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Getting Support

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Getting Support

Getting support for using and

General discussion/questions (search these first before posting):

Bug reports or feature requests:

Legal, security, privacy, compliance issues:

If you have any issue involving sensitive data which cannot be posted online you can file a support ticket at our desk or by emailing Any requests that have no privacy requirement will be directed to this page.

Integrations/versions we author and actively support

The integrations from the online version at Google Drive (GSuite), OneDrive (Sharepoint), Dropbox, Github and Gitlab.

The desktop build of

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides integrations.

Office 365 app.

Support for Atlassian integrations, Confluence, Jira and Trello

The integrations to Confluence and Jira are a separate commercial venture under our brand product. Please contact your Confluence or Jira administrator for details of your support entitlement.

Other third-party integrations

Other integrations that we do not author are listed on the integrations page.