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12-DEC-2019: 12.4.1
- Fixes initial key state for cloning
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 11
12-DEC-2019: 12.4.0
- Adds Catalan translations, credit Pere Orga
- Fixes drag cells to library, subtree moving live preview
- Fixes conf cloud gliffy mass import paging bug
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 10
09-DEC-2019: 12.3.9
- Fixes NPE in Lucidchart import
- Adds check for empty layerID array in GraphViewer
06-DEC-2019: 12.3.8
- Improves Gliffy import of nested links
- Adds pageID target export selection in Confluence Cloud
05-DEC-2019: 12.3.7
- Fixes handling of clipboard data
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 9
03-DEC-2019: 12.3.6
- Moves rotation handle to top right corner
- Adds faster mouse wheel zoom
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 8
02-DEC-2019: 12.3.5
- Fixes deletion bugs causing search incorrect results in Jira Cloud
- Fixes text alignment for block elements
02-DEC-2019: 12.3.4
- Fixes Gliffy global text size setting on import
- Fixes settings override with configuration
- Adds custom fonts in print output
28-NOV-2019: 12.3.3
- Adds more ERD shapes
27-NOV-2019: 12.3.2
- Fixes moving and resizing on iOS 13
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 8
26-NOV-2019: 12.3.1
- Fixes PDF export with math typesetting
25-NOV-2019: 12.3.0
- Fixes client-side math export in Firefox
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 7
21-NOV-2019: 12.2.9
- Fixes autosize for font size and style changes
- Adds PDF extension check in save dialog
- Fixes callback error in embed mode
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 6
21-NOV-2019: 12.2.8
- Removes state URL parameter
19-NOV-2019: 12.2.7
- Adds #_CONFIG_ hash property for configuration via URL
- Fixes for external font support
- Adds Extras, Configuration menu
- Adds Link item in page context menu
13-NOV-2019: 12.2.6
- Reverts Google auth change in 12.2.5
13-NOV-2019: 12.2.5
- Add external font support
- Adds configuration option in local storage
12-NOV-2019: 12.2.4
- Updates IBM stencils
- Fixes Lucidchart import NPE
- Adds pools and lanes in BPMN General library
- Adds client-side SVG and PNG export for math
08-NOV-2019: 12.2.3
- Improves stencils in dark mode
- Removes electron useragent check
- Fixes shifted text labels in PDF with math
- Adds clipping for print output
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 5
06-NOV-2019: 12.2.2
- Fixes NPE in pasteCells
06-NOV-2019: 12.2.1
- Fixes slow paste from clipboard in modern browsers
- Improves handling of timeouts in Google Drive
- Fixes event handling on iOS
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 4
04-NOV-2019: 12.2.0
- Fixes Google auth after hibernate on Windows
- Fixes print in lightbox for some file types
- Fixes extension for command line export
- Open file asks for new or same window
- Handles trashed state in Google Drive
- Fixes links in labels for SVG export
- Appends tab name for image export
30-OCT-2019: 12.1.9
- Fixes anchor points for certain shape styles
- Adds connection points for document shape
- Fixes handling of SVG with relative size
- Adds custom data import for Lucidchart
- Fixes timing issue in tooltips plugin
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 3
28-OCT-2019: 12.1.8
- Fixes ignored height in viewer
25-OCT-2019: 12.1.7
- Minor fix for graph viewer
25-OCT-2019: 12.1.6
- Fixes missing center guides for certain cases
- Fixes lightbox in Trello
- Adds moveCells style
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 2
24-OCT-2019: 12.1.5
- Fixes scopes for Google Drive Connector for Confluence Cloud
- Fixes opening libraries from GitLab
23-OCT-2019: 12.1.4
- Fixes scrollbars in Confluence Diagram Viewer
- Fixes embed dialog for Google Shared Drives
- Fixes snap to grid while panning
- Adds paging for GitLab picker
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.6 beta 1
17-OCT-2019: 12.1.3
- Fixes Google Drive auth in Office plugin
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.5
16-OCT-2019: 12.1.2
- Fixes scrollbars in Confluence Cloud and Jira Cloud
- Fixes export of uncompressed XML files to PDF
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.3 beta 7
14-OCT-2019: 12.1.1
- Uses uncompressed XML files in GitLab and GitHub
- Fixes background color for cropped PDF export
- Improves logic for hiding cell moving guides
- Fixes token override in Google Drive viewer
- Adds roundtrip editing for PlantUML images
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.3 beta 6
09-OCT-2019: 12.1.0
- Escape no longer starts editing in Safari and IE 11
- Uses revision IDs for realtime in Google Drive
- Fixes ignored alignment for autosize cells
- Switches to manual sync on cache timeout
- Disables resize live preview for groups
- Fixes test URL parameter for logging
- Adds live preview for moving cells
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.3 beta 5
- Uses quirks mode in IE 9
08-OCT-2019: 12.0.3
- Fixes vertical label position of Data shape
- Handles changed etag in Google Drive after save
- Fixes page reorder for Chrome on Windows 10 in embed mode
02-OCT-2019: 12.0.2
- Updates pako to 1.0.10
- Fixes VSS naming problem
- Restores folder support to Confluence Cloud diagram viewer
01-OCT-2019: 12.0.1
- Adds testing for new pako version
27-SEP-2019: 12.0.0
- Fixes Google auth for multiple users
- Fixes default grid color in dark mode
26-SEP-2019: 11.3.2
- Updates Dell rack server stencils
- Docker image build process improvements
24-SEP-2019: 11.3.1
- Fixes uncompressed XML in SVG
- Fixes offset for ruler
20-SEP-2019: 11.3.0
- Updates Google Cloud Platform stencils
- Gliffy import improvements
- Uses uncompressed XML to fix search in Confluence Cloud
- Adds global compressXml switch
- Fixes print output in dark mode
18-SEP-2019: 11.2.9
- Adds pre and post config JS files
- Fixes page numbers in PDF export
- Adds globalVars to configuration
- Adds DRAWIO_CONFIG variable
08-SEP-2019: 11.2.8
- Fixes bugs in PlantUML for Confluence Cloud
07-SEP-2019: 11.2.7
- Fixes minor bugs
06-SEP-2019: 11.2.6
- Enables ruler by default
- Fixes clipart export in Chrome app
- Adds File, Embed, Google Sheets
- Updated CSS styles
03-SEP-2019: 11.2.5
- Updates MSCAE stencils
29-AUG-2019: 11.2.4
- Fixes segment connector rounding issue
- Updates AWS icons
- Fixes partial concentric ellipse
- Fixes search for custom libraries
- Adds pagecount placeholder
26-AUG-2019: 11.2.3
- Fit window zoom no longer ignores selection
- Updates page IDs in custom links on import
- Updates link hint after selection change
- Updates cell IDs in custom links
23-AUG-2019: 11.2.2
- Add support for loading zipped and Gliffy formats
20-AUG-2019: 11.2.1
- Fixes possible NPEs
20-AUG-2019: 11.2.0
- Adds ruler and units
19-AUG-2019: 11.1.5
- Fixes ignored background for multipage PDF export
- Adds Lollipop Notation shape in UML section
- Fixes export for global placeholders
- Adds XML declaration for SVG export
- Enables block alignment for text
- Adds allowArrows style
08-AUG-2019: 11.1.4
- Fixes grid NPE in export dialog
08-AUG-2019: 11.1.3
- Adds export option to include grid
- Fixes last Gitlab project used in group
- Adds custom Gitlab parameters
- Fixes compressed XML export option
05-AUG-2019: 11.1.2
- Fixes encoding of embedded PNG data
- Adds custom Gitlab URL option
02-AUG-2019: 11.1.1
- Forces in-place electron users to upgrade page
02-AUG-2019: 11.1.0
- Fixes for Electron 6
- Uses dark theme on desktop by default in dark mode
- Changes Conf Cloud to leave draft attachments empty
01-AUG-2019: 11.0.9
- Fixes undefined check
- Adds desktop command line vsdx export
- Fixes Confluence Cloud custom content direct edit macro replacment
30-JUL-2019: 11.0.8
- Fixes for dialogs when no services available
- Fixes comment window refresh error
26-JUL-2019: 11.0.7
- Fixes for MS Office Add-in
26-JUL-2019: 11.0.6
- Improves error handling for exportToCanvas
24-JUL-2019: 11.0.5
- Adds timeout for Office Add-in server fallback
- Fixes incorrect zTXt header for PNG+XML files
- Fixes rounding of ellipse positions in SVG
- Fixes rounding for fixed connection points
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.3 beta 4
23-JUL-2019: 11.0.4
- Adds timeout handler for Google Drive thumb generation
23-JUL-2019: 11.0.3
- Fixes handling of repository paths in GitLab
- Ignores hidden cells for selectAll
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.3 beta 3
22-JUL-2019: 11.0.2
- Replaces alt+click with shift+click in ChromeOS
- Uses Viewer app for lightbox mode
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.3 beta 2
20-JUL-2019: 11.0.1
- Fixes math typesetting in legacy embed script
- Fixes encoding issues for GitHub and GitLab
- Fixes file handling issues for GitLab
19-JUL-2019: 11.0.0
- Adds Show more option in splash screen
- Adds uncompressed XML support (beta)
- Adds support for GitLab (beta)
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.3 beta 1
16-JUL-2019: 10.9.8
- Adds Extras, Insert, Freehand
- Moves create shape to insert menu
- Adds named labels for CSV import
15-JUL-2019: 10.9.7
- Adds validation for label border and background colors
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.2
12-JUL-2019: 10.9.6
- Adds local files, Google Drive in Office Add-in
11-JUL-2019: 10.9.5
- Improves error handling for saving files
- Fixes desktop startup
11-JUL-2019: 10.9.4
- Adds named styles for CSV import
10-JUL-2019: 10.9.3
- Fixes trailing newline in plain text labels
- Allows inserting multiple lists from text
- Adds treeMoving style for moving subtrees
- Fixes table cell align and color editing
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.2 beta 4
09-JUL-2019: 10.9.2
- Fixes reset of handles after remote style changes
- Fixes background color for rotated text editing
- Improves command line export in Electron
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.2 beta 3
09-JUL-2019: 10.9.1
- Fixes NPE in Electron and ChromeOS apps
08-JUL-2019: 10.9.0
- Fixes custom link execution for visibility changes
- Fixes format panel CSS in Firefox for Linux
- Fixes inconsistent text editing alignment
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.2 beta 2
04-JUL-2019: 10.8.9
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.2 beta 1
- Adds fill-/strokealpha for stencils
- Setting autosave to true triggers save
03-JUL-2019: 10.8.8
- Adds timer to check for unsaved changes
- Fixes lightbox height for Confluence Cloud viewer
02-JUL-2019: 10.8.7
- Fixes PlantUML connect add attachment call
02-JUL-2019: 10.8.6
- Fixes ignored properties for child cells in CSV
- Logs file idle states
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.1
02-JUL-2019: 10.8.5
- Removed RPC calls in Confluence Connect
- Adds support for digrams in Confluence Cloud comments
- Fixes handling of move in rounded paths
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.1 beta 11
29-JUN-2019: 10.8.4
- No longer selects parent after delete of child
- Updates in-place editor after window resize
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.1 beta 10
28-JUN-2019: 10.8.3
- Embed diagrams from URL in Jira Cloud
- Makes custom fonts persistent
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.1 beta 9
27-JUN-2019: 10.8.2
- Fixes handling of special font names
- Shows warning if file copy is loaded
- Smaller sidebar entries
- Adds tags plugin
26-JUN-2019: 10.8.1
- Fixed preview image aspect ratio in Confluence Cloud
- Increases preview image export quality in Confluence Cloud
- Uses default picker for loading files in IE11
21-JUN-2019: 10.8.0
- Removes unsafe-eval CSP for desktop app
- Fixes plugins in desktop app
19-JUN-2019: 10.7.9
- Ignores refs and manage columns in CSV example
19-JUN-2019: 10.7.8
- Fixes double click handling with pen and touch on Windows
- Fixes ignored transparent background in viewer
- Adds optional custom labels for IC pins
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.1 beta 8
- Fixes UI inconsistencies
12-JUN-2019: 10.7.7
- Adds validation of color picker input to fix XSS vulnerability
11-JUN-2019: 10.7.6
- Removes fallback to print dialog if offline in Electron
- Fixes broken link if Google Drive is not loading
04-JUN-2019: 10.7.5
- Fixes Math rendering in graph viewer
03-JUN-2019: 10.7.4
- Adds MathJax codebase
31-MAY-2019: 10.7.3
- Enabling saving diagrams when the associated custom content is deleted or not found
31-MAY-2019: 10.7.2
- Fixes loading custom plugins in embed mode with configure URL parameter
- Fixes math rendering with no scrollbars
29-MAY-2019: 10.7.1
- Adds JSON string for layouts in CSV import
- Fixes zoomed position for data store label
- Fixes changing of link colors in Firefox
- Fixes limitations for Google docs add-on
28-MAY-2019: 10.7.0
- Replaces octet-stream with vnd.jgraph.mxfile in Drive
- Fixes opaque background for server-side PNG export
- Fixes line jump rendering with child edge labels
- Fixes loading of large images via Insert dialog
- Adds support to show/hide layers via tags
- Adds edge flow to animation plugin
- Fixes saving of OneDrive libraries
25-MAY-2019: 10.6.9
- Fixes missing VSDX import in stealth mode
22-MAY-2019: 10.6.8
- Add VMware stencils
- VSDX import improvements
07-MAY-2019: 10.6.7
- Fixes first input element not firing change event
02-MAY-2019: 10.6.6
- Adds MS Active Directory stencils
- Improvements to GCP stencils
- Adds Confluence Cloud translations
24-APR-2019: 10.6.5
- Fixes style variation logic in VSDX import
24-APR-2019: 10.6.4
- Adds VSDX import improvements
- Adds new IBM stencils and template
- Add Cumulus stencils
16-APR-2019: 10.6.3
- Fixes handling of Infinity in geometries and points
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.1 beta 7
15-APR-2019: 10.6.2
- Adds generic layout menu item
10-APR-2019: 10.6.1
- Fixes issues with CSV import
- Adds pointerEvents style for stencils and AWS groups
- Uses new language locale API in Confluence cloud
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.1 beta 6
01-APR-2019: 10.6.0
- Adds configuration section for Confluence for cloud
- Free GDrive/OneDrive connector for Confluence cloud
- Adds show with option in OneDrive connector
- Improves handling of files with no extensions in GDrive connector
27-MAR-2019: 10.5.9
- Change to connection points and arrows trigger autosave
- Adds style options for edge labels in Arrange panel
- Fixes scroll during Alt+mouse wheel in Chrome
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.1 beta 5
26-MAR-2019: 10.5.8
- Hides icon in Confluence cloud for resolved comments
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.1 beta 4
26-MAR-2019: 10.5.7
- Adds comments in Confluence cloud viewer
- Improves Google file not found dialog
25-MAR-2019: 10.5.6
- Adds file ID and mime type in GDriveConnector macro editor
- Removes convert warning, cache alive check in lightbox
- Improves handling of redirects and invalid responses
- Removes connection arrows for edge labels
25-MAR-2019: 10.5.5
- Improvements for Gliffy import
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.1 beta 3
22-MAR-2019: 10.5.4
- Adds custom libraries for Confluence cloud
21-MAR-2019: 10.5.3
- Fixes timing issue in graph viewer
- Fixes date formats in VSDX import
- Fixes possible cropping for PDF export
20-MAR-2019: 10.5.2
- Fixes bug for comments in Confluence cloud
19-MAR-2019: 10.5.1
- Adds comments for Confluence cloud
18-MAR-2019: 10.5.0
- Uses .drawio extension in desktop app
- Removes spacers for rack layouts
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.1 beta 2
17-MAR-2019: 10.4.9
- Adds comments for Google Drive (beta)
15-MAR-2019: 10.4.8
- Adds autosaveDelay and defaultEdgeLength to drawio-config
15-MAR-2019: 10.4.7
- Realtime warning can be permanently closed
- Ignores read-only files in auto conversion
- Adds new issue viewer for Jira cloud
- Fixes Atlas theme in Safari
14-MAR-2019: 10.4.6
- Adds warning dialog for failed autosave after 10 minutes
- Improves error logging in Google Drive client
- Improves error handling for auto conversion
- Fixes shadow for PNG export in dark mode
13-MAR-2019: 10.4.5
- Fixes bug in Confluence cloud
- Fixes error handling
- Improves logging
12-MAR-2019: 10.4.4
- Adds to known CORS urls
- Fixes loading of Visio templates via proxy
12-MAR-2019: 10.4.3
- Uses mxGraph 4.0.1 beta 1
11-MAR-2019: 10.4.2
- Adds logging
09-MAR-2019: 10.4.1
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 18
09-MAR-2019: 10.4.0
- Handles timeouts in realtime convert tool
- Fixes bugs for older versions of IE
08-MAR-2019: 10.3.9
- Adds warning for Google Drive legacy files
- Adds language menu in Atlas theme
08-MAR-2019: 10.3.8
- Fixes possible NPEs
- Fixes possible clipping bugs
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 17
08-MAR-2019: 10.3.7
- Creates revision for every autosave in Google Drive
- Fixes new Confluence editor issues
07-MAR-2019: 10.3.6
- Improves error handling for Google Drive
- Adds realtime file conversion tool
05-MAR-2019: 10.3.5
- Reduces possible number 403 errors in Drive
05-MAR-2019: 10.3.4
- Fixes possible NPE in plugin error handler
05-MAR-2019: 10.3.3
- Changes default extension to .drawio
- Updated UI styles
04-MAR-2019: 10.3.2
- Fixes Confluence Cloud Direct Edit Saving
02-MAR-2019: 10.3.1
- Fixes loading spinner for Trello
- Uses magic numbers for templates
01-MAR-2019: 10.3.0
- Adds validation step for Google file saving
- Adds last saved delay to status bar
- Adds page-id URL parameter
28-FEB-2019: 10.2.9
- Moves Confluence Cloud viewer settings to format panel
- Allows all content from via proxy
- Adds menu for moving selection to other layers
- Adds simple viewer option for Confluence Cloud
- Fixes bad CRC in PNG exports
25-FEB-2019: 10.2.8
- Fixes import of multiple pages into empty file
- Fixes macro shortcut handling in Confluence cloud
25-FEB-2019: 10.2.7
- Adds orthogonal loop, no jump property for edges
- Fixes default stylesheet for export in dark mode
- Fixes events for transparent swimlane titles
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 16
22-FEB-2019: 10.2.6
- Adds page ID export for Confluence Cloud
- Fixes colored AWS19 icons library ID
20-FEB-2019: 10.2.5
- Adds fallback for unavailable sharing in Google Drive
- Fixes possible timing issues with open URL parameter
- Fixes link handling in legacy embedded diagrams
18-FEB-2019: 10.2.4
- Adds Microsoft Office add-ins
- Adds open URL parameter
15-FEB-2019: 10.2.3
- Adds interactive help for file name input fields
- Fixes handling of revisions for PNG files in Drive
- Adds shift click for Drive file details on app icon
- Adds Embed, Live image for public PNG files on Drive and GitHub
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 15
11-FEB-2019: 10.2.2
- Adds refresh, new window in Confluence Cloud connector toolbars
- App icon links to file preview for Google Drive
09-FEB-2019: 10.2.1
- Fixes loading of configuration for confluence cloud
- Adds template-filename URL parameter for binary templates
- Fixes browser refresh for converted lightbox files
08-FEB-2019: 10.2.0
- Adds vsd(x) and gliffy support in GDrive Connector
07-FEB-2019: 10.1.9
- Renames load event for configuration to configure
05-FEB-2019: 10.1.8
- Fixes property focus after save
- Updated AWS 2019 icon colors
04-FEB-2019: 10.1.7
- Adds auto-resolution for Google add-ons
- Fixes minimum height for empty viewer
- Fixes shadow in SVG export/embed
- Fixes possible 404 in GitHub
29-JAN-2019: 10.1.6
- Removes alert for link errors
- Removes sync button
28-JAN-2019: 10.1.5
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 14
25-JAN-2019: 10.1.4
- Adds download button in save dialog
- Adds shift to ignore current style
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 13
21-JAN-2019: 10.1.3
- Fixes possible NPEs
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 12
18-JAN-2019: 10.1.2
- Adds debug output
18-JAN-2019: 10.1.1
- Fixes possible NPEs
17-JAN-2019: 10.1.0
- Adds auth token refresh for OneDrive
16-JAN-2019: 10.0.43
- Fixes possible NPE in hashValue
16-JAN-2019: 10.0.42
- Fixes handling of invalid files
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 11
15-JAN-2019: 10.0.41
- Adds ignored page size in checksum
15-JAN-2019: 10.0.40
- Fixes possible use of undefined variable
15-JAN-2019: 10.0.39
- Fixes shadow change check
15-JAN-2019: 10.0.38
- Fixes inconsistency in collaborative editing
- Handles possible call stack errors
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 10
- Adds IC shapes
14-JAN-2019: 10.0.37
- Improves error logging
14-JAN-2019: 10.0.36
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 9
- Adds debug output
13-JAN-2019: 10.0.35
- Fixes device option in splash
- Adds Insert Template
12-JAN-2019: 10.0.34
- Fixes save dialog icon CSS flow
12-JAN-2019: 10.0.33
- Adds support for strikeThrough style (beta)
- Adds dark opacity styles for note and cube
- Enables device storage on iOS
11-JAN-2019: 10.0.32
- Adds page view in format panel for read-only files
- Minor fixes for collaborative editing
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 8
11-JAN-2019: 10.0.31
- Fixes critical bug for cell lookups
- Ignores page size in checksum
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 7
10-JAN-2019: 10.0.30
- Ignores page width in checksum
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 6
10-JAN-2019: 10.0.29
- Improved error handling for CSV import
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 5
10-JAN-2019: 10.0.28
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 4
- Fixes root folder dialog
10-JAN-2019: 10.0.27
- Ignores mxObjectId in diffsync
09-JAN-2019: 10.0.26
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 3
08-JAN-2019: 10.0.25
- Ignores previous attribute in checksum
08-JAN-2019: 10.0.24
- Fixes critical bug with collaborative editing
08-JAN-2019: 10.0.23
- Adds debug output for checksum errors
- Adds custom properties in diffsync
- Fixes possible ReferenceError
- Fixes for Jira cloud plugin
05-JAN-2019: 10.0.22
- Adds initial change check in sync protocol
- Ignores numeric JS errors in checksum
- Fixes pending sync on inactive window
04-JAN-2019: 10.0.21
- Adds debug output for checksum errors
04-JAN-2019: 10.0.20
- Adds debug output for checksum errors
04-JAN-2019: 10.0.19
- Adds debug output for checksum errors
04-JAN-2019: 10.0.18
- Fixes checksum errors in lightbox mode
03-JAN-2019: 10.0.17
- Fixes sync for PNG files in desktop app
- Fixes handling of auth error in Drive
- Uses main app ID for Drive viewer
- Fixes clipping in Google add-ons
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 2
- Fixes redo button state
- Removes debug output
02-JAN-2019: 10.0.16
- Handles shadow change during catchup
01-JAN-2019: 10.0.15
- Fixes error logging
01-JAN-2019: 10.0.14
- Fixes possible timing issue
29-DEC-2018: 10.0.13
- Improved error handling for collaborative editing
28-DEC-2018: 10.0.12
- Fixes possible select of deleted page
28-DEC-2018: 10.0.11
- Adds parameter check for connect apps
28-DEC-2018: 10.0.10
- Fixes for error logging
27-DEC-2018: 10.0.9
- Fixes sync for unsaved files in Desktop
- Adds Google Slides to Embed menu
- Ignores page names in checksum
- Fixes handling of lost pages
21-DEC-2018: 10.0.8
- Ignores undefined page names in diffsync
21-DEC-2018: 10.0.7
- Fixes checksum handling in desktop
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.13 beta 1
20-DEC-2018: 10.0.6
- Performance fixes for collaborative editing
- Fixes collaboration conflict errors
19-DEC-2018: 10.0.5
- Fixes for collaborative editing
19-DEC-2018: 10.0.4
- Fixes for night mode and responsive UI
18-DEC-2018: 10.0.3
- Disables sync in Chrome OS
- Fixes CSS issues
17-DEC-2018: 10.0.2
- Adds inactivity timeout for collaborative editing
17-DEC-2018: 10.0.1
- Fixes Google auth for OneDrive files
17-DEC-2018: 10.0.0
- Enables collaborative editing
- Hides footer
16-DEC-2018: 9.6.6
- Adds darker stroke colors for metro palettes
15-DEC-2018: 9.6.5
- Fixes for collaborative editing (beta)
14-DEC-2018: 9.6.4
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.12
13-DEC-2018: 9.6.3
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.11 beta 10
12-DEC-2018: 9.6.2
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.11 beta 9
11-DEC-2018: 9.6.1
- Adds source-/targetPerimeterSpacing to default style
- Fixes font style button states in Edge, FF and IE
- Removes Google realtime API
- Fixes focus handling on iOS
10-DEC-2018: 9.6.0
- Fixes for collaborative editing (beta)
- Fixes minor bugs
06-DEC-2018: 9.5.9
- Uses PlantUML build 4
04-DEC-2018: 9.5.8
- Fixes focus handling in format panel
04-DEC-2018: 9.5.7
- Removes dummy href attributes
04-DEC-2018: 9.5.6
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.11 beta 8
03-DEC-2018: 9.5.5
- Adds unsaved status for new files in Desktop
- Fixes minor CSS issues
03-DEC-2018: 9.5.4
- Fixes possible NPE in Desktop
03-DEC-2018: 9.5.3
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.11 beta 7
02-DEC-2018: 9.5.2
- Fixes caching issue with GitHub file sync
30-NOV-2018: 9.5.1
- Fixes Gliffy import alignment issue
- Fixes properties panel focus issue
30-NOV-2018: 9.5.0
- Fixes tolerance for distance guides
- Adds collaborative editing (beta)
- Restores libraries after login
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.11 beta 6
28-NOV-2018: 9.4.7
- Adds multiple page PDF export option
- GraphML import improvements
- Adds addition IBM cloud stencils
- Adds Data Flow Diagram stencils
21-NOV-2018: 9.4.6
- Fixes corrupted chars in XML from JSON backup import
20-NOV-2018: 9.4.5
- Adds 2018 AWS icons
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.11 beta 5
16-NOV-2018: 9.4.4
- Adds GraphML import
15-NOV-2018: 9.4.3
- Internal release
12-NOV-2018: 9.4.2
- Fixes undoable edit when expanding Advanced sidebar
- Fixes handling of initial default background color
- Fixes shadow in client-side image and SVG export
- Adds realtime import and export in test mode
- Adds refresh menu item for all file types
- Removes static page text in lightbox mode
- Fixes keyboard shortcut for refresh file
- Restores view state after refresh file
- Adds distance guides
09-NOV-2018: 9.4.1
- Fixes links to revision history from status
- Hides static page text in embed mode
- Enables import from device on iOS
08-NOV-2018: 9.4.0
- Disables Google realtime on 11/12/2018 at 9:00am (UTC)
06-NOV-2018: 9.3.4
- Improves sanity check for Google Drive files
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.11 beta 4
02-NOV-2018: 9.3.2
- Adds sanity check for Google Drive files
26-OCT-2018: 9.3.1
- Adds current page index to JSON protocol
- Adds viewBox, target _top for SVG export
- Fixes selectDescendants keystroke
- Minor fixes for dark mode styles
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.11 beta 2
22-OCT-2018: 9.3.0
- Adds write permission in OneDrive client
- Adds link option in SVG export dialog
- Adds link to save status message
19-OCT-2018: 9.2.9
- Adds OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint integration
19-OCT-2018: 9.2.8
- Improves various Gliffy import issues
- Fixes inverted MovePage state after decoding
