How to cite JGraphT

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If you use JGraphT in a book, paper, website, technical report, etc., please include a reference to JGraphT, and e-mail us the details of the publication, e.g. where is it published (provide a link to your publication). This information provides us valuable insights as to how JGraphT is used, in what context, and which features.

To cite JGraphT, use the following reference:

J. Sichi, J. Kinable, D. Michail, B. Naveh, and Contributors, JgraphT - Graph Algorithms and Data Structures in Java (Version x.y.z), YYYY,

The bibtex entry for this is (don't forget to load the hyperref or url package in your latex preamble):

    Key          = {JGraph{T}},
    author       = {Sichi, John and Kinable, Joris and Michail, Dimitrios, and Naveh, Barak, and Contributors},
    title        = {{J}GraphT - {Graph {A}lgorithms and {D}ata {S}tructures in Java ({V}ersion x.y.z)},
    year         = {YYYY},
    howpublished = "\url{}",

Here x.y.z. is the JGraphT version you used, and YYYY is the year this particular version of JGraphT was released. An overview of recent JGraphT versions and release dates can be found here

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