Sunrise Theme, Solarized theme for Sublime Text 3
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Sunrise Theme

This theme brings minimal Solarized UI and is based on Seti_UI theme. If you problems report with new one.



alt text

Sunrise Neo

alt text

Quick installation

You can install this theme through the Package Control.

  1. Press "ctrl + shift + p" (Windows, Linux) or "cmd + shift + p" (OS X) to access Package Control

  2. Type "install Package" press enter

  3. Search for "Sunrise Theme" press enter

Manual installation

  1. Download the latest release, extract and rename the directory to "Sunrise Theme".

  2. Move the directory inside your sublime Packages directory. (Preferences > Browse packages...)

Activate the theme

Activate the theme with the following preferences at (Preferences > Setting - User):

For Sunrise theme:

"theme": "Sunrise.sublime-theme",
"color_scheme":"Packages/Sunrise Theme/Scheme/Sunrise.tmTheme",

For Sunrise Neo theme:

"theme": "Sunrise-Neo.sublime-theme",
"color_scheme":"Packages/Sunrise Theme/Scheme/Sunrise-Neo.tmTheme",

Note : Restart Sublime Text after activating the theme.

Other available theme options

"sunrise_sidebar_small_padding": true, // Set small padding for entries in sidebar
"sunrise_sidebar_big_padding"  : true, // Set big padding for entries in sidebar
"sunrise_tabs_font_small"      : true, // Set small font for tab
"sunrise_tabs_font_normal"     : true, // Set normal font for tab
"sunrise_tabs_font_large"      : true, // Set big font for tab