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admin authored Jun 9, 2008
1 This is a remarkably trivial package that makes simply HTML-based presentations from
2 a set up source files written using Textile. It's designed to help when creating
3 slides that contain lots of code, as it allows code to be embedded from external source files.
4 This means that the code that you embed can come from running (and tested) programs.
6 The code in the resulting slides is syntax highlighted, and is hyperlinked to the original
7 source file, allowing that file to be brought up in Textmate.
9 To get started
11 * make sure you have Ruby 1.8.6 installed, along with the Rake and redcloth gems
12 * type 'rake all' in the same directory as this README file
13 * open html/all.html
16 See the file LICENSE for details on how this all may be used.
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