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zipper-0.3: Generic zipper for systems of recursive datatypes
The Zipper is a data structure that allows typed navigation on a value.
It maintains a subterm as a current point of focus. The rest of the value
is the context. Focus and context are automatically updated when navigating
up, down, left or right in the value. The term that is in focus can also
be modified.
This library offers a generic Zipper for systems of datatypes. In particular,
it is possible to move the focus between subterms of different types, in an
entirely type-safe way. This library is built on top of the multirec library,
so all that is required to get a Zipper for a datatype system is to instantiate
the multirec library for that system.
Changelog (changes w.r.t. zipper-0.1)
* Adapted to work with multirec-0.4.
* GHC 6.8.3 or later
* Cabal 1.2.1 or later
With cabal-install:
cabal install zipper
Get the package:
Get the source:
svn checkout
Bugs & Support
Report issues, request features, or just discuss the library with the
authors, maintainers, and other interested persons at: