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<title>The TriBase RoR course</title>
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<h2>Copyright &copy; 2008 Jonathan Gross</h2>
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<h1>Course Outline</h1>
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<h1>Program day 1:</h1>
<li>8:30 &#8211; 9:15 Introduction to the course</li>
<li>9:30 &#8211; 10:15 Mac + Tools</li>
<li>10:30 &#8211; 11:15 Ruby I
<li>Complied Vs. Interpreted Languