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Canvasflow - A HTML5 Canvas Coverflow like library.

Canvasflow is an HTML5 Canvas library that creates a Coverflow like effect on an HTML5 canvas. Just point it at some images and set a few variables and you should be good to go.

Dependencies: underscore.js, ninja.js


var imageUrls = ['image1.png', 'image2.png', image3.png'];

loadImages(imageUrls, function(images){
    var container = document.getElementById('canvasflow-container');
    var flow = new Canvasflow({
        width: 400,
        height: 400,
        container: container,
        images: images

function loadImages(imageUrls, after){
    var images = [];
    var i = 0;
        var image = new Image();
        image.onload = function(e){
            if(i == imageUrls.length){

        image.src = url;

The Canvasflow object:

  • Required options
    • width, height, container, images
  • Optional arguments
    • click: this fires when the currently selected image is clicked/tapped

      click: function(index){ var img = images[index]; //do something }

    • actualWidth, actualHeight: these will resize the canvas without warping any images

    • imgWidth, imgHeight: these will resize the images you provide without warping them

    • tilt: this is the tilt used when rendering offset images, defaults to .2

    • padding: padding between images, defaults to 25

    • scale: determines the scale of the images when not selected, defaults to .75

    • current: index of the initial starting image, defaults to the middle of your images array

    • initialY: determines the starting Y coordinate for drawing images on the stage

  • Methods
    • getCurrentIndex() : returns the currently selected images index
    • select(index) : takes an index and animates the flow to the image associated with that index
    • flow.stage : returns the NinjaJS stage property; this is so you can draw your own shapes in the same canvas