15-OCT-2018: 9.2.7
- Fixes local templates path
14-OCT-2018: 9.2.6
- Fixes possible NPE during delayed loading of plugins
14-OCT-2018: 9.2.5
- Adds customPresetColors, override config option
- Adds enabledLibraries, libraries config option
- Adds templateFile config option
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.11 beta 1
11-OCT-2018: 9.2.4
- Adds font, customFonts and -ColorSchemes config options
- Adds open page in Confluence Cloud lightbox toolbar
- Fixes property editing in minimal UI
08-OCT-2018: 9.2.3
- Adds shape properties panel (beta)
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.10
05-OCT-2018: 9.2.2
- Embed mode loads all supported formats
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.10 beta 2
- Adds vars URL parameter
03-OCT-2018: 9.2.1
- Ignores mode in Google Drive fallback
03-OCT-2018: 9.2.0
- Configurable ui and plugins for Confluence Cloud
- Fixes fallback for public Google Drive URLs
- Adds configure=1 URL parameter and protocol
- Ctrl+Shift connect sets source constraint
- Removes #C configuration switch
21-SEP-2018: 9.1.8
- Fixes minor constraint check bug for new connections
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.10 beta 1
21-SEP-2018: 9.1.7
- Adds flow plugin
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.9
- Adds metro color palette
- Fixes VSDX export in IE11
- Adds plugins menu in embed mode
18-SEP-2018: 9.1.6
- Updates connection arrows and handle colors
17-SEP-2018: 9.1.5
- Fixes folder picker callback
17-SEP-2018: 9.1.4
- Adds root option before Google folder dialog
- Adds arrows=new URL parameter for feedback
- Adds data-attributes in svgdata plugin
12-SEP-2018: 9.1.3
- Improvements to GCP stencils
- Fixes Gliffy import of UML frames
31-AUG-2018: 9.1.2
- Allows empty referer for proxy requests
30-AUG-2018: 9.1.1
- Simpler provided/required interface shapes
- Fixes comic style for filled swimlanes
- Fixes preview for general sidebar
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.9 beta 9
29-AUG-2018: 9.1.0
- Adds content inspection in proxy server
- Uses minimal UI for small screens
27-AUG-2018: 9.0.9
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.9 beta 8
- Adds new color palette
- GCP stencil updates
23-AUG-2018: 9.0.8
- Fixes XSS vulnerability in Trello Power-Up
- Fixes GCP service cards icon set
22-AUG-2018: 9.0.7
- Add expanded product and service cards to GCP icon set
17-AUG-2018: 9.0.6
- Changes to GCP icon set
14-AUG-2018: 9.0.5
- Fixes NPE in VSDX export
- Improves vsdx import layer support
- Improves GraphML import support
10-AUG-2018: 9.0.4
- Add filter to proxy servlet
01-AUG-2018: 9.0.2
- Adds missing rounded format option
- Fixes tolerance for connect arrows
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.9 beta 7
- Fixes docker build
31-JUL-2018: 9.0.1
- Fixes insert to GitHub with URL parameter
28-JUL-2018: 9.0.0
- Disables persisted default styles
- Fixes inserting files to GitHub
26-JUL-2018: 8.9.9
- Adds support for hierarchies in CSV import
- Updates colors for Atlas theme
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.9 beta 6
23-JUL-2018: 8.9.8
- Changes PlantUML autosize parameter to default to true
- Improves error handling, imports
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.9 beta 5
18-JUL-2018: 8.9.7
- Uses new PlantUML version
18-JUL-2018: 8.9.6
- Fixes vertical offset for text editing with small fonts
- Fixes repaint of placeholders in text for custom shapes
- Fixes lost cursor after certain keyboard shortcuts
- Fixes clipboard state after cut keyboard shortcut
- Fixes minor issues for Confluence Cloud
- Adds draft state for Trello attachments
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.9 beta 4
13-JUL-2018: 8.9.5
- Fixes clipping for MathJax print preview in Safari
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.9 beta 3
- Fixes minor memory leak
11-JUL-2018: 8.9.4
- Removes foreignObjects for MathJax
- Fixes adding rows to tables
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.9 beta 2
09-JUL-2018: 8.9.3
- Fixes rounded style option for containers
- Moves webcola plugin to layout menu
- Fixes minor errors in print preview
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.9 beta 1
06-JUL-2018: 8.9.2
- Enables tags dialog in read-only files
- Fixes cell detection in fast preview
- Fixes improved shape search index
- Fixes undo for webcola plugin
04-JUL-2018: 8.9.1
- Fixes initial scroll offset in minimal UI
- Fixes possible invalid height for viewer
04-JUL-2018: 8.9.0
- Faster preview in Chrome, Firefox and Edge (beta)
- Adds responsive menubar in minimal UI
- Add tickets and webcola plugins
- Adds #C configuration switch
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.8 beta 1
26-JUN-2018: 8.8.7
- Fixes custom content view in Confluence Cloud
- Disables click sidebar collapse
- Uses inline window for text plugin
- Adds showStartScreen in Chrome App
- Disables plantUML when offline
21-JUN-2018: 8.8.6
- Improves detection of gliffy macro in conf cloud
- Fixes inconsistent menus
21-JUN-2018: 8.8.5
- Fixes delete property in data dialog
- Improvements for Lucidchart import
- Improvements for minimal UI
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.7 beta 4
20-JUN-2018: 8.8.4
- Fixes plugins for minimal UI
- Fixes relative links in Confluence Cloud
19-JUN-2018: 8.8.3
- Fixes typo for Allied Telesis
19-JUN-2018: 8.8.2
- Adds Allied Telesys sidebar
- Removes clipart from default cache
- Adds copy/paste size in Arrange panel
- Adds support for tags in link actions
- Adds support for custom link actions
14-JUN-2018: 8.8.1
- Adds detection of object type in link action
14-JUN-2018: 8.8.0
- Fixes label link detection cases in Firefox
13-JUN-2018: 8.7.10
- Fixes possible NPE in Electron
13-JUN-2018: 8.7.9
- Fixes possible NPE
13-JUN-2018: 8.7.8
- Fixes scroll wheel zoom while panning
- Fixes print of white text in Chrome
- Adds cell ID in metadata dialog
- Adds support for custom links
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.7 beta 3
11-JUN-2018: 8.7.7
- Fixes editing nested links in Firefox after Gliffy import [7098]
06-JUN-2018: 8.7.6
- Fixes proxy servlet response headers
- Ignores invalid Iconfinder response
- Adds email in Google user info
05-JUN-2018: 8.7.5
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.7 beta 2
- Uses mxgraph-core 3.9.6
03-JUN-2018: 8.7.4
- Fixes possible SSRF in proxy servlet
02-JUN-2018: 8.7.3
- Fixes overridden layout menu
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.7 beta 1
01-JUN-2018: 8.7.2
- Changes to Confluence Cloud image servlet
01-JUN-2018: 8.7.1
- Moves import CSV to insert menu
31-MAY-2018: 8.7.0
- Adds editableCssRules style
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.6
29-MAY-2018: 8.6.9
- Adds enableCustomLibraries switch
- Fixes math rendering timing bug
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.6 beta 1
- Uses MathJax 2.7.4
24-MAY-2018: 8.6.8
- Fixes math typesetting in PDF export
- Fixes NPE in minimal UI
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.5
23-MAY-2018: 8.6.7
- Adds #S parameter for loading from CSV source
- Adds support for VSD files in cloud storage
- Adds Lucidchart support for #U parameter
22-MAY-2018: 8.6.6
- Fixes enabled state for some menu items
- Moves SQL and PlantUML to insert menu
- Fixes loading libraries from OneDrive
- Adds reverse edge to context menu
17-MAY-2018: 8.6.5
- Fixes timing error for export in Safari
- Fixes change UI font size bug
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.4
- Fixes minor bugs
14-MAY-2018: 8.6.4
- Improvements to electron build
11-MAY-2018: 8.6.3
- Adds F5 icons plugin
09-MAY-2018: 8.6.2
- Replaces domain apex redirect
08-MAY-2018: 8.6.1
- Fixes links for transparent groups in viewer
- Fixes minimal UI for small screens
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.4 beta 6
06-MAY-2018: 8.6.0
- Fixes outline connect for BPMN shapes
- Adds opacity to default style
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.4 beta 5
- Adds minimal UI
01-MAY-2018: 8.5.15
- Fixes showing device when no other storage options available
- Fixes indexing with multiple diagrams on page in Confluence Cloud
30-APR-2018: 8.5.14
- Fixes XSS vulnerability in Trello Power-Up
27-APR-2018: 8.5.13
- Adds infographic library
- Adds device option in export dialogs
20-APR-2018: 8.5.12
- Adds test case for Google auth errors
20-APR-2018: 8.5.11
- Fixes plantuml insert
- Fixes PDF export size
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.4 beta 4
17-APR-2018: 8.5.10
- Disables autosave for realtime connect errors
- Fixes format panel background in dark theme
- Adds click on export option labels
- Adds namespace for CSV import
- Changes help links in dialogs
10-APR-2018: 8.5.9
- Reverts macro inconsistency check for Confluence Cloud
08-APR-2018: 8.5.8
- Adds logging for disconnect error
07-APR-2018: 8.5.7
- Improved handling for Google disconnect error
05-APR-2018: 8.5.6
- Revert export server for Desktop version to phantom until full fix found
05-APR-2018: 8.5.5
- Changes Plant export URL
- Adds JS redirect from http to https
05-APR-2018: 8.5.4
- Works around Chrome 65 bug with echo downloads
04-APR-2018: 8.5.3
- Gliffy import improvement
- Fix for anchor download issue in Chrome 65
31-MAR-2018: 8.5.2
- Add mass gliffy import in Confluence Cloud
- Fixes importing Gliffy sitemap stencils
- Adds workaround for Confluence Cloud saveMacro problem
28-MAR-2018: 8.5.1
- Confluence Cloud integration improvements
23-MAR-2018: 8.5.0
- Adds shapes in Basic sidebar
21-MAR-2018: 8.4.8
- Gliffy import improvements
- Adds Cisco Safe Stencils
- Adds top, left for CSV import
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.4 beta 3
15-MAR-2018: 8.4.7
- Improves Gliffy import
13-MAR-2018: 8.4.6
- Fixes adding of clones with new index
13-MAR-2018: 8.4.5
- Fixes Confluence Cloud page includes
- Removes default empty layer in Gliffy import
12-MAR-2018: 8.4.4
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.4 beta 2
11-MAR-2018: 8.4.3
- Adds Alt+Shift+L keyboard shortcut to edit links
09-MAR-2018: 8.4.2
- Fixes checkboxes in format panel
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.4 beta 1
- Enables links and tooltips in locked layers
09-MAR-2018: 8.4.1
- Adds Alt+Shift+T keyboard shortcut to edit tooltips
- Minor improvements for Gliffy import
08-MAR-2018: 8.4.0
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.2 beta 11
07-MAR-2018: 8.3.7
- Improvements for Gliffy import
05-MAR-2018: 8.3.6
- Use mxGraph 3.9.3 for post is not a function fix
01-MAR-2018: 8.3.5
- Adds recent and search to Confluence Cloud splash dialog
- Adds iconfinder to URLs with CORS
- Adds support for cross-origin images
- Fixes bug for vssx shapes with double quotes in labels
- Add line-height CSS to simulate quirks box sizing [5289]
27-FEB-2018: 8.3.4
- Fixes license debug in Confluence Cloud
27-FEB-2108: 8.3.3
- Fixes iconfinder 451 return
25-FEB-2018: 8.3.2
- Remove Google Drive login response checks, caused issues
20-FEB-2018: 8.3.1
- Internal revert to 8.2.3 minus Confluence Cloud changes
19-FEB-2018: 8.3.0
- Internal revert to 8.2.2 minus Confluence Cloud changes
18-FEB-2018: 8.2.3
- Adds optional parameter
17-FEB-2018: 8.2.2
- Fixes inconsistency in child change codec
- Allows for 0.5px steps when moving cells
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.2 beta 10
16-FEB-2018: 8.2.1
- Adds shape group in Misc section, outline connect
- Fixes line wrapping, hides icons while editing
- Preserves library order for clibs parameter
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.2 beta 9
16-FEB-2018: 8.2.0
- Confluence Cloud attachment fixes
16-FEB-2018: 8.1.9
- Fixes Google API load timing issues
- Fixes attachment write calls for IE and Edge in Confluence Cloud
14-FEB-2018: 8.1.8
- Fixes saving diagram to Confluence Cloud draft pages
14-FEB-2018: 8.1.7
- Fixes custom style path for atlas.css
14-FEB-2018: 8.1.6
- Fixes block resize in graph viewer
- Disables fix for block alignment
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.2 beta 8
13-FEB-2018: 8.1.5
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.2 beta 7
12-FEB-2018: 8.1.4
- Fixes sidebar tooltip
12-FEB-2018: 8.1.3
- Fixes dynamic loading for VSDX export
- Fixes possible NPEs in VSDX export
12-FEB-2018: 8.1.2
- Adds resize option in image dialog
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.2 beta 6
11-FEB-2018: 8.1.1
- Handles markup is invalid XML
11-FEB-2018: 8.1.0
- Adds VSDX/VSSX import/export for Electron
- Fixes access denied for Dropbox import
- Fixes escaping in SVG alternate text
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.2 beta 5
09-FEB-2018: 8.0.9
- Fixes block alignment for in-place editor
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.2 beta 4
08-FEB-2018: 8.0.8
- Fixes plantUML SVG insert in IE11
- Adds cors URL parameter
06-FEB-2018: 8.0.7
- Adds recent/search in Confluence connect
- Fixes various bugs
02-FEB-2018: 8.0.6
- Fixes Ctrl+connect of orthogonal edges
- Fixes CSS for metadata dialog
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.2 beta 3
01-FEB-2018: 8.0.5
- Fixes possible NPE for cache invalidation
- Fixes in-place change of graph model
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.2 beta 2
31-JAN-2018: 8.0.4
- Reverts to using headless mxgraph
- Fixes swap icon for shapes with fill color
- Adds gradient and background in UML frame
- Adds edge labels in text, CSV import
30-JAN-2018: 8.0.3
- Reverts to using previously GAE blacklisted classes
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.2 beta 1
