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mxGraph is a fully client side JavaScript diagramming library that uses SVG and HTML for rendering. []( is an example that extends the functionality of this library. The [sources to]( are also available.

Note this is the release repo. The development repo is on [Bitbucket](, but we cannot work out how to submit PRs there, so send them here and we'll merge if review approves.
Note this is the release repo, only each release is pushed here. The development repo is, submit PRs and issues there.

If you want to build something like, [GraphEditor]( is the best example to use as a base.

@@ -23,8 +23,6 @@ Support

There is a [mxgraph tag on Stack Overflow]( Please ensure your questions adhere to the [SO guidelines](, otherwise it will be closed.

We do not provide commercial support. If you are looking for a commercially supported diagramming library, we recommend [yFiles HTML]( Their layouting and routing algorithms, in particular, are the best out there.


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