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Java file encryption app with GUI
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Encoder is an encryption/decryption software package that utilizes modular arithmetic to transform the bytes of a file by a random amount.

Compile and create jar/app/dmg by using either Apache Ant or Gradle.

Ant Commands:
-    "ant jar" will create jar file in "dist/lib/Encoder.jar"
-    "ant compile" will create build directory and store *.classes there.
-    "ant init" will simply create empty build directory.
-    "ant clean" will delete all build and distribution directories.
-    "ant bundle-app" will create the file WITHOUT JRE bundled in.
-    "ant bundle-dist-app" will create the file with JRE bundled in.
-    "ant dmg" will create the ENCODER disk image file.
-    "ant run-jar" will create the executable jar file and run it.
-    "ant run-app" will create the app file without the JRE and run it.

To build using Gradle, simply substitute "gradle" for "ant" and use any of the same commands.

The executable jar file can also be compiled with maven; "mvn package" will create two jars in the "target" directory, encoder-VER-jar-with-dependencies.jar and encoder-VER.jar. encoder-VER-jar-with-dependencies.jar will be executable, while encoder-VER.jar lacks all required third-party extensions.

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Known problems: 
1. Cannot encrypt extra large files, since Java runs out of heap space.
2. Opening music files is veeeery slow.
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