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A Simple utility that can be added to your iOS project that allows you to notify users that you are shutting down this app. You can refer users to a different app if you like. You can also stage the rollout with a cancel button that allows users to keep using the app. Then you can set a switch to only allow download of the new app.

  1. Add The SunSet Utility files to your project
  2. #import the SunSetUtility.h file in your ApplicationDelegate.m
  3. In the AppDelegate.m add the call [SunSetUtility RunSunSet]; to the - (void)applicationDidBecomeActive:(UIApplication *)application method.
  4. Set your options in the SunSetUtilityConfiguration.m


  • sunsetActive = This BOOL allows you turn the message on or off
  • sunsetCancelButtonActive = This BOOL sets the type of dialog that is displayed. Removing the cancel button forces the user to download something new or close the app.
  • sunsetDownloadUrl = An NSString that points to the location of the new app on the itunes store.
  • sunSetMessage = This is the message that will appear on the Dialog.

The SunSetUtilityConfiguration.m allows you to make changes to these settings, but ideally developers would want to have this powered by a web service. It would allow changing these settings on the fly.


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