Fixes status bar partially visible behind buttons
- Fixes fit icon in minimal theme
- Fixes window position constraints in sketch theme
- Fixes ghost cells after resume in outline
- Fixes event timing after freehand insert
- Fixes initial stroke width and folding for outline
- Adds context menu options for sketch theme on touch devices
- Reduces use of formatted text in swimlane titles
- Fixes background page and dark mode toggle in outline
- Fixes zOrder after dialog click in sketch theme
- Fixes order of graph relative to dialogs
- Fixes in-place editor width after markup toggle
- Fixes panning with freehand on touch in minimal theme
04-JUN-2021: 14.7.6
- Adds delete button in sketch theme
03-JUN-2021: 14.7.5
- Removes padding in outline
- Enables decimal stokewidths
- Fixes delayed preview issue
- Adds outline option in sketch theme
- Hides tooltip on scroll wheel events
- Shift+tab stops editing with no selection
- Fixes inconsistent mouse down handling for template preview
- Fixes inconsistent gesture start for blank template entry
- Fixes minor style issues for sketch theme
- Adds previews for templates
- Fixes picker toolbar overlap on small screens for sketch theme
- Adds padding for window controls in sketch and minimal theme
- Uses tab key to insert tabs in labels
- Handles tab key based on text selection while editing
02-JUN-2021: 14.7.4
- Sets fonts color for note shape in sketch theme
- Consistent freehand defaults for all themes
- Escape stops freehand drawing
- Fixes timeout error when UI fonts are overwritten in PDF export
- Fixes overridden indent keystroke, uses alt+tab for tab
- Fixes tab to stop editing
29-MAY-2021: 14.7.3
- Updates layer dot after model changes
- Adds 4 spaces for shift+tab while editing labels
- Adds shift+tab to insert tab
- Fixes for sketch and dark theme
- Adds support for additional OrgChart type in Lucidchart import
- Adds dot to layer for selected cells [2027]
- Fixes issues with live preview [2257]
- Fixes rounding errors in segment connector [2257]
- Updates ja translations
26-MAY-2021: 14.7.2
- [conf cloud] Enables sketch macro
25-MAY-2021: 14.7.1
- Fixes edges with zero height/width src/trg cell in vsdx import
20-MAY-2021: 14.7.0
- Updates RoughJS to 4.4.1 with preserveVertices option
- Sets template backgrounds to transparent, except where it is set to an explicit non-white color
- Adds support for Lucidchart OrgBlock
- [conf cloud] Adds support for attached images in label (in page Ids import)
- Fixes NPE in Lucidchart import
- Fixes default user picture
- [conf cloud] Removes draft check error of zero byte files
- Updates Mermaid to 8.10.1
- Updates es translations
13-MAY-2021: 14.6.13
- Updates to latest Azure stencils
- [conf cloud] Improves error handling around draft load failing
- [conf cloud] Fixes lib import without config space
11-MAY-2021: 14.6.12
- Fixes sidebar preview for sketch theme
- Disables handwritten fonts in sketch theme with rough=0
- Fixes inconsistent pointer event handling
- Fixes ignored comic style for rectangle shape
- Adds modifier keys for wheel scrolling in sketch theme
- Disables page view after page format change with sketch theme
- Updates ar and ru translations
07-MAY-2021: 14.6.11
- Fixes Dropbox client in dev mode
- Adds iconsearch CF worker
- Updates Gliffy translations for BPMN 2.0
- Removes JSON2 usage. Required for IE7- which doesn't work since VML support removed.
- Reverts parameters for sidebar so default style is not applied.
