MLPleaseHelp is a simple ML resource search engine.
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MLPleaseHelp is a simple ML resource search engine.

How To Use

You can use this search engine right now at, provided via Github Pages.

Building Locally

In the same directory as the index.html page, open a terminal and start an HTTP server:

$ python -m http.server

Now open your web browser to the page http://localhost:8000 and off you go!


You can contribute resources to this repo! All the entries are a static list in js/ml-assets.js, so making new entries is as easy as adding a name, description, link and some keywords, then opening a Pull Request.

What should a new resource entry look like?

All entries should look similar to the following:

    "Name": "Parris",
    "Description": "Parris, the automated infrastructure setup tool for machine learning algorithms.",
    "Link": "",
    "Keywords": "Python, AWS",
    "LastUpdatedDate": "2018/01/28",

Known Issues

  • Internet Explorer: The retrieval of data in this browser results in "undefined" values. This issue is not seen on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera browsers.