23-JAN-2018: 8.0.2
- Fixes constrained size change in arrange panel
- Removes Dropbox and GitHub from splash screen
- Handles empty string for image style
- Adds workaround for dialog clipping
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.1 beta 1
19-JAN-2018: 8.0.1
- Fixes ChangePageSetup
- Uses mxGraph 3.9.0
17-JAN-2018: 8.0.0
- New Google repository structure
- Uses Java 1.8
16-JAN-2018: 7.9.8
- Adds dark theme (beta)
- Uses mxGraph 3.8.1 beta 11
12-JAN-2018: 7.9.7
- Disables http/https redirects
12-JAN-2018: 7.9.6
- Gliffy import improvements
- Adds fontCss configuration to SVG export
- Uses mxGraph 3.8.1 beta 10
04-JAN-2018: 7.9.5
- Fixes bug with current desktop app launcher
04-JAN-2018: 7.9.4
- Adds Extras, Plugins in desktop app
- Adds command line arguments in desktop app
- Fixes images in SVG export preview
- Uses mxGraph 3.8.1 beta 8
- Adds table option in insert text dialog
- Fixes text formatting for input selection
02-JAN-2018: 7.9.3
- Workaround for null variable in Jira Connect
- Uses mxGraph 3.8.1 beta 6
31-DEC-2017: 7.9.2
- Improves app icons for Android
31-DEC-2017: 7.9.1
- Uses round app icon for Android
- Applies editing value before selecting page
29-DEC-2017: 7.9.0
- Removes search.xml from offline manifest
29-DEC-2017: 7.8.9
- Replaces search.xml with inline data
21-DEC-2017: 7.8.8
- Deletes transparent groups with no remaining cells
- Fixes refresh of straight edge handles
- Adds terminal points in Arrange tab
- Uses mxGraph 3.8.1 beta 5
19-DEC-2017: 7.8.7
- Uses mxGraph 3.8.1 beta 4
15-DEC-2017: 7.8.6
- Internal translation update
14-DEC-2017: 7.8.5
- Uses mxGraph 3.8.1 beta 3
- Uses relative path for templates
- Adds configVersion to force reset of configuration
05-DEC-2017: 7.8.4
- Fixes font rendering in library dialog
- Adds move subtree handle for tree containers
- Fixes special cases for font size changes
- Adds fixes for older versions of IE
04-DEC-2017: 7.8.3
- Improves handling of fontsize in format panel
- Hides link hint for edges while moving points
- Improves loop routing with control points
- Adds remove option for links
- Uses mxGraph 3.8.1 beta 2
03-DEC-2017: 7.8.2
- Adds select descendants for cells with outgoing edges
- Adds defaults for insert from custom library
- Adds search of metadata in find dialog
- Enables export URL for external domains
- Adds custom libraries to shape search index
- Uses mxGraph 3.8.1 beta 1
01-DEC-2017: 7.8.1
- Fixes Confluence Cloud revision history diagram display
30-NOV-2017: 7.8.0
- Uses mxGraph 3.8.0
29-NOV-2017: 7.7.8
- Removes dashed borders for editing paragraphs
28-NOV-2017: 7.7.7
- Adds Sitemap sidebar
- Moves double border shapes to Misc sidebar
- Enables custom libraries in Trello Power-Up
- Fixes resize vertex with touch events
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.7 beta 2
27-NOV-2017: 7.7.6
- Removes Trello option from splash screen (use Power-Up)
- Fixes import of SVG with no width, height and viewbox
- Adds undo for global shadow switch
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.7 beta 1
- Fixes select after paste
24-NOV-2017: 7.7.5
- Even faster startup time for offline app
- Fixes cache manifest for offline app
24-NOV-2017: 7.7.4
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.6
- Checks existing filename in Trello Power-Up
- Adds root dialog for cancel in Google picker
- Faster startup time for offline app
- Validates page format input
22-NOV-2017: 7.7.3
- Improves Gliffy importer
20-NOV-2017: 7.7.2
- Fixes stack layout and adds styles
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.6 beta 10
16-NOV-2017: 7.7.1
- Adds switches for SVG shadow
- Fixes tags dialog size
- Fixes action states
15-NOV-2017: 7.7.0
- Fixes alt+mousewheel in lightbox mode
15-NOV-2017: 7.6.9
- Adds predefined filters for Trello picker
- Fixes picker for GDriveConnector and Google Docs Add-on
- Fixes UTF8 strings in imported SVG images
- Adds context menu for links in hints
13-NOV-2017: 7.6.8
- Updates to latest AWS stencils
30-OCT-2017: 7.6.7
- Ignores invalid sources in embed mode
- Fixes auth flow in Trello Power-Up
30-OCT-2017: 7.6.6
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.6 beta 9
- Always shows Google folder dialog
28-OCT-2017: 7.6.5
- Fixes possible NPE in legacy embed mode
28-OCT-2017: 7.6.4
- Adds vector handles
- Fixes text style combo in Firefox
- Fixes text flow after word wrap change
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.6 beta 8
26-OCT-2017: 7.6.3
- Adds current style to CSV and text
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.6 beta 7
25-OCT-2017: 7.6.2
- Adds optional arguments for subclassers
25-OCT-2017: 7.6.1
- Fixes Google picker for certain file types
- Fixes text entries in general sidebar
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.6 beta 6
24-OCT-2017: 7.6.0
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.6 beta 5
24-OCT-2017: 7.5.9
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.6 beta 4
23-OCT-2017: 7.5.8
- Adds Team Drives support in GDriveConnector
- Fixes bug in mockups sidebar
22-OCT-2017: 7.5.7
- Adds support for team drives in google picker
- Removes image export after closing lightbox
16-OCT-2017: 7.5.6
- Adds IBM icons
- Disables Confluence Cloud revision checks due to saveMacro bug
10-OCT-2017: 7.5.5
- Hides tooltips for page links
- Fixes scrollwheel zooming with no scrollbars in chromeless mode
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.6 beta 3
09-OCT-2017: 7.5.4
- Adds missing page option in insert link dialog
- Fixes viewer event handling for links in labels
06-OCT-2017: 7.5.3
- Fixes Trello integration
- Fixes image cropping dialog
05-OCT-2017: 7.5.2
- Ready for new Trello integration
- Fixes for embed mode
04-OCT-2017: 7.5.1
- Updates Atlassian icons
03-OCT-2017: 7.5.0
- Updates Atlassian icons
- Improvements for Lucidchart import
- Adds toolbar and border URL parameter for chromeless mode
29-SEP-2017: 7.4.9
- Fixes ignored current page in window lightbox
- Fixes cross-origin frame access in fallback
28-SEP-2017: 7.4.8
- Adds #P for URL parameters (beta)
- Bypasses caches for proxy servlet
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.6 beta 2
- Checks existing storage file before rename
26-SEP-2017: 7.4.7
- Adds components for Trello Power-Up
25-SEP-2017: 7.4.6
- Improves Gliffy import
- Removes drag and drop handlers in lightbox
- Fixes selection state in Chrome after closing dialogs
25-SEP-2017: 7.4.5
- Improves Gliffy import
22-SEP-2017: 7.4.4
- Restores latest Dropbox SDK
- Improves CORS headers configuration
- Fixes ignored nav, highlight and page in tabbed lightbox for viewer
19-SEP-2017: 7.4.3
- Improvements for Trello integration
19-SEP-2017: 7.4.2
- Hard codes Dropbox SDK version to work around their bug
18-SEP-2017: 7.4.1
- Hides footer in embed mode
- Restores feedback form in help menu
18-SEP-2017: 7.4.0
- Removes feedback form in help menu
- Adds client-side image export in lightbox
13-SEP-2017: 7.3.9
- Fixes missing insert page tab
12-SEP-2017: 7.3.8
- Improvements to Gliffy import
08-SEP-2017: 7.3.7
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.6 beta 1
- Fixes links on shapes in print output
07-SEP-2017: 7.3.6
- Fixes overridden paths for folding icons
- Fixes subtree folding in viewer
- Fixes disabled state for edit data action
- Fixes footer plugin in chromeless mode
- Adds CSS style for read-only status
- Fixes possible editing for read-only files
01-SEP-2017: 7.3.5
- Improvements for Lucidchart import
- Hides move icon in tree and flow layouts
- Fixes collapsible action for multiple selection cells
31-AUG-2017: 7.3.4
- Adds event handling for tree and flow layouts
31-AUG-2017: 7.3.3
- Removes footer in Chrome App
- Improvements for Lucidchart import
- Fixes timing issue in number plugin
31-AUG-2017: 7.3.2
- Fixes special cases for line jumps
30-AUG-2017: 7.3.1
- Fixes folder dialog for inserting new Google Drive files
- Adds support for PNG+XML files in Chrome, Firefox and Edge
- Fixes tolerance for connection arrows on touch devices
28-AUG-2017: 7.3.0
- Fixes event handling for page links in labels
- Fixes label for page links on shapes
- Fixes folding in tree containers
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5
25-AUG-2017: 7.2.9
- Moves clickable label links to tooltip in edit mode
25-AUG-2017: 7.2.8
- Fixes open in new window for local exports
- Fixes collapse/expand for containers
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 14
24-AUG-2017: 7.2.7
- Fixes file usage stats
24-AUG-2017: 7.2.6
- Improvements for Lucidchart import
- Fixes possible NPEs
24-AUG-2017: 7.2.5
- Fixes possible NPE
24-AUG-2017: 7.2.4
- Adds mindmaps and orgcharts in Advanced sidebar (beta)
- Fixes page ID after import in Confluence Cloud add-on
24-AUG-2017: 7.2.3
- Fixes reset of current styles
24-AUG-2017: 7.2.2
- Adds autosave for Trello files
23-AUG-2017: 7.2.1
- Adds support for Trello attachments
23-AUG-2017: 7.2.0
- Adds support for line jumps (beta)
- Improvements for Lucidchart import
- Adds usage stats for actions
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 13
22-AUG-2017: 7.1.10
- Fixes transistor icon set
21-AUG-2017: 7.1.9
- Adds persistent autosave setting in Electron App
- Adds File, Page Setup and Publish in Electron/Chrome App
- Fixes keyboard shortcut labels on Mac
- Changes keyboard shortcuts for connection points/arrows
18-AUG-2017: 7.1.8
- Fixes bounding box margins for vertical labels
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 12
18-AUG-2017: 7.1.7
- Webapp opens local files in new window
- Fixes flipped, non-projected anchors
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 11
- Changes download links
17-AUG-2017: 7.1.6
- Improvements for Lucidchart import
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 11
- Fixes possible NPE in custom handles
17-AUG-2017: 7.1.5
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 10
- Fixes custom handle positions for turned shapes
- Fixes image export for clipart in Electron App
- Adds close in file menu for Electron/Chrome App
- Repositions inline dialogs if window is resized
- Removes indirection for saving PDF in Electron App
- Adds export in library dialog for Chrome App
16-AUG-2017: 7.1.4
- Adds footer for Desktop Apps Facebook post
16-AUG-2017: 7.1.3
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 9
- Uses retina icons for social media footers
16-AUG-2017: 7.1.2
- Fixes possible NPE in mxShapeBasicRectCallout shape
16-AUG-2017: 7.1.1
- Disables drafts in Confluence Cloud add-on
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 9
- Fixes label positions, adds callout shape in general sidebar
14-AUG-2017: 7.1.0
- Improves Lucidchart import
- Improves Gliffy import
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 8
- Fixes ignored horizontal/vertical flip for connection points
11-AUG-2017: 7.0.9
- Fixes path to clipart images for SVG export in Chrome App
- Adds perimeter for parallelogram, trapezoid, step and hexagon
11-AUG-2017: 7.0.8
- Fixes error handling in Confluence Cloud add-on
10-AUG-2017: 7.0.7
- Adds anonymize plugin (p=anon)
09-AUG-2017: 7.0.6
- Conf Cloud license changes
- Fixes for Perimeters
09-AUG-2017: 7.0.5
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 7
- Fixes pen events for Chrome on Windows
- Adds preview for clipboard in save image dialog
- Enables drafts in Confluence Cloud add-on
08-AUG-2017: 7.0.4
- Improvements to Gliffy import
- Fixes remember option for image resize dialog
07-AUG-2017: 7.0.3
- Adds cropping for data URIs in edit image dialog
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 6
- Adds filled edge shape in basic sidebar
- Fixes possible NPE, undefined function in Lucidchart Import
- Fixes error handling in PlantUML add-on
06-AUG-2017: 7.0.2
- Improvements to Gliffy import
- Uses filename for print preview title
04-AUG-2017: 7.0.1
- Improvements to Gliffy import
- Improvements to Lucidchart import
- Fixes PlantUML macro dialog
03-AUG-2017: 7.0.0
- Improvements to Gliffy import
- Improvements to Lucidchart import
- Sent semantic versioning on holiday
02-AUG-2017: 6.9.9
- Fixes paste from Lucidchart
31-JUL-2017: 6.9.8
- Gliffy import improvements
27-JUL-2017: 6.9.7
- Adds links to reviews in free add-ons
- Fixes preview in PlantUML add-on
26-JUL-2017: 6.9.6
- Switches to Google Cloud SDK
- Adds fishbone diagram templates in business section
24-JUL-2017: 6.9.5
- Fixes anchor links in lightbox for viewer
- Fixes event state for page links in labels
24-JUL-2017: 6.9.4
- Fixes hyperlinks in viewer
24-JUL-2017: 6.9.3
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 5
- Add experimental support for bridges in dev mode only
24-JUL-2017: 6.9.2
- Add experimental support for bridges
- Adds fixes to VSDX export
- Minor UI fixes
19-JUL-2017: 6.9.1
- Adds open button for spreadsheets, videos, photos, maps in GDriveConnector
- Fixes import of multiple pages in Lucidchart files
18-JUL-2017: 6.9.0
- Adds import tile in splash screen
- Adds social media sharing in footer
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 4
- Fixes Extras, Tags and Autosave in Embed mode
18-JUL-2017: 6.8.18
- Ctrl+drop for images shows size dialog to reset default
- Adds dialog before unloading modified page in embed mode
17-JUL-2017: 6.8.17
- Adds dialog for importing large images
- Fixes sorting of properties in metadata dialog for IE 11
- Fixes handling of lineHeight in IE 11
16-JUL-2017: 6.8.16
- Makes ref optional in value dialog for GitHub
- Adds undoable background color, image and page format changes
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 3