- Adds gitflow examples
- Additional Spanish translations
04-MAY-2021: 14.6.10
- Adds zoomFactor config option
- Fixes links on custom shapes in Lucid import
- Adds ctrl/cmd+dblclick to change cell ID
- Adds containers to general sidebar
- Fixes pointer events for text shapes
- Fixes selected style in dark mode
- Moves Dropbox auth from implicit grant to server-side flow
- Adds XML option to import menu in minimal and sketch theme
- Adds Shift+Click on clear waypoints button to clear fixed anchor points
- Fixes overridden default font in sidebar thumbnails
- Fixes ignored default styles for shapes dialog and inserted templates
- Fixes NPE for sketch UI in embed mode
- Adds enabledChanged event to graph
- Separates clear waypoints and clear anchor points
- Disables file API in Opera
- Fixes anchor points behavior for Choreography shapes in BPMN
29-APR-2021: 14.6.9
- Corrects GitHub app ID
29-APR-2021: 14.6.8
- Refactors GitHub paths
28-APR-2021: 14.6.7
- Switches to server flow for GitHub and Gitlab auth
22-APR-2021: 14.6.6
- Adds dark mode for minimal theme
21-APR-2021: 14.6.5
- Versions shapes minified JS
21-APR-2021: 14.6.4
- Restores BPMN 2.0 shapes
19-APR-2021: 14.6.3
- Fixes for dark mode and sketch theme
19-APR-2021: 14.6.2
- Fixes private Gitlab instance URL parsing
15-APR-2021: 14.6.1
- Improvements to sketch theme
13-APR-2021: 14.6.0
- Updates to workbox 6.1.2
09-APR-2021: 14.5.10
- Internal release
09-APR-2021: 14.5.9
- Improvement to sketch theme
06-APR-2021: 14.5.8
- Fixes Confluence Cloud saving issue
03-APR-2021: 14.5.7
- Add various shapes
02-APR-2021: 14.5.6
- Removes BPMN 2 changes
01-APR-2021: 14.5.5
- Improves BPMN symbols to 2.0 spec
31-MAR-2021: 14.5.4
- Fixes for vsdx export
- Adds re-tries on cache write failures
26-MAR-2021: 14.5.3
- Internal release
26-MAR-2021: 14.5.2
- Disables copy as image in iframes
- Fixes find/replace dialog in minimal theme
- Fixes ignored grid for polygon shapes
23-MAR-2021: 14.5.1
- Fixes for Electron 12
22-MAR-2021: 14.5.0
- Improves Lucidchart import
17-MAR-2021: 14.4.9
- Adds copy as image option
- Makes find and replace dialog the default
12-MAR-2021: 14.4.8
- Fixes segment router removing control hints at specific zooms
10-MAR-2021: 14.4.7
- Adds upload option back in embed conf cloud
09-MAR-2021: 14.4.6
- Adds support for linkTarget property
08-MAR-2021: 14.4.5
- Changes find dialog to replace and find
03-MAR-2021: 14.4.4
- Improves Lucidchart import
24-FEB-2021: 14.4.3
- Adds notifications
18-FEB-2021: 14.4.2
- More fixes for and lightbox
18-FEB-2021: 14.4.1
- Fixes lightbox for and
17-FEB-2021: 14.4.0
- Removes VML support
- Adds Persian language
- Forces and to embed mode
15-FEB-2021: 14.3.2
- Adds flow animation style
- Makes grid steps configurable
- Adds ctrl+drop to insert dropped content as new page
- Uses for editing [DID-1717]
- Fixes drag and drop for SVG+XML files
11-FEB-2021: 14.3.1
- Adds support for regional direction to back-ends
- Adds grid option to export dialog
08-FEB-2021: 14.3.0
- Fixes external fonts in PDF export
- Fixes drag and drop for shapes with shadow
- Renames page for import into blank diagram
- Fixes export triggers autosave in embed mode
29-JAN-2021: 14.2.9
- Fixes NPE in minimal mode
29-JAN-2021: 14.2.8
- Adds data governance config
22-JAN-2021: 14.2.7
- Improves Lucidchart import
20-JAN-2021: 14.2.6
- Fixes for OneDrive client flow
19-JAN-2021: 14.2.5
- Add client-side clipping of SVG
15-JAN-2021: 14.2.4
- Improves Lucidchart import
14-JAN-2021: 14.2.3
- Fixes pako encoding issues
13-JAN-2021: 14.2.2
- Fixes decoding of compressed shape files
13-JAN-2021: 14.2.1
- Fixes UInt8Array call stack size exception
13-JAN-2021: 14.2.0
- Disables Trello by default
- Updates pako to 2.0.3
09-JAN-2021: 14.1.9
- AWS stencil update
02-JAN-2021: 14.1.8
