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jgrivera67 NXP-IOT_RPK: Clean compile of the whole watch code
First clean compile of the whole watch app code on top
of the portable minimal Ada runtime and FreeRTOS.

Signed-off-by: J. German Rivera <>
Latest commit 0c00193 Sep 30, 2018
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building_blocks NXP-IOT_RPK: Clean compile of the whole watch code Oct 8, 2018
doc/source_code_architecture Added architecture diagrams Sep 30, 2016
drivers NXP-IOT_RPK: Clean compile of the whole watch code Oct 8, 2018
frdm_k64f_can_to_udp_gateway MPU: added test for output params Jun 8, 2017
frdm_k64f_iot_stack CAN-to-UDP gateway: Added packet forwarding functionality Feb 3, 2017
frdm_kl25z_autonomous_car FRDM-KL25Z: Autonomous car main Jan 27, 2017
frdm_kl25z_gnat_runtime_test Signed-off-by: German Rivera <> Sep 6, 2016
frdm_kl28z_gnat_runtime_test Minor refactoring of MPU support May 30, 2017
hexiwear_gnat_runtime_test NXP-IoT-RPK: Hello world Aug 17, 2018
hexiwear_k64f_algorithms Refined SPARK code for binary_search Jun 11, 2018
hexiwear_watch Hexiwear: Fixed calendar time bug May 13, 2018
hifive1_hello NXP_IOT_RPK: Integrated FreeRTOS Sep 13, 2018
nxp_iot_rpk_watch NXP-IOT_RPK: Clean compile of the whole watch code Oct 8, 2018
.gitignore Code Refactoring and added Hexiwear projects Aug 31, 2016 Update Sep 15, 2017
gnat_pragmas.adc Enabled SPARK_Mode Oct 31, 2016


This repository hosts my Ada projects for the Make-with-Ada Programming Competition:

Make With Ada 2017

Project: A "Swiss Army Knife" watch for the Hexiwear wearable device

Make with Ada 2016

Project 1: Framework to develop control software for a toy race car

I won the 2nd place prize.

A video of the toy race car in action running the completed Ada software can be seen here.

Project 2: A Networking Stack for the NXP FRDM-K64F board

I won the "Robert Dewar" special price for dependability.