12-JUL-2017: 6.8.15
- Fixes deleted transparent labels with spaces
- Enables resize of containers with stack layout
- Adds links option in Confluence Cloud add-on
11-JUL-2017: 6.8.14
- Fixes VSDX export for non-numeric IDs
- Fixes drag and drop to splash screen
10-JUL-2017: 6.8.13
- Adds Alt+Click to select cells behind cells
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 2
07-JUL-2017: 6.8.12
- Updated translations
- Fixes minor bugs in Connect add-ons
06-JUL-2017: 6.8.11
- Changes initial footer link to video
03-JUL-2017: 6.8.10
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.5 beta 1
29-JUN-2017: 6.8.9
- Fixes execution order and ignored state parameter
29-JUN-2017: 6.8.8
- Updates translations
- Disables VSDX export in IE11-
- Fixes VSDX export in Safari
- Adds larger thumbnails for Google Drive
- Adds VSDX export (beta) in Chrome App
28-JUN-2017: 6.8.7
- Updates translations
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.4
26-JUN-2017: 6.8.6
- Fixes save servlet, local file save in MS Edge
- Removes echo request for save of local data to cloud
21-JUN-2017: 6.8.5
- Removes max-height for Confluence Cloud viewer
20-JUN-2017: 6.8.4
- Adds crossbar shape
- Adds edit button configuration
- Uses new quick start video
- Fixes print dialog for lightbox in scrolled document
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.3 beta 13
16-JUN-2017: 6.8.3
- Minor VSDX export menu change
15-JUN-2017: 6.8.2
- Fixes VSDX export to cloud
15-JUN-2017: 6.8.1
- Adds page formats, uses inch units
- Fixes logout for OneDrive picker
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.3 beta 12
14-JUN-2017: 6.8.0
- Adds support for OneDrive for Business
13-JUN-2017: 6.7.11
- Fixes possible NPE in DriveFile
- Fixes Document Read-Only error in Google Drive
- Fixes OneDrive button in LinkDialog
- Adds more UML relation notations
- Inserts custom libraries after scratchpad
12-JUN-2017: 6.7.10
- Fixes Java compliance issue in Gliffy import
12-JUN-2017: 6.7.9
- Adds css, default styles, libraries to Editor.configure
- Moves persistent settings to EditorUi.init
- Fixes image export for (var)phi in ASCIIMathML
08-JUN-2017: 6.7.8
- Fixes saving local files in MS Edge
- Fixes binary after text export in Safari
- Fixes title for offline iOS homescreen app
06-JUN-2017: 6.7.7
- Fixes broken links in cache.manifest
06-JUN-2017: 6.7.6
- Adds VSDX export in online webapp
06-JUN-2017: 6.7.5
- Fixes links in labels for lightbox on touch devices
- Adds links to pages
- Adds zoom option for viewer in Confluence Connect
05-JUN-2017: 6.7.4
- Fixes overridden rounded style for non-rounded shapes
- Adds defaultVertexStyle/defaultEdgeStyle in Editor.configure
- Adds replay plugin
03-JUN-2017: 6.7.3
- Updates Gliffy translations to add Flowchart v2 library
- Adds edge group support to vsdx export
- Updates Google Cloud Platform icons
31-MAY-2017: 6.7.2
- Adds Atlassian shapes
30-MAY-2017: 6.7.1
- Adds viewer lightbox option in Confluence Connect
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.3 beta 9
29-MAY-2017: 6.7.0
- Adds viewer toolbar config for Confluence Connect
- Enables video and source tags in labels and tooltips
- Fixes reset of edge styles in CSV import
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.3 beta 8
25-MAY-2017: 6.6.5
- Adds print option in lightbox
- Moves insert to arrange menu
24-MAY-2017: 6.6.4
- Fixes possible data loss for back button
- Enables OneDrive support on iOS
22-MAY-2017: 6.6.3
- vsdx export improvements
19-MAY-2017: 6.6.2
- Adds trees plugin
- Fixes text preview, custom handles with math
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.3 beta 7
17-MAY-2017: 6.6.1
- Fixes libs=aws2 URL parameter
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.3 beta 6
16-MAY-2017: 6.6.0
- Adds Venn diagram templates
- Starts .vsdx export functionality
- Improvements and bug fixes for Electron build
- Fixes for Gliffy importer
- Adds autosave for libraries in Chrome App
13-MAY-2017: 6.5.10
- Fixes case sensitivity issue for template names and folders
12-MAY-2017: 6.5.9
- Adds export as URL in Chrome App
- Adds drag and drop for all file formats in Sidebar and Library dialog
- Fixes handling of invalid files after close with realtime
- Adds offline app status icon for cached state
- Removes standalone mode to fix offline iOS home screen apps
- Redirects PDF export to print action when offline
- Fixes text preview for resize with custom handles
- Improvements for small mobile screens
- Forces HTTPS for offline app
- Fixes partial rectangles in Basic palette
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.3 beta 5
08-MAY-2017: 6.5.8
- Adds .vssx stencil import
- Adds square, circle, partial rectangles in sidebar
- Adds identity configuration for CSV import
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.3 beta 4
29-APR-2017: 6.5.7
- Fixes default and button labels for lost changes dialog
- Fixes event handling for overlapping edge handles
- Adds library export to local storage
- Ignores auth files in local storage picker
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.3 beta 3
27-APR-2017: 6.5.6
- Adds arrows and textbox to general sidebar
- Fixes possible data loss when opening local files
- Removes minimum of 120% for line height in format panel
- Fixes highlight for scaled, selected arrows in realtime
- Removes fix for cloned start/end arrow when splitting edge
- Fixes touch events in Chrome for hiding modal dialogs
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.3 beta 2
24-APR-2017: 6.5.5
- Fixes OneDrive file picker
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.3 beta 1
- Adds error handling in Google Docs add-on auth callback
- Fixes cancel for access denied dialog in GitHub client
- Adds sign out option for backends in splash screen
- Fixes changes lost warning when saving draft
- Removes clipart icons due to complaints
- Fixes close icon in Chrome app footer
20-APR-2017: 6.5.4
- Updates Sandstorm build
- Fixes download for exported PNG in Microsoft Edge
- Fixes possible NPE in embed mode
- Disables "Include a copy of my diagram" for PNG export by default
14-APR-2017: 6.5.3
- Disables hacked Dropbox client JS
13-APR-2017: 6.5.2
- Adds missing supercall in Editor.resetGraph override
13-APR-2017: 6.5.1
- Fixes dependency on mxSettings in viewer.min.js
13-APR-2017: 6.5.0
- Fixes extension for exported files with dots
- Fixes lost changes after create or open file in same window
- Fixes ignored default page size for Google Drive files
- Adds Alt+Shift+C for clear waypoints
- Adds toFront/Back context menu for multiple cells
- Adds arc size for copy/paste style
- Fixes rounded swimlane boundary cases
- Uses Cloudflare CDN for loading MathJax
- Adds clear waypoints for vertices with connections
- Adds error handling for saving macro in Confluence Cloud
- Fixes cloned start/end arrow when splitting edge
- Adds support for global shadow in PDF export
- Fixes special characters in branch names for GitHub client
- Fixes missing arc handle for unknown shapes
- Fixes hightlight size for arrows
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.2
06-APR-2017: 6.4.6
- Works around page counter loop condition in FF
05-APR-2017: 6.4.5
- .vsdx import improvements
03-APR-2017: 6.4.4
- Increases black header title in Conf Cloud to push tick and cross out of visible area
03-APR-2017: 6.4.3
- Improvements to theming support for vsdx import
- Fixes for grouped rotations in vsdx import
28-MAR-2017: 6.4.2
- Fixes embedded sheets in Google Drive Connector
- Updates Russian translations
- Improvements to theming support for vsdx import
24-MAR-2017: 6.4.1
- Initial .vsdx theming support
21-MAR-2017: 6.4.0
- Fixes scaling on .vsdx import
- Adds Google Cloud Platform cards
18-MAR-2017: 6.3.8
- Changes display on marker pull-down for no marker in use
17-MAR-2017: 6.3.7
- Adds locale information to drive user
16-MAR-2017: 6.3.6
- Fixes selection of deleted parents after delete actions
- Fixes missing XML for PNG export event in error case
- Fixes timeout for PDF export with invalid images
16-MAR-2017: 6.3.5
- Disables tooltip in GraphViewer via showTitleAsTooltip
- Fixes error handling for export message in embed mode
- Fixes export of empty diagram in Graph.getSvg
15-MAR-2017: 6.3.4
- Fixes NPE in FF
14-MAR-2017: 6.3.3
- Fixes use of undefined variable in DriveClient
14-MAR-2017: 6.3.2
- Updates AWS icons
- Added update plugin
- Fixes update of thumbnail if page not visible
12-MAR-2017: 6.3.1
- Sorts properties in metadata dialog
- Adds animation plugin
11-MAR-2017: 6.3.0
- Fixes slashes in branch names for GitHub client
- Fixes order for add selected cells to library
- Fixes order, missing shapes for export selected cells
09-MAR-2017: 6.2.9
- Fixes label offset for export of selected edges
- Uses temporary file for drag and drop data
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.2 beta 1
09-MAR-2017: 6.2.8
- Fixes ignored user ID in state URL parameter
08-MAR-2017: 6.2.7
- Fixes insert, copy, rename and move for Google Team Drives
07-MAR-2017: 6.2.6
- Adds support for Google Team Drives
07-MAR-2017: 6.2.5
- Adds remote JPEG export option
- Fixes OneDrive, adds GitHub in Edit Link dialog
- Fixes import of JPG and GIF from GitHub and URL
01-MAR-2017: 6.2.4
- Uses mxGraph 3.7.1
- Fixes inserting files in OneDrive
- Hides folder picker if no folders in Drive
- Fixes possible NPE in retry error handling
28-FEB-2017: 6.2.3
- Fixes label for turn action
- Fixes use of undefined function in Dropbox client
28-FEB-2017: 6.2.2
- Handles expired oauth tokens
- Handles blocked Dropbox client API
- Fixes autosave for libraries and scratchpad
- Fixes spinner for template dialog in embed mode
22-FEB-2017: 6.2.1
- Faster read, fixes possible NPE in Dropbox
22-FEB-2017: 6.2.0
- Fixes encoding errors in GitHub client
- Checks size in GitHub and Dropbox
- Fixes initial SVG file contents
- Adds target=frame URL parameter
- Moves cookies to local storage
- Adds recent files in splash
- Uses mxGraph beta 5
- Uses Dropbox API v2
17-FEB-2017: 6.1.2
- Uses semantic versioning
- Fixes possible NPE in format panel
- Uses mxGraph beta 4
- Adds import for SVG and JPG images from backends
- Adds VSDX/Gliffy/PNG+XML import/open from backends
- Adds border option for image export
- Adds timeout handlers for Atlassian cloud
- Fixes ignored crop in JPEG export
- Fixes possible NPE in OneDriveClient
- Adds client-side JPG export option
- Adds picker for GitHub
- Uses mxGraph beta 3
- Changes dialog title for PDF export in Chrome app
- Adds pages option in image and SVG export dialog
- Fixes cancel in message dialog for GitHub insert
- Fixes overwrite of GitHub files
- Fixes default values in GitHub dialog
- Fixes initial save for graphics formats
- Fixes HTML export
- Adds GitHub support
- Fixes processing order in CSV import
- Fixes checks for valid HTTP responses
- Fixes preview for Embed HTML dialog
- Adds help button in publish link dialog
- Uses for searching help
- Adds export HTML dialog
- Fixes hidden image in Chrome for image export to new window
- Fixes fallback for non-public Google Drive files
- Fixes blurred image for client-side image export in Chrome
- Uses mxGraph beta 2
- Shows related articles in help links
- Adds link options in HTML and URL dialogs
- Uses mxGraph beta 1
- Fixes conversion for plain and formatted text
- Adds Ctrl+Enter for newlines in Safari
- Replaces ?url URL parameter with #U hash value
- Uses public diagram URL in Google Drive Connector
- Fixes Embed dialogs
- Moves Insert to Extras, CSV to File, Import
- Adds fallback for Publish Link action
- Removes Imgur and Github publish options
- Updates Dutch translations
- Fixes lost value when cloning page while editing
- Fixes possible NPE when removing images from custom libraries
- Fixes unicode page name character in vsdx import
- Hides plugin warning for all local plugins
- Adds prefetched URLs in embed to fix CORS issue
- Fixes public URL for shared Google Drive files
- Adds Export, URL and #R raw file types
- Adds CSV import plugin
- Uses mxGraph
- Fixes status bar in Firefox in Atlas theme
- Updates Arrange tab after remove from group
- Faster image and SVG export
- Uses mxGraph beta 1
- Adds width, height in advanced export dialog
- Adds crop option for SVG and image export
- Fixes PDF crop export option
- Adds text extraction plugin
- Uses mxGraph
- Removes green background from server-side image export
- Ignores convention of not using double digit release numbers
- Adds Google Cloud icons
- Removes lightbox link for Imgur files
- Uses mxGraph beta 13
- Adds props plugin
- Uses mxGraph beta 12
- Adds help button in print dialog
- Adds dialog for selecting pages in docs add-on
- Fixes update all for generic links in docs add-on
- Adds open in new window, data URI import while offline
- Adds import for Lucidchart files
- Fixes lazy loading of clients in chromeless mode
- Fixes export of arbitrary pages with advanced dialog
- Adds PlantUML option in text dialog
- Uses mxGraph beta 11
- Adds text field support for .vsdx import
- Improves .vsdx import text handling
- Improves .vsdx import
- Adds edit option in HTML and SVG embed dialog
- Moves tags, find plugins to editor
- Uses mxGraph beta 11
- Fixes ignored width in viewer after page change
- Adds number plugin for numbering shapes
- Stops allowing diagrams on new Conf Cloud pages
- Fixes URL encoding for Conf Connect diagram names
- Fixes page breaks, blank pages in PDF export
- Fixes viewer in hidden containers for IE9-
- Uses mxGraph beta 10
- Adds context path to URL for Connect Rendermode
- Removes blocking DIV while inserting files
- Adds marker styles for copy/paste style
- Fixes links to same domain for viewer in iframes
- Fixes automatic loading of libraries
- Fixes sidebar title overlap with buttons
- Fixes lost names, delete order in library dialog
- Fixes missing auth header in Google client API
- Replaces prompts in Atlassian cloud plugins
- Fixes save of scratchpad in embed mode
- Enables paste of images while editing labels
- Adds support for title attribute in mxlibrary
- Defaults to using F2 GAE instances
- Fixes no element error for selecting page in Firefox
- Fixes drag and drop for pages in Firefox
- Shift+Drop ignores embedded XML in images
- Alt+Drop ignores highlighted drop target
- Adds new electrical shapes
- Minor improvements for find plugin
- Adds consistent location for insert and sidebar
- Adds support for pages in publish actions
- Adds search for metadata in find plugin
- Uses lightbox for Imgur redirects
- Fixes HTML export for multiple pages
- Fixes shape detection for multiple pages
- Updates shapes in embed servlet
- Uses new Iconfinder API
- Uses mxGraph beta 9
- Uses first unlocked layer for all diagrams
- Adds multiple pages per file
- Makes recent colors persistent
- Uses first unlocked layer for multiple pages
- Fixes Gliffy line imports with less than 2 waypoints
- Prepares multiple pages per file
- Simplifies UX for tags plugin
- Adds page view state to realtime
- Uses mxGraph beta 8
- Adds diagram option in From Text dialog
- Adds incremental find plugin
- Uses mxGraph beta 7
- Adds page format option in print dialog
- Shift+alt+rubberband removes selection cells
- Shift+click adds edges for delete in toolbar
- Uses mxGraph beta 6
- Adds experimental sql plugin
- Fixes mxFile import with page disabled
- Adds import for multiple pages
- Fixes german spelling errors
- Adds warning for model size limit exceeded error
- Adds support for pages in embed mode
- Embed save uses mxFile rather than GraphModel in pages mode
- Adds experimental tags plugin
- Fixes page scale in print preview
- Adds new colorset
- Adds tolerance, uses fewer cells in scissors tool
- Adds filename for editors in Atlassian cloud plugins
- Fixes encoding of filenames in Atlassian cloud plugins
- Adds optional title parameter to load message
- Uses mxGraph beta 5
- Fixes possible empty pages in PDF export
- Fixes redirect error in IE
- Adds publish to Facebook, Twitter
- Minor logging changes
- Uses mxGraph beta 4
- Logging changes to use standard Java logging
- Uses mxGraph beta 3
- Fixes possible NPE for markup editor
- Fixes minor bug with autosave
- Uses mxGraph beta 2
- Sets initial state of sidebar to invisible
- Adds support for scratchpad in Chrome App
- Disables default value for exporting selection only
- Adds square and circle shapes, hints for special searches
- Uses mxGraph beta 1
- Creates temporary blank diagram if splash dialog is closed
- Removes "all changes saved" message for device files
- Adds snapToPoint custom attribute
- Fixes enabled state of publish menu and link item
- Adds scope to set and get placeholder variable
- Fixes current revision in dialog during autosave
- Adds multiple (previous) predefined color sets
- Adds Alt+(Shift+)Tab for select parent/child
- Uses mxGraph beta 1
- Adds reset for undo history of in-place editor
- Fixes inconsistent selection check for cursor keys
- Adds hash listener for pages with url parameters
- Fixes PDF, image with XML export for multiple pages
- File ID has precedence over create, url parameters
- Adds validation for grid size in page setup dialog
- Fixes fullscreen toggle in embed mode for Kennedy
- Adds keyboard shortcuts in toolbar tooltips
- Uses mxfile wrapper for embedded HTML files
- Adds optional callback argument in App.main
- Uses mxGraph 3.6
- Fixes authentication error in Dropbox
- Adds workaround for Confluence cloud expand macro in Chrome
- Fixes Confluence Cloud plugin
- Uses mxGraph beta 6
- Fixes cursor scrolling for empty selection
- Adds Alt+Shift+Cursor to connect and clone
- Adds placeholders for custom shape text
- Ctrl+A selects all cells recursively
- Uses new (de)compression algorithm
- Adds language option in Chrome App
- Enables relative links in labels
- Shift+Escape cancels editing
- Uses mxGraph beta 5
- Pre-loads custom libraries
- Fixes object error in IE6
- Adds new predefined color schemes
- Uses mxGraph beta 4
- Escape while editing applies new text value
- Fixes bounds for zoomed markup in-place editor
- Fixes JIRA cloud integration for Safari
- Uses mxGraph beta 3
- Ignores scale for guides
- Fixes ignored background image in realtime
- Removes clipping for general text in grapheditor example
- Adds workaround for image printing in Chrome
- Fixes cropped labels in sidebar tooltips
- Adds entries argument in MoreShapes dialog
- Removes unused code and resources
- Simplified licensing check
- Adds new office, archimate3 shapes
- Finnish translation improvements
- Persian translation improvements
- i18n updates
- Minor changes
- Fixes malformed XHTML meta element used in HTML save
- Adds encoding for new HTML file format
- Marketing text changes
- Fixes export via Advanced dialog
- Fixes cloud export for UTF characters
- Mousewheel zoom centered around mouse cursor
- Adds embedded image support for .vsdx import
- Adds File, Publish submenu, GitHub option
- Fixes capitalized keys in tooltips
- Uses mxGraph beta 2
- Adds placeholder metadata variable
- Fixes templates for new HTML file format
- Fixes image export for new HTML file format
- Uses mxGraph beta 1
- Uses Ctrl+Shift+Z for redo on Linux
- Adds Ctrl+,/. for subscript/superscript
- Uses new embed code for HTML files and export
- Fixes embed iframe dialog
- Fixes lazy loading of shapes in Chrome App
- Simplifies footer
- Adds Contact Us link in footer
- Uses mxGraph
- Adds browser in splash for offline mode
- Fixes splash screen in offline mode
- Adds padding for pages in print preview
- Removes voice assistant in Extras menu
- Uses mxGraph beta 2
- Fixes waiting for clients in Create dialog
- Adds tag for RSS feed
- Adds page scale to realtime model
- Page scale change triggers autosave
- Adds elbow and isometric edge styles
- Uses single redirect for non-SSL apex domain
- Adds View, Page scale option
- Uses letter paper size in US, Canada and Mexico
- Adds timeout for clients in splash screen
- Fixes loading of JS shapes in new embed mode
- Fixes loading of unused clients in chromeless mode
- Adds embed link dialog, simplifies embed html dialog
- Renames responsive to fit in embed dialogs
- Removes image, adds retina option in embed image dialog
- Updates French, Taiwanese translations
- Fixes enterGroup action for normal groups
- Fixes selection of child cells in groups
- Adds navigation for all groups
- Fixes spinner for unsupported clients
- Adds redirect for in splash screen
- Adds lazy loading for clients with splash screen
- Fixes to .vsdx import
- Fixes loading of Drive files with disabled splash screen
- Improves startup time for Chrome App
- Adds Citrix networking shapes
- Fixes possible loop for autosize in graph viewer
- Removes zoom buttons in viewer for JIRA Cloud add-on
- Fixes inline hover state, position for toolbar in graph viewer
- Removes open image button in Confluence Cloud add-on toolbar
- Adds open image button in Confluence Cloud add-on toolbar
- Adds links for selected label text in P2 add-on
- Adds fullscreen toggle in P2 add-on
- Fixes default storage for make copy in Google Drive
- Adds template json message, dialogs in connect plugins
- Fixes ignored grid for image drop location
- Adds new templates dialog for creating diagrams
- Fixes image export if math enabled in Chrome App
- Fixes drag preview in library dialog for Google Chrome
- Fixes paste for images from Lucidchart
- Adds Ctrl+N, Ctrl+O in Chrome App
- Adds new print dialog with custom zoom
- Fixes horizontal/vertical flip in mxText
- Fixes handling of fill/stroke with no shape
- Fixes version string in about dialog
- Uses mxGraph beta 1
- Moves grid color from Extras menu to format panel
- Fixes gradients for print/PDF output in Chrome App
- Fixes loading of client libraries in atlas.min.js
- Simplifies build for Chrome App, app.min.js
- Fixes insert of diagram via {drawio} macro name
- Fixes utf8 characters in Confluence cloud add-on
- Disables revision parsing in Confluence Cloud
- Uses mxGraph
- Fixes Confluence cloud expand macro integration
- Adds fullscreen button, persistent libraries in embed mode
- Adds new viewer for JIRA cloud integration
- Removes collapse/expand option in HTML embed dialog
- Adds filename in toolbar for Confluence cloud viewer
- Enables folding in Confluence cloud integration
- Fixes layers button in Confluence cloud lightbox toolbar
- Fixes custom protocol absolute links in embedded HTML
- Lightbox no longer shows layers button for single layer
- Fixes click handling for embedded HTML on touch devices
- Fixes dynamic shape loading in Confluence Cloud viewer
- Enables Extras, Edit Diagram in embed mode
- Add shift-hover in chromeless mode to hide toolbar
- Adds highlight, target URL params for chromeless mode
- Adds link handling in chromeless mode
- Uses new HTML embed code and dialog
- Adds viewer for Confluence cloud
- Adds fullscreen and format switch in Atlas theme
- Adds transparency for layers dialog in embedded and lightbox mode
- Uses mxfile in PNG/SVG+XML file formats
- Adds parsing for new embedded HTML files
- Fixes lightbox click for links in embedded SVG
- Fixes relative images in new HTML embed
- Uses mxGraph beta 1
- Adds fullscreen button
- Blocks possible javascript: shape links
- Fixes handling of edit URL parameter
- Uses mxGraph
- Fixes UI language in Chrome App
- Fixes File, Make Copy in IE9-
- Allows non-integer font sizes
- Uses mxGraph beta 6
- Fixes persistence of current libraries
- Removes debug output
- Fixes binary file export in Chrome App
- Fixes SVG namespace for groups in svgdata plugin
- Writing files in Chrome app replaces existing content
- Adds layers option in iframe/SVG/image embed dialogs
- Adds layers URL parameter in chromeless mode
- Adds ctrl+shift+connect to disable connections
- Uses mxGraph beta 5
- Moves application code to JS files
- Adds icon for help link in menus
- Removes gridcolor attribute in file, URL parameter
- Adds peristent grid color option in Extras menu
- Fixes resize of background page in outline dialog
- Disables context menu on touch devices on folding icon
- Fixes hover icons for overlapping cell in all directions
- Adds logging for file loading errors
- Uses mxGraph beta 4
- Switches JIRA Cloud to attachment writes via client
- Fixes ignored config in embed script
- Renames File to DrawioFile
- Uses mxGraph beta 3
- Fixes version in about dialog
- Fixes possible bug with cached JS and uncached HTML
- Removes old stylesheet
- Fixes bug for edges between layers
- Fixes embedding with custom shapes
- Fixes logging of domains with database entry
- Moves createSpinner, setFileData to EditorUi
- Adds lightbox parameter for chromeless mode
- Uses single click for lightbox in embed
- Fixes naming issues in PlantUML render mode
- Adds render mode to PlantUML
- Fixes Confluence Cloud new page diagram insertion
- Uses mxGraph beta 2
- Removes macro parameter from plantUML
- Adds previous UML shapes
- Fixes double click on layer to rename
- Uses mxGraph
- Changes plant export URL to https
- Changes baseURL of plantUML to
- Changes baseURL of plantUML to https
- Adds tooltips, svgdata plugin (p=tips;svgdata)
- Uses standard print dialog in Chrome App
- No longer repaints label while editing
- Uses mxGraph
- Adds line height in text format panel
- Fixes possible NPE when updating shapes
- Uses mxGraph beta 4
- Fixes font size change with no text selection
- Fixes isConsumed not defined in MS Edge
- Fixes change of text opacity
- Uses mxGraph beta 3
- Changes default edge length to 80
- Fixes anchor links for embedded HTML and SVG
- Adds expiry to license logging
- Adds Alt+/Shift+/Ctrl+Click in sidebar
- Adds imgur redirect servlet
- Fixes offline mode
- Fixes reset of comic style in connect preview
- Fixes global spacing ignored if overridden
- Adds logging in JIRA servlet to avoid data loss
- Fixes click on unselected edge label moves label
- Fixes thumbnail for disabled autosave in Drive
- Adds recovery from backup in revision history
- Uses mxGraph beta 2
- Uses mxGraph beta 1
- Fixes File, Publish menu item
- Fixes iOS app icons
- Uses mxGraph
- Uses new logo with no black bar
- Fixes export for certain AWS 3D shapes
- Fixes action states for read-only and restricted files
- Adds comic, text background color to default style
- Adds outline keyboard shortcut in chromeless mode
- Adds labelMovable style for vertex labels
- Uses mxGraph beta 6
- Adds selection only option for XML export
- Adds persistent settings for Chrome App
- Removes certain AWS 3D shapes
- Adds isometric AWS shapes
- Adds more dotted line styles
- Adds isometric shapes and connectors (beta)
- Updates handler after style change of cell
- Uses mxGraph beta 5
- Hides toolbar after mouse move in chromeless mode
- Adds keyboard shortcuts in read-only and chromeless mode
- Fixes highlight in realtime for large strokewidths
- Fixes update of text shape after change of overflow style
- Uses mxGraph beta 5
- Fixes vertical alignment for Component shape
- Enables comic style for various shapes
- Uses filename for dropped files in libraries
- Removes shadow URL parameter
- Smaller jiggle effect for diamond shapes
- Adds global shadow option in View menu (beta)
- Removes bug tracking code for MS Edge
- Adds image option in embed SVG dialog
- Fixes embedded images in HTML labels
- Restores bug tracking code for Edge
- Adds app icons for various devices
- Uses mxGraph beta 4
- Fixes word wrap change for existing text
- Removes bug tracking code for MS Edge
- Fixes possible NPE for import
- Removes crc32 for email logging
- Adds bug tracking code for MS Edge
- Adds Extras, Show Start Screen option
- Uses mxGraph beta 3
- Resets text shape state before using new style
- Removes extension from published diagram title
- Fixes rendering of comic rectangles in VML
- Fixes expand of Misc sidebar in IE6/8
- Uses XML to convert from old realtime
- Fixes gradients for certain URLs in IE11/Edge
- Adds comic style and shapes
- Fixes move preview offset
- Uses mxGraph beta 2
- Fixes library title editing on iOS
- Makes autosave optional in Chrome App
- Adds delete URL to publish confirmation
- Adds warning dialog before Publish
- Adds File, Embed, Image menu option
- Adds Email address to Drive user info
- Click on app icon opens Drive folder
- Simplifies status messages for saving
- Adds UI for editing sidebar titles
- Disables publish action in IE9-
- Fixes possible infinite loop in Drive client
- Adds File, Publish for uploading to Imgur
- Moves moreShapes from File to View menu
- Moves createShape from File to Extras menu
- Removes create shape option from sidebar
- Adds confirmation after copy in SVG embed
- Adds copy button in embed iframe dialog
- Enables licensing for Confluence Cloud
- Removes second macro for GDrive Connector
- Fixes custom shapes for embedded diagrams
- Updates MS Azure, Cloud + Enterprise icons
- Adds File, Embed, SVG menu option
- Uses client mode for making a copy
- Hash has precedence over client parameter
- Adds support for embedded PNG data URI in client mode
- Fixes ignored grid for XML drag and drop
- Fixes decoding of base64 encoded embedded SVG
- Fixes embedded PNG character encoding in Safari
- Uses mxGraph beta 1
- Uses mxGraph beta 3
- Fixes double encoding for PNG+XML in embed mode
- Uses mxGraph beta 2
- Fixes insertTextAt call in importFile()
- Uses mxGraph beta 1
- Redirects apex domain to
- Fixes loading spinner for converted Dropbox files
- Fixes offset of imports with no mouse event
- Adds configurable edit button in chromeless mode
- Ignores public URL for Drive files in public folders
- Adds upload tab in Google picker dialog
- Makes hierarchical folder picker default
- Puts new Google files into root folder
- Adds folder picker for new libraries
- Changes BaseURL for Google Drive Connector
- Adds responsive UI for small screens
- Adds voice assistance for text input
- Fixes grid rounding errors for common cases
- Uses mxGraph
- Adds voice assistant in Extras menu
- Adds experimental shadow URL parameter
- Ignores transparent stroke color for default style
- Adds Ctrl+Shift+Drag to create/remove space
- Fixes licensing in chromeless mode
- Fixes bug in reset graph
- Uses mxGraph beta 9
- Removes Export PNG+XML menu item
- Uses MathJax from CDN, lighter config
- Adds selection option for remote export
- Fixes timing problem for printing with math
- Adds text fallback for SVG export (experimental)
- Improved text rendering for image and SVG export
- Fixes artifacts for embedded math diagrams in Chrome
- Fixes Open in new window for IE10/11, MS Edge, Safari
- Uses MathJax 2.6 to fix artifacts in Chrome
- Fixes import of edges in separate layers
- Import of file appends multiple layers
- Changes logging for Google accounts
- Fixes drop of file URL into editor
- Uses mxGraph beta 8
- Adds licensing server and client
- Uses mxGraph beta 7
- Adds gridcolor URL parameter
- Adds scaled grid, replaces grid dots with grid lines
- Fixes anchors open in same page for embedded diagrams
- Moves Search, Scratchpad from Extras menu to View menu
- Updates Confluence Connect to use new page context mechanism
- Uses mxGraph beta 6
- Adds rt, grid parameters for chromeless mode
- Fixes export dialog width, adds help button
- Detects data URI with XML in drag source
- Enables embed image menu in test mode
- Fixes direction, align, distribute menu states
- Adds tap and hold to add to selection
- Fixes possible NPE in plugins warning dialog
- Adds delayed quick start footer ad
- Removes voice assistant from help menu
- Moves ctrl+shift+j shortcut to two pages
- Disables hover icons while space is pressed
- Adds tooltips for buttons in format panel
- Fixes button label overflow in sidebar
- Replaces numeric keyboard shortcuts
- Fixes asynchronous loading of plugins
- Adds optional converter argument for canvas export
- Adds asynchronous loading for resources
- Uses mxGraph beta 5
- Changes Confluence Cloud footer
- Ignores panning trigger to change edges
- Fixes sidebar rendering in math mode
- Uses mxGraph beta 4
- Updates AWS icons
- Fixes offset for drag and drop of diagram data
- Fixes drop of SVG data URI with embedded XML
- Fixes download and export SVG to new window in Safari
- Fixes SVG export in older versions of IE
- Fixes drop shadow in SVG export for Safari
- Adds control-resize for centered resize of vertices
- Fixes import of SVG with embedded XML graph model
- Adds selection, transparent background for SVG export
- Adds include diagram option for image and SVG export
- Fixes open library file as diagram in Google Drive
- Adds pseudo-hierarchical view in Google library picker
- Fixes ignored background color for image export
- Fixes update of outline after changing page format
- Fixes edit shape button after insert of new shape
- Adds shadow option for image and SVG export
- Adds pseudo-hierarchical view in Google file picker
- Adds fallback for failed local image export
- Fixes lost connect preview after remote change
- Uses mxGraph beta 3
- Fixes disabled transparent background export option
- Adds touch support for Microsoft Edge
- Adds pseudo-hierarchical view in Google folder picker
- Clean up for templates and more shapes dialog
- Adds selection only option in image export dialog
- Ungroup no longer deletes non-transparent groups
- Fixes paste via menu after ctrl/cmd+c
- Fixes hiding of all sidebar entries
- Uses mxGraph beta 2
- Fixes collapse/expand for sidebars
- Fixes concurrent loading of custom libraries
- Improves initial sidebar rendering speed
- Uses mxGraph beta 1
- Adds File, Move to Folder for OneDrive files
- Adds File, Rename menu item for all files
- Fixes spinner status for create revision
- Fixes edit as new for remote embedded diagrams
- Fixes minor bugs in search sidebar
- Fixes open in new window for save dialog
- Fixes edit diagram, search in Chrome app menubar
- Adds support for HTML tooltips in embedded diagrams
- Adds transparent background option for image export
- Uses mxGraph beta 1
- Adds timeout for save revision in Drive
- Fixes spinner for retry after error
- Fixes handling of leading # in color dialog
- Increases size limit for background image
- Fixes minor bugs in library dialog
- Fixes image size for scratchpad
- Changes Connect footer text for Conf/JIRA
- Removes remote condition check in JIRA cloud
- Fixes outline connect for backbone, lifeline shapes
- Updates Polish translation
- Removes incorrect header from Confluence Connect [DS-249]
- Fixes encoding of filename in JIRA Connect [DFJC-3]
- Uses mxGraph
- Fixes inconsistent loop routing
- Fixes possible page scroll for embedded iframe
- Restores spacer in UML sidebar
- Uses UML 2.5 interface notation
- Uses mxGraph
- Adds interface in UML sidebar
- Adds fit page in print dialog
- Adds crop option for PDF export
- Merges image export menu items
- Adds support for title attribute in library files
- Adds optional sidebar search in Extras, Search
- Adds custom client-side image export option
- Adds new spinner while autosaving files
- Uses simplified UI for search sidebar
- Adds library file menu items on iOS
- Inserts new auto-layouted diagrams into current page
- Disables pinch to zoom, ctrl+wheel for Chrome on Mac
- Uses shorter delay for showing hover icons
- Shows hover icons after drop from sidebar
- Adds status after save from draft state
- Fixes default extension in create dialog
- Fixes save after change of storage file extension
- Fixes menubar height in atlas UI
- Uses parser for checking XML strings
- Shows spinner while sending feedback
- Adds automatic jetty size for orthogonal edges
- Fixes loop routing for fixed connection points
- Labels for locked cells are no longer editable
- Fixes auto-delete for empty non-deletable text
- Handles oversize labels on buttons in sidebars
- Fixes clipping in dropdown menu with scrollbars
- Uses mxGraph beta 1
- Fixes encoding for JIRA Connect
- Ignores ancestor collisions for connection arrows
- Uses mxGraph
- Opens PNG+XML data uri via drag and drop
- Adds thin open, async open markers
- Updates UML sidebar, adds cross marker
- Fixes markers in connect preview
- Uses smaller hover icons
- Uses mxGraph beta 10
- Adds all markers to edge format panel
- Adds thin block and thin classic markers
- Adds async, circle, circlePlus markers
- Hides overlapping connection arrows
- Uses mxGraph beta 9
- Adds vsdx support for unconnected edges
- Adds entity relation shapes and connectors
- Adds default styles in connect preview
- Fixes dynamic loading for registered default shapes
- Hides disabled connection points while connecting
- Uses dotted highlight border for active drop targets
- Adds dropzone with description in editable sidebars
- Adds app identifier and current version in mxfile
- Fixes sidebar button event handling for IE8/quirks
- Fixes library dialog for quirks mode
- Fixes possible scroll to origin after paste in FF
- Fixes copy/paste in older versions of IE
- Adds export image to new window in IE
- Adds storage dialog for export in IE
- Uses mxGraph beta 8
- Updates AWS icons to latest set
- Adds delay for connection arrows
- Fixes select all after paste of large amounts of text
- Fixes update of label preview during vertical resize
- Fixes click on resize handles while editing label
- Fixes certain label positions and sizes
- Fixes menubar style in atlas UI
- Uses mxGraph beta 7
- Fixes IME input for i18n in FF
- Uses mxGraph beta 6
- Adds experimental doors plugin
- Fixes edge move preview for scaled tolerance
- Fixes new waypoint for drag of edges with bends
- Fixes ignored folder for new OneDrive files
- Fixes download, adds options in Save dialog
- Adds padding to handles while editing
- Adds spacing to copied styles
- Enables glass effect switch for process shape
- Migrates Docs add-on to new API
- Adds dblclick in more shapes dialog
- Fixes color dialog for font (background) color
- Uses mxGraph beta 5
- Adds link to scratchpad FAQ entry
- Handles possible missing root cell in realtime
- Removes local storage option from splash screen
- Adds browser=1 URL parameter for local storage
- Adds double click to keyboard shortcuts
- Adds US-Legal paper size
- Handles file not found for local storage
- Handles domain policy errors in Drive client
- Restores timer for fixed connection points with mouse
- Removes page reload after create from Drive
- Hash has precedence over state URL parameter
- Handles removed App folder in Dropbox
- Fixes handling of existing mxfile node
- Redirects 5% of reviews to Docs Add-on
- Adds support for extracting diagram nodes
- Adds spinner action in JSON protocol
- Fixes click and drag on edges in groups
- Fixes ignored scale for connect live preview
- Removes unused image files from Chrome App
- Resets constraint focus after root change
- Adds repaint of hover icons after root change
- Fixes offset for terminal point in VML
- Uses mxGraph beta 4
- Uses mxGraph beta 2
- Uses new logo and colors
- Fixes hit detection for outline connect and grid
- Removes timer for fixed points with non-touch devices
- Adds live preview for new connections
- Fixes replacement of PNG extension in IE
- Adds autosave if gridsize is changed
- Removes for Work action and menu item
- Fixes loading of plugins from mxSettings
- Fixes new diagram creation in Chrome Packaged App
- Fixes delete operation (DELETE verb changed to POST)
- Fixes context path for JIRA Connect
- Fixes mxUtils.getFunctionName()
- Fixes creating blank diagram files in createFile
- Adds error handling for invalid diagram files
- Fixes embed preview in Microsoft Edge
- Adds default connections for backbone shape
- Adds number checks for custom zoom dialog
- Reverts Connect viewer
- Improvements for JIRA Connect
- Improvements for JIRA Connect
- Adds workaround for NS_ERROR_FAILURE in FF
- Adds network shapes library
- Fixes editorUi is not defined for help link
- Uses mxGraph beta 1
- Changes items in format panel and menubar
- Renames editFile, editMetadata, connect actions
- Handles invalid image bounds in Graph.getSvg
- Fixes possible NPE
- Adds separate switch to disable connection points
- Uses mxGraph
- Corrects JIRA connect plugin key in descriptor
- Fixes ads in footer after Google login
- Fixes possible NPE
- Splits edges for drop from sidebar (shift to disable)
- Uses mxGraph beta 13
- Adds missing function for Confluence OnDemand
- Adds refresh in format panel after root change
- Changes page size units from px to pt
- Fixes shape search for non-existing tags
- Removes GMDL library from default sidebars
- Adds link to user manual in help menu
- Removes click to speak button in header
- Adds separate files for GMDL, SysML sidebars
- Creates Drive revisions with autosave disabled
- Fixes scrollbar for fit page (width) actions
- Fixes delayed reset of scrollbar positions
- Fixes background page shadow color in VML
- Fixes terminal handle transparency in VML
- Uses Metarial Design for GMDL library title
- Uses mxGraph beta 12
- Adds GMDL (Google Media Design Library) sidebar
- Fixes offset for repeated copy paste in Safari
- Fixes download after creating new device file
- Fixes keyboard shortcut ctrl+0 for reset view
- Fixes div has no click in more shapes dialog
- Adds horizontal/vertical page center guides
- Hides word wrap option for autosize labels
- Fixes initial size of new text labels
- Uses mxGraph beta 11
- Fixes flow in voice plugin
- Fixes title collapse/expand icon color
- Fixes sidebar title font size
- Fixes dialog for read-only realtime files
- Improves voice recognition in plugin
- Fixes print output in Microsoft Edge
- Uses mxGraph beta 10
- Fixes unlink in label with edit dialog
- Fixes html and svg URLs for embedding
- Intercepts links that change page URL
- Fixes remote selection highlight color
- Uses mxGraph beta 9
- Adds dynamic loading for lucid chart import
- Adds voice label for missing speech input
- Fixes dynamic loading of voice plugin
- Fixes overflow for voice button
- Prepares Extensions.js for refactoring into dynamic plugins
- Adds share button for drive files, voice assistant button
- Adds transaction for connecting dangling edge in voice plugin
- Adds select, select source/target in voice plugin
- Insert shape connects connecting dangling edge
- Adds connect vs clone command in voice plugin
- Adds persistent current voice setting for plugin
- Adds autostart option item in voice menu for plugin
- Adds voice assistant item in main help menu
- Hides voice assistant footer if not supported
- Fixes edge clipping in print and PDF export
- Uses mxGraph beta 8
- Fixes possible NPE in graph.connectVertex
- Uses levenshtein distance in voice plugin
- Next/previous moved to select prefix in voice
- Adds variable and timestamp in Misc sidebar
- Adds voice commands in voice plugin
- Fixes segment offsets after change of parent
- Uses mxGraph beta 7
- Fixes bugs, adds commands, uses footer in voice plugin
- Adds promo link to voice assistant (beta) in Chrome
- Removes enable/disable command in voice plugin
- Fixes possible duplicate connection inserted
- Fixes lifeline perimeter for undefined strokewidths
- Improved tags for standard shapes
- Adds continuous speech input in voice plugin
- Adds scrollbars in voice type menu
- Fixes duplicate insert of same plugin
- Fixes drop for PNG+XML data URIs
- Adds help link in voice plugin menu
- Adds menu for voice plugin
- Fixes keyboard shortcuts for voice plugin on Windows
- Adds hello, help and quick start for voice plugin
- Fixes hover icon focus for touch devices
- Adds experimental voice plugin (id voice)
- Fixes hover icon click for relative cells
- Fixes local save of large client-side export
- Adds recently used colors in color dialogs
- Fixes dragging labels for unselected edges
- Fixes pending timer after drop from sidebar
- Adds insert for new edges before source cell
- Changes label position and background for images
- Fixes drop of images with invalid file extension
- Uses mxGraph beta 6
- Fixes sidebar tooltip after drop cells to library
- Allows 1px move of start segment in edge style
- Restores moving of selected container via child
- Fixes padding for new rows in UML table shape
- Clones west hover icon in stack before source cell
- Fixes click on hover icon in stack with near cell
- Allows group/ungroup to (de)containerize vertices
- Fixes 1px handle offset, adds terminal handle with dot
- Adds backbone shape, fixes lifeline perimeter
- Fixes drop resize if source smaller than 45px
- Adds for Work link in Help menu
- Adds modified, saveAndExit in load JSON message
- Avoids unnecessary image resampling
- Uses mxGraph beta 5
- Changes image resize condition to over 100K
- Fixes font size stepper for multiple values
- Adds edit metadata to context menu
- Adds date{format} placeholder option
- Adds link to file extensions FAQ entry
- Fixes vertical alignment for footer
- Adds for Work link in footer
- Fixes update of child placeholders after undo
- Replaces PNG extension for url parameter with XML
- Adds shift for keeping original image size
- Adds edit metadata option in format panel
- Fixes change of font size on multiple cells
- Fixes Ctrl+B/U/I while editing in FF/Safari
- Ignores default style for copy via hover icon
- Applies only basic text styles for new labels
- Ignores default style for custom library entries
- Fixes repaint performance after metadata change
- Improves speed for deleting large number of cells
- Removes page unload warning for url parameter
- Uses mxGraph beta 4
- Fixes copy-paste in non-Chrome browsers
- Adds link from Chrome App to online app
- Fixes inconsistent child selection for selected swimlanes
- Fixes PDF export for math without page view
- Increases size of metadata dialog
- Adds placeholders for labels and tooltips
- Fixes encoding for cross-platform clipboard
- Improves repaint performance for text labels
- Improves drag and drop for links and images
- Uses mxGraph beta 3
- Fixes math PDF export
- Fixes filename, advanced export to new window
- Renames main macro for Confluence Connect
- Adds error handling for invalid PDF export
- Adds timer for grouping cursor operations
- Hover icon click ignores locked layers
- Locked cells are no longer connectable
- Fixes change of fontSize for certain nodes
- Fixes paste for large diagrams
- Shows link tooltip only for single selection
- Fixes print offset for negative origins
- Fixes remote parsing for paste of ASCII 160
- Adds GraphML import (beta)
- Adds Cmd+Drag on Mac for cloning
- Improves client-side print performance
- Uses mxGraph beta 2
- Enables drag and drop and open for library files
- Constrains proportions for images in libraries
- Adds drop of library files to sidebar, dialog
- Fixes template not found error message
- Fixes mouse cursor for entity relation
- Uses custom handles only for single selection
- Adds notitle URL parameter
- Removes extension for url parameter filename
- Adds logging for help search via menu
- Uses mxGraph beta 1
- Checks leading dots for storage files
- Maintains sidebar order after save of library
- Removes remoteAlert, uses version for scratchpad
- Adds drag and drop of files to custom libraries
- Fixes preview and drag to library in IE11/10
- Adds folder picker for new files
- Fixes possible NPE for chromeless mode
- Fixes restore of scratchpad if empty
- Adds scratchpad option in Extras menu
- Adds tooltip, dblclick for custom libraries
- Adds drag and drop to custom libraries
- Edge drag uses handles if edge selected
- Uses mxGraph
- Adds small, closable footer in Chrome App
- Adds client status message in File menu
- Adds previously selected in Google picker
- Click on background closes Google picker
- Fixes possible 401 in Google picker
- Adds improved error logging
- Fixes connecting edges with elbow edge style
- Persists page format as default for new diagrams
- Fixes connecting edges with entity edge style
- Adds ctrl+drag to move and clone edges
- Uses mxGraph beta 13
- Fixes cursor for edges with entity edge style
- Adds link, link color and tooltip option in embed dialog
- Adds mxClientOnCreate callback for embedded diagrams
- Fixes atomic undo for new waypoints when dragging edge
- Adds labels for cloud option buttons in save dialog
- Removes open in new window for edit file in Chrome App
- Adds help menu items, FAQ search in Chrome App
- Redirect exportPdf to print action in Chrome App
- Fixes hover icon focus for mouse and touch events
- Fixes move of edge label with selected parent edge
- Drag connected edge adds waypoint (shift+drag moves)
- Disables loading of draft files from local storage
- Uses mxGraph beta 12
- Fixes ensureDataSaved in chromeless mode
- Adds experimental connect edge mode
- Adds save dialog for Google Drive and OneDrive
- Adds storage buttons in Save dialogs
- Adds Open in new window option for PDF export
- Changes default background to white
- Fixes attempt to load realtime after export
- Adds print support in Chrome App (beta)
- Fixes PROXY_URL not defined in Chrome App
- Fixes click on links after panning
- Uses mxGraph beta 11
- Adds export for selection cells
- Fixes possible 404 for default-style2 when switching files
- Fixes reset of background image when switching files
- Adds pagination in PDF export
- Updates zoom in toolbar after edit file dialog
- Fixes background color in print output
- Uses mxGraph beta 10
- Waits for images in HTML labels in export
- Fixes background image for PDF export
- Connectable style overrides connectable property
- Adds nowarn URL parameter for local files
- Fixes possible NPE In HoverIcons.drag
- Added support for links in Gliffy diagrams
- Removes preferred mode based on domain
- Uses www for new, legacy for old Google Drive app
- Ignores quota exceeded errors in mxSettings
- Uses mxGraph beta 9
- Adds connectable style
- Persists current edge and vertex style, copy on connect
- Fixes partial rectangle in VML
- Adds review link in Chrome App splash screen
- Fixes import of VDX files from Google Drive
- Adds File, Close menu item
- Fixes member not found in IE8- after paste
- Disables move, resize and delete of locked cells
- Adds delete protection for locked cells
- Removes preview for embed iframe in IE8-
- Fixes possible NPE in HoverIcons.drag
- Adds paste for images from clipboard in Chrome
- Fixes paste from Word, Excel while editing labels
- Fixes VDX/Gliffy conversion for read-only folders in Drive
- Fixes paste from Lucidchart in modern browsers
- Uses mxGraph beta 8
- Replaces connectionPoints with global connect switch
- Deletes empty text cells with no fill/stroke color
- Adds select none menu item and keyboard shortcut
- Increases/checks max size for imported images
- Fixes background image aspect for SVG export
- Fixes mouse event handling errors
- Removes rounded toolbar button
- Uses mxGraph beta 7
- Changes autosave delay for local storage files to 2s
- Restores hover icons after cancel drag from sidebar
- Adds hover icons after panning, drop from sidebar
- Fixes hover icons for overlapping cells, adds timer
- Selects edge under hover icon only if connected to vertex
- Scrolls to new vertex after click on hover icon
- Uses mxGraph beta 6
- Exports files to same folder in Google Drive
- Adds format panel toggle button in toolbar
- Cursor keys move child cells in stack layouts
- Selects edges under hover icon on single click
- Scrolls cells to visible after shift+click in sidebar
- Hover icon click no longer connects in stack layouts
- Hides hover icons with shift/meta, keeps with ctrl
- Hides hover icons after shift/meta/ctrl+click
- Selects new target vertex after hover icon click
- Uses transparent shadows
- Hides hover icons during drag from sidebar
- Fixes connect to ancestors for hover icon click
- Adds shift+click in sidebar to change selection
- Hover icons ignore popup menu trigger events
- Uses ctrl+click for clone, shift+click for connect
- Adds lazy loading for state URL parameter
- Fixes dialog for automatic layout
- Fixes hover icons not reachable with nearby cells
- Adds hover icons for dangling edges
- Fixes possible NPE for dragging hover icons
- Fixes possible NS_ERROR_FAILURE in Firefox
- Fixes shadow color for embedded diagrams
- Fixes selection of images after drop
- Adds more aggressive image resizing
- Uses mxGraph beta 5
- Fixes deleting cells with loops, terminals in groups
- Increases size for local storage open dialog
- Fixes mouse event on scrollbar after rubberband in IE 11
- Fixes image dialog size for older browsers
- Fixes possible parseRequestText is not a function in OneDrive
- Fixes handling of linefeeds in non-formatted labels
- Makes import and replace faster in Edit file dialog
- Autosize sets height for cells with word wrapping
- Adds link to open via Drive UI if file not found
- Uses label background while editing edge labels
- Fixes right/bottom padding for scaled page view
- Adds Ctrl+Shift-Mouse wheel for zoom on Mac
- Adds fallback to server for image export
- Parser errors are now handled separately
- Adds Ctrl+Shift+Click on connect handles
- Replaces connect icon with arrow icons
- Disables word wrap option for edges
- Fixes spelling of English resources
- Improves error handling for export
- Renames actual size to reset view
- Uses mxGraph beta 4
- Handles permission change during collaboration
- Adds toggle selection in shortcuts.svg
- Adds Shift+Click to toggle selection state
- Fixes language in Confluence Connect
- Removes shadow and glass in quick styles
- Fixes possible URL undefined error
- Fixes possible DocumentClosedErrors
- Fixes foreignObjects in shortcuts.svg
- Improves error handling for realtime collaboration
- Fixes switch to custom from landscape in format panel
- Fixes paper size for print output
- Removes shapeeditor.html
- Fixes update of page size after edit file
- Fixes drop of XML into empty diagram creates new file
- Restores xml default extension for files in Chrome App
- Fixes spinner after cancel of library save in Chrome App
- Fixes extension for libraries in Chrome App
- Fixes status after autosave in Chrome App
- Removes foreignObjects in shortcuts.svg
- Fixes translations in Connect
- Adds mxReader.js to atlas.min.js
- Adds dropbox client to app.min.js
- Adds error message for busy state
- Fixes cursor in viewer for Connnect
- Handles modifications while saving
- Uses common mxProperties in Connect
- Fixes modified check for local files
- Fixes label for recent OneDrive files