- Internal release
01-JAN-2021: 14.1.7
- Fixes NPE for single point edges
31-DEC-2020: 14.1.6
- Internal release for conf/jira cloud changes
31-DEC-2020: 14.1.5
- Desktop fixes for File API clash
30-DEC-2020: 14.1.4
- Fixes marker rounding errors
28-DEC-2020: 14.1.3
- Internal release
23-DEC-2020: 14.1.2
- Adds UML 2.5 library
18-DEC-2020: 14.1.1
- Fixes Math config
18-DEC-2020: 14.1.0
- Fixes multiple Math initialization
17-DEC-2020: 14.0.5
- Fixes ignored hidden toolbar [1627], settings icon
- Uses combined configuration file for MathJax
16-DEC-2020: 14.0.4
- Fixes images paths
15-DEC-2020: 14.0.3
- Fixes NPE
15-DEC-2020: 14.0.2
- Improves Lucidchart import
10-DEC-2020: 14.0.1
- Uses minimal UI on iPad Mini and smaller
- Adds clear.html for clearing caches
09-DEC-2020: 14.0.0
- Internal refactoring of source code
07-DEC-2020: 13.11.0
- Fixes for Confluence Cloud
04-DEC-2020: 13.10.9
- Hardens servlets
03-DEC-2020: 13.10.8
- Reverts UML 2.5 release
03-DEC-2020: 13.10.7
- Improves Lucidchart import
02-DEC-2020: 13.10.6
- Adds auto-crop, origin for visible layers [688]
- Improves Lucidchart import
01-DEC-2020: 13.10.5
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.3 beta 6
- Adds page size export option
26-NOV-2020: 13.10.4
- Adds compare button in revision history dialog
25-NOV-2020: 13.10.3
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.3 beta 5
24-NOV-2020: 13.10.2
- Fixes specific synchronize operations
22-NOV-2020: 13.10.1
- Adds File, Embed, Notion
18-NOV-2020: 13.10.0
- Internal release for Github actions testing
- Conf Cloud: Viewer settings direct from the viewer
- Conf Cloud: Adds custom libraries to more shapes dialog
15-NOV-2020: 13.9.9
- Improves Lucidchart import
13-NOV-2020: 13.9.8
- Improves Lucidchart import
12-NOV-2020: 13.9.7
- Allows null in init load message
11-NOV-2020: 13.9.6
- Uses GitHub for help and FAQ
11-NOV-2020: 13.9.5
- Fixes license check in Confluence Cloud
11-NOV-2020: 13.9.4
- Adds descriptor to JSON load message
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.3 beta 4
10-NOV-2020: 13.9.3
- Internal release to update conf cloud manifest
04-NOV-2020: 13.9.2
- Improves Lucidchart import
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.3 beta 3
04-NOV-2020: 13.9.1
- Improves Lucidchart import
04-NOV-2020: 13.9.0
- Disables Trello in IE11
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.3 beta 2
03-NOV-2020: 13.8.9
- Adds block overflow cell style
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.3 beta 1
30-OCT-2020: 13.8.8
- Fixes for teams integration
- Fixes conf cloud caching issue when 3rd party cookies are disabled
29-OCT-2020: 13.8.7
- Fixes hideDialog order issue on pressing OK
- Fixes native files in Chrome 86
28-OCT-2020: 13.8.6
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.2
- Performance improvements for Jira Cloud
- MS teams integration
27-OCT-2020: 13.8.5
- Fixes possible NPE in Confluence Cloud
27-OCT-2020: 13.8.4
- Performance improvements for Confluence Cloud
26-OCT-2020: 13.8.3
- Gliffy import improvements
- Updates Spanish translations
24-OCT-2020: 13.8.2
- Lucidchart import improvements
- Fixes ungrouping action
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 22
20-OCT-2020: 13.8.1
- Lucidchart import improvements
- Gliffy import improvements
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 21
14-OCT-2020: 13.8.0
- App Engine configuration changes
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 20
08-OCT-2020: 13.7.9
- Fixes script load order for electron
07-OCT-2020: 13.7.8
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 19
- Uses MathJax 2.7.9
30-SEP-2020: 13.7.7
- Updates Finnish translations, credit Arttu Ylhävuori,
- Updates native File API tokens
- Lucidchart import improvements
- Fixes gradient issues in FF
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 18
28-SEP-2020: 13.7.6
- Updates Azure icons
23-SEP-2020: 13.7.5
- Removes document.write for modern browsers
22-SEP-2020: 13.7.4
- Appends splash dialog libs to configured libs
17-SEP-2020: 13.7.3
- Moves viewer to
- Improves shape picker position
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 17
16-SEP-2020: 13.7.2
- Removes PWA on domains
14-SEP-2020: 13.7.1
- Improves Gliffy import
14-SEP-2020: 13.7.0
- Adds conf cloud change notifications for collab
- Adds Cmd+Click for blue arrow on macOS
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 17
11-SEP-2020: 13.6.10
- Adds Shift+Delete/Backsapce to clear labels
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 16
08-SEP-2020: 13.6.9
- Fixes inline images in cell styles
08-SEP-2020: 13.6.8
- Fixes use of unsupported function in IE
08-SEP-2020: 13.6.7
- Normalizes spaces in uncompressed XML output
- Adds context menu for shape search results
- Minor fixes for custom fonts
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 15
31-AUG-2020: 13.6.6
- Removes PWA for
- Improves Gliffy import
24-AUG-2020: 13.6.5
- Corrects classpath for CacheFacade
20-AUG-2020: 13.6.4
- Adds Shift/Ctrl+Cursor to move/select pages
- Fixes orientation of screen page formats
- Adds allowZoomOut switch in GraphViewer
18-AUG-2020: 13.6.3
- Handles extra HTML content on Sharepoint
- Fixes origin after folding in viewer
08-AUG-2020: 13.6.2
- Fixes origin for online PDF export
07-AUG-2020: 13.6.1
- Improves Lucidchart importer
- GAE stub fixes
05-AUG-2020: 13.6.0
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 14
- Fixes mouse zoom bug
03-AUG-2020: 13.5.9
- Adds pinch to zoom on Windows and Android
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 13
31-JUL-2020: 13.5.8
- Fixes tooltip for rotation handle
- Fixes edit as blank in lightbox
- Lucidchart import improvements
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 12
- Improves shape picker
30-JUL-2020: 13.5.7
- Faster autosave in Google Drive
30-JUL-2020: 13.5.6
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 11
- Performance improvements
29-JUL-2020: 13.5.5
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 10
- Enables links in tooltips
- Adds layout JSON action
28-JUL-2020: 13.5.4
- Adds handle for cube and cylinder shape
- Adds metadata to C4 shapes
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 9
24-JUL-2020: 13.5.3
- Fixes print in static viewer
24-JUL-2020: 13.5.2
- Fixes viewer links
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 8
22-JUL-2020: 13.5.1
- Removes official Azure icons for licensing reasons
22-JUL-2020: 13.5.0
- Restores cloning of rows with blue arrows
- Fixes ungroup for multiple groups
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 7
20-JUL-2020: 13.4.9
- Fixes handling of built-in plugins
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 6
19-JUL-2020: 13.4.8
- Fixes SHA for inline script
19-JUL-2020: 13.4.7
- Improves target detection for blue arrows
- Improves shape selection on touch devices
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 5
17-JUL-2020: 13.4.6
- Simplified Start Screen
16-JUL-2020: 13.4.5
- Fixes ignored right meta key on macOS
15-JUL-2020: 13.4.4
- Fixes shape picker container insert
- Adds diagram styles
14-JUL-2020: 13.4.3
- Adds shape selection on blue arrow click
10-JUL-2020: 13.4.2
- Adds shape selection on double click
- Fixes browser storage dialog
09-JUL-2020: 13.4.1
- Disables eval in HTML embed code
08-JUL-2020: 13.4.0
- Adds border for lightbox export
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 4
- Adds Diagram Style panel
04-JUL-2020: 13.3.9
- Fixes ignored autosave for native files
03-JUL-2020: 13.3.8
- Adds experimental file system support
02-JUL-2020: 13.3.7
- Fixes image export with sketch style
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 3
01-JUL-2020: 13.3.6
- Fixes transparent background event handling for sketch style
- Moves row for dragging selected table cell
- Fixes inconsistent cursors for tables
- Adds drag and drop for tables
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 2
- Adds new basic templates
- Adds rows in ER sidebar
- Adds edit dialog style
25-JUN-2020: 13.3.5
- Fixes minor bugs
24-JUN-2020: 13.3.4
- Fixes minor bugs
24-JUN-2020: 13.3.3
- Fixes move for tables with selected rows
- Fixes flex arrow custom handle preview
- Fixes ignored zoom for step perimeter
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1 beta 1
24-JUN-2020: 13.3.2
- Fixes sketch style for partial rectangles
- No longer replaces comic style
23-JUN-2020: 13.3.1
- Adds rough style and URL parameter
- Adds support for viewbox in link actions
- Adds hide-pages, viewbox URL parameters
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.1
19-JUN-2020: 13.3.0
- Adds ok for prompt JSON message
- Adds prompt-cancel JSON event
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.0
17-JUN-2020: 13.2.6
- Fixes caching issues for Confluence Cloud
17-JUN-2020: 13.2.5
- Adds for embed mode
- Adds Alt+Shift to toggle child cells
- Fixes toggle selection for groups
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.0 beta 10
13-JUN-2020: 13.2.4
- Uses tables in Misc and ER sidebar
- Adds table size in Arrange panel
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.0 beta 9
11-JUN-2020: 13.2.3
- Uses base for fonts in SVG export
- Fixes font URL trimming
11-JUN-2020: 13.2.2
- Fixes relative fonts in SVG export
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.0 beta 8
- Parsing improvements
- Adds table shape
09-JUN-2020: 13.2.1
- Fixes bug when pasting HTML
- Parsing improvements
09-JUN-2020: 13.2.0
- Fixes WebKitBlobResource on iOS
- Parsing improvements
03-JUN-2020: 13.1.14
- Fixes math font weight for PDF export
- Stability improvements
02-JUN-2020: 13.1.13
- Fixes caching for HTML embed code
- Fixes copy paste from other apps
- Fixes math client-side printing
- Adds math-output URL parameter
- Adds custom table properties
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.0 beta 7
01-JUN-2020: 13.1.12
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.0 beta 6
- Adds tables to Misc sidebar
- Fixes OS clipboard in Firefox
31-MAY-2020: 13.1.11
- Stability improvements and bug fixes
31-MAY-2020: 13.1.10
- Fixes minor bugs for tables
30-MAY-2020: 13.1.9
- Fixes insert tables on touch devices
- Adds Feature-Policy header
29-MAY-2020: 13.1.8
- Removes CSP from GAE config
29-MAY-2020: 13.1.7
- Adds multiple edge labels in CSV import
- Adds experimental support for tables
- Adds Content-Security-Policy header
- Adds link button in library dialog
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.0 beta 5
27-MAY-2020: 13.1.6
- Fixes Gliffy popup issue
27-MAY-2020: 13.1.5
- Adds CSP restrictions
27-MAY-2020: 13.1.4
- Adds dark export option in dark mode
- Adds Euskadi translations
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.0 beta 4
- Adds openLink JSON event
- Adds %id% placeholder
19-MAY-2020: 13.1.3
- Adds merge JSON message
15-MAY-2020: 13.1.2
- Fixes ignored compressXml for empty embed data
- Fixes encoded XML in export JSON event
- Adds XML in JSON load event
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.0 beta 3
12-MAY-2020: 13.1.1
- Adds noExitBtn option for embed mode
- Fixes group selection model
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.0 beta 2
11-MAY-2020: 13.1.0
- Adds support for pointer events in swimlanes
- Adds message in export/template response
- Adds grid to certain custom handles
- Changes to the selection model
- Uses mxGraph 4.2.0 beta 1
