A Clojure/ClojureScript Fake Data Generator Library
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Talltale is a Clojure(Script) library that generates fake data, useful for prototyping or load testing. Can be used with clojure.spec for instance.

Talltale provides traditional Clojure's functions that generates values but also test.check/clojure.spec generators (with -gen suffix).

I was inspired by the JFairy lib (I actually copied the nice data used by their generators).

  1. Installation
  2. Usage
  3. All Available Generators
  4. ClojureScript


Declare the lib dependency in Leiningen:

[talltale "0.2.11"]


Require the core namespace, every generators is merged into the core namespace for convenience.

(use '[talltale.core])

(company :fr) 
;; => {:address {:city "Le Perreux-sur-Marne", :postal-code "10000",
;;               :street "Grande Rue", :street-number 1},
;;     :domain "buapel.com", :email "ventes@buapel.com", :full-name "Buapel Ltd",
;;     :identification-number "00000001",
;;     :logo-url "http://via.placeholder.com/350x150?text=Buapel", :name "Buapel",
;;     :org-id "BUAPEL", :phone-number "0100000000", :tld "com", :type "Ltd",
;;     :url "https://www.buapel.com"}

(company);; default is always :en locale 
;; => {:address {:city "Miami", :postal-code "10076", :street "Ford Street",
;;               :street-number 233},
;;     :domain "adapt.com", :email "contact@adapt.com",
;;     :full-name "Adapt Associates", :identification-number "12-0000016",
;;     :logo-url "http://via.placeholder.com/350x150?text=Adapt", :name "Adapt",
;;     :org-id "ADAPT", :phone-number "124-124-0124", :tld "com",
;;     :type "Associates", :url "https://www.adapt.com"}

;; => {:address {:city "San Francisco", :postal-code "10000",
;;            :street "Summer Place", :street-number 1},
;;  :age 37,
;;  :date-of-birth #object[org.joda.time.LocalDate 0x7d24c344 "1981-01-08"],
;;  :email "shannon@yahoo.com", :first-name "Khloe", :last-name "Shannon",
;;  :phone-number "122-122-122",
;;  :picture-url "https://randomuser.me/api/portraits/women/4.jpg", :sex :female,
;;  :username "khloe"}
(username (first-name) (last-name))
(age);; => 56
(-> age date-of-birth);; => return a LocalDate object on JVM or cljs-time on JS
(first-name :fr);;random considering the gender (frequency 0f 0.5 for both)
(first-name-male :en);;=> "Logan"
(email (first-name) (last-name) );; => 
(picture-url :female)

;;you got the test.check generator version
(gen/sample (person-gen))

(address);; => {:address {:city "San Francisco", :postal-code "10000",
         ;;               :street "Summer Place", :street-number 1}
(address-gen);; => return a Generator
(phone-number);;=> "124-124-0124"
(company-gen);; => return a Generator
(gen/sample (company-gen))

Notes: I use test.check generators for numbers, so don't be surprised by the value as they respect the "Growth and Shrink" manner of test.check.

All available generators

(keys (ns-publics 'talltale.core))
;; Common

;; Address

;; Company

;; Person

Remember that you can just add the -gen suffix to get a test.check/clojure.spec generator and then use it with gen/sample.

Also each function/generator accept a locale as first argument with :en and :fr as the first ones provided.


If you want to try Talltale with Planck:

planck -D talltale:0.2.11,com.andrewmcveigh/cljs-time:0.5.2,org.clojure/test.check:0.10.0-alpha2


(require 'talltale.core)
(in-ns 'talltale.core)


Copyright © 2018 Jeremie Grodziski

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0.