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a toolkit for annotating images with user-defined keypoints
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(DEPRECATED) DeepPoseKit Annotator: a toolkit for annotating images with user-defined keypoints

This package is now deprecated and is moved to the main DeepPoseKit repository.

This repository exists only for archival purposes.

Annotation Hotkeys

  • +- = rescale image by ±10%
  • left mouse button = move active keypoint to cursor location
  • WASD = move active keypoint 1px or 10px
  • space = change WASD mode (swaps between 1px or 10px movements)
  • JL = next or previous image
  • <> = jump 10 images forward or backward
  • I,K or tab, shift+tab = switch active keypoint
  • R = mark image as unannotated ("reset")
  • F = mark image as annotated ("finished")
  • esc or Q = quit


Released under a Apache 2.0 License. See LICENSE for details.


Install the development version:

pip install git+
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