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The repository contains version controlled master copies of security and privacy policies, as well as End User License Agreement (EULA) texts. The purposes of being version controlled is for you to be able to determine what policies and licenses applied on a specific date.

Change process

If you would like a change to a policy or license, or wish specific questions to be asked in the security FAQ, please submit an issue. Please apply common sense for asking for changes to text relating to a zero cost, open source tool. Submitting your company's standard EULA and asking to change the whole license to match will be closed without reply. You are free to propose any changes, but smaller, well explained additions and changes are more likely to be taken for review.

Change requests must be limited to improvements to the public content in this repository. We will not sign custom EULAs, fill in your security review or GDPR questionnarie for free products (and not automatically comply with Atlassian related requests, either, but you are free to make them). We will not perform these tasks in exchange for payment for the time taken to perform them. There are commercial companies/tools that will provide a service with custom legals and form filling as a paid service (for their own tools, not

If your request relates to a paid product within the Atlassian ecosystem, you can either submit an issue on this project, or email

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