A library for generating PDF documents in C/C++, Python and Java.
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                        JagPDF Library

 What is it?

 JagPDF is a free, open source library for generating PDF documents in C++, C,
 Python, and Java.

 For further information on the JagPDF project, please visit the project
 homepage at <http://jagpdf.org>.

 Obtaining JagPDF

 Source code and prebuilt binaries for the latest release can be downloaded at

 The development branch is available in a Git repository at


 The documentation for the latest release is available online at


 Detailed instructions are provided at
 <http://jagpdf.org/doc/jagpdf/installation.htm>. A shortened version can be
 found in INSTALL.txt


 JagPDF is distributed under the MIT license which encourages both commercial
 and non-commercial usage. Please see the file called LICENSE.txt.


 The library is currently unmaintained.


 Jaroslav Gresula <jarda-at-jagpdf-dot-org>