07-MAY-2020: 13.0.9
- Adds patch chain validation for real time
05-MAY-2020: 13.0.8
- Adds ctrl+enter for table cells
05-MAY-2020: 13.0.7
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.2 beta 6
03-MAY-2020: 13.0.6
- Disables deltas for OneDrive real time
- Adds token for Google Drive real time
01-MAY-2020: 13.0.5
- Import Extension code updated
30-APR-2020: 13.0.4
- Adds support for vss(x) via clibs parameter
- Fixes inserting file to empty GitLab repo
- Fixes drop vss file into library dialog
- Fixes event handling for iPadOS 13.4.1
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.2 beta 5
29-APR-2020: 13.0.3
- Lucidchart import improvements
27-APR-2020: 13.0.2
- Fixes print output in dark mode
- Preserves pasted text colors
- Adds math-font URL parameter
21-APR-2020: 13.0.1
- Replaces HTML-CSS MathJax output files
- Forces loading MathJS locally in export server/Desktop
21-APR-2020: 13.0.0
- Redirects old desktop versions
- Fixes Edit menu in Chrome app
- Uses SVG for math typesetting
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.2 beta 4
16-APR-2020: 12.9.14
- Renamed jscolor to mxJSColor to avoid clash
15-APR-2020: 12.9.13
- Adds file properties dialog
14-APR-2020: 12.9.12
- Adds edit style to context menu
- Fixes moving cells in stacks
11-APR-2020: 12.9.11
- Fixes edge label default style
- Improves Lucidchart import
08-APR-2020: 12.9.10
- Fixes toggle selection for cells in containers
- Fixes copy paste of cells in Firefox
- Improvements for Lucidchart import
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.2 beta 3
07-APR-2020: 12.9.9
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.2 beta 2
- Removes Google image search
- Removes photos URL parameter
- Fixes pasting links and data URIs
- Fixes Sharepoint sites in OneDrive picker
- Workaround for lightbox in Jira Service desk
- Adds center option for Confluence Cloud viewer
- Replaces Home with Shift+Home, Ctrl+H with Home
05-APR-2020: 12.9.8
- Fixes formatting for pasted text
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.2 beta 1
03-APR-2020: 12.9.7
- Optional size, position and angle panels
- Improvements for Lucidchart import
- Adds combo box for extensions
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.2 beta 1
31-MAR-2020: 12.9.6
- Improvements for Lucidchart import
- Fixes CORS errors for some icons
- Fixes ER shapes for dark mode
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1
30-MAR-2020: 12.9.5
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 16
- Fixes some shapes
29-MAR-2020: 12.9.4
- Adds delegating connector and half circle markers
- Improvements for Lucidchart import
- Enables cloud storage in PWA
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 15
25-MAR-2020: 12.9.3
- Fixes update of filename placeholder
- Improvements for Lucidchart import
- Fixes minor issues with layouts
24-MAR-2020: 12.9.2
- Adds filename placeholder
- Fixes Gliffy import
24-MAR-2020: 12.9.1
- Fixes insert HTML table from text panel
23-MAR-2020: 12.9.0
- Fixes encoding errors in stencils.min.js
- Moves resize live preview to front
- Adds Threat Modeling shapes
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 14
23-MAR-2020: 12.8.9
- Adds Lucidchart import feedback
- Adds search for all pages
- Adds new polygon shapes
18-MAR-2020: 12.8.8
- Improvements to localStorage migration
- Improvements to AWS shapes
17-MAR-2020: 12.8.7
- Improvements to localStorage migration
- Fixes align and distribute buttons in Arrange panel
- Improvements for Lucidchart import
17-MAR-2020: 12.8.6
- Migrates localStorage from to
- Fixes XML embedding within PDFs
14-MAR-2020: 12.8.5
- Fixes drag and drop of images to containers in Firefox
- Adds (Alt+)Shift+Tab for outdent/indent while editing
- No longer selects moved cells after undo/redo
- Reduces number of automatic layout runs
- Merges PWA into online app
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 13
11-MAR-2020: 12.8.4
- Changes canonical URL to
11-MAR-2020: 12.8.3
- Switches to PlantUML build 1.2020.2
- Adds support for onedrive and cache responses
- Fixes infinite resizing of viewer in conf cloud
- Uses all layers for drop target selection
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 12
09-MAR-2020: 12.8.2
- Fixes Confluence Cloud lightbox and Jira Cloud editor iFrame resize
05-MAR-2020: 12.8.1
- Fixes Confluence Cloud editor iFrame resize
05-MAR-2020: 12.8.0
- Fixes PDF export for multiple page formats
- Fixes PDF export page variable placeholder
- Disables drop shadow in Safari browser
- Changes name to
27-FEB-2020: 12.7.9
- Fixes update of indicator shapes
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 11
- Adds banner
26-FEB-2020: 12.7.8
- Adds logging for Confluence cloud errors
- Adds global error dialog
26-FEB-2020: 12.7.7
- Adds error logging for Confluence and Jira cloud
25-FEB-2020: 12.7.6
- Fixes NPE in viewer
25-FEB-2020: 12.7.5
- Fixes removed contentID macro parameter in Confluence cloud
- Adds recursive resize for size change in Arrange panel
- Disables drop target for composite BPMN/UML shapes
- Fixes missing tree move icon
21-FEB-2020: 12.7.4
- Changes Google picker to support team drives
- Fixes crop for imported files
21-FEB-2020: 12.7.3
- Fixes caching of Google fonts
19-FEB-2020: 12.7.2
- Removes HTML 5 application cache
- Adds Alt+Click for sidebar items
- Fixes rounding for page guides
- Adds language support for PWA
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 10
17-FEB-2020: 12.7.1
- DropTarget style has precedence over container
- Replaces UML module shape
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 9
13-FEB-2020: 12.7.0
- Adds dropTarget style property
- Adds Insert, Advanced, Mermaid
12-FEB-2020: 12.6.8
- Ignores drafts with mode parameter
- Adds Arrange, Layout, Org Chart
- Fixes GitLab authentication
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 8
10-FEB-2020: 12.6.7
- Fixes clipping for edge labels in PDF output
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 7
- Adds draft states
07-FEB-2020: 12.6.6
- Searches collapsed custom libraries
- Fixes configured default libraries
- Adds tags to configured libraries
- Uses auth header for Google Drive
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 6
04-FEB-2020: 12.6.5
- Adds expand style for containers
- Adds warning for fallback labels
- Improvements for CSV import
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 5
- Adds new AWS 19 shapes
02-FEB-2020: 12.6.4
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 4
- Fixes possible NPE
02-FEB-2020: 12.6.3
- Updates move preview after key events
- Fixes rounding errors for routing
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 3
30-JAN-2020: 12.6.2
- Fixes WebKitBlobResource error on iOS
- Adds layers for VSDX export
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 2
28-JAN-2020: 12.6.1
- Adds new Veeam shapes
28-JAN-2020: 12.6.0
- Fixes aspect dialog incorrect layers
25-JAN-2020: 12.5.8
- Fixes possible NPE in OneDrive client
25-JAN-2020: 12.5.7
- Fixes access to OneDrive Sharepoint folders
- Creates fewer revisions in Google Drive
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.1 beta 1
- Uses PlantUML 2019.7
22-JAN-2020: 12.5.6
- Fixes offline download for mobile Safari
- Fixes newlines in custom shape editor
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.0 pre 6
- Adds movableLabel style
16-JAN-2020: 12.5.5
- Fixes inconsistent label wrapping
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.0 pre 5
15-JAN-2020: 12.5.4
- Adds PWA install prompt handler
14-JAN-2020: 12.5.3
- Fixes line height in labels
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.0 pre 4
14-JAN-2020: 12.5.2
- Adds option to include XML in PDF
- Replaces app cache with PWA
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.0 pre 3
09-JAN-2020: 12.5.1
- Fixes label offsets in viewer
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.0 pre 2
07-JAN-2020: 12.5.0
- Enables reflow in HTML output
- Fixes text rendering issues
- Uses mxGraph 4.1.0 pre 1
- Adds Galician language
06-JAN-2020: 12.4.9
- Adds support for multiple redirect URLs in token-based-auth
31-DEC-2019: 12.4.8
- Adds referrer policy header
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 16
27-DEC-2019: 12.4.7
- Fixes bug for loading viewer in Confluence Cloud
27-DEC-2019: 12.4.6
- Fixes mobile Safari in desktop mode
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 15
27-DEC-2019: 12.4.5
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 14
- Fixes possible NPE
27-DEC-2019: 12.4.4
- Fixes proxy URL for Confluence Cloud lightbox
- Fixes possible text wrapping for SVG export
- Adds custom fonts for embedded SVG files
- Pass-through OTF fonts in proxy servlet
- Adds basic diagram templates
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 13
17-DEC-2019: 12.4.3
- Uses fast zoom preview on iOS
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 12
14-DEC-2019: 12.4.2
- Improves move/resize preview and guides
- Adds pinch to zoom for macOS trackpad
- Disables drop style for swimlanes
- Adds anchor points for corners
- Fixes edge label move preview
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 11
12-DEC-2019: 12.4.1
- Fixes initial key state for cloning
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 11
12-DEC-2019: 12.4.0
- Adds Catalan translations, credit Pere Orga
- Fixes drag cells to library, subtree moving live preview
- Fixes conf cloud gliffy mass import paging bug
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 10
09-DEC-2019: 12.3.9
- Fixes NPE in Lucidchart import
- Adds check for empty layerID array in GraphViewer
06-DEC-2019: 12.3.8
- Improves Gliffy import of nested links
- Adds pageID target export selection in Confluence Cloud
05-DEC-2019: 12.3.7
- Fixes handling of clipboard data
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 9
03-DEC-2019: 12.3.6
- Moves rotation handle to top right corner
- Adds faster mouse wheel zoom
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 8
02-DEC-2019: 12.3.5
- Fixes deletion bugs causing search incorrect results in Jira Cloud
- Fixes text alignment for block elements
02-DEC-2019: 12.3.4
- Fixes Gliffy global text size setting on import
- Fixes settings override with configuration
- Adds custom fonts in print output
28-NOV-2019: 12.3.3
- Adds more ERD shapes
27-NOV-2019: 12.3.2
- Fixes moving and resizing on iOS 13
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 8
26-NOV-2019: 12.3.1
- Fixes PDF export with math typesetting
25-NOV-2019: 12.3.0
- Fixes client-side math export in Firefox
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 7
21-NOV-2019: 12.2.9
- Fixes autosize for font size and style changes
- Adds PDF extension check in save dialog
- Fixes callback error in embed mode
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 6
21-NOV-2019: 12.2.8
- Removes state URL parameter
19-NOV-2019: 12.2.7
- Adds #_CONFIG_ hash property for configuration via URL
- Fixes for external font support
- Adds Extras, Configuration menu
- Adds Link item in page context menu
13-NOV-2019: 12.2.6
- Reverts Google auth change in 12.2.5
13-NOV-2019: 12.2.5
- Add external font support
- Adds configuration option in local storage
12-NOV-2019: 12.2.4
- Updates IBM stencils
- Fixes Lucidchart import NPE
- Adds pools and lanes in BPMN General library
- Adds client-side SVG and PNG export for math
08-NOV-2019: 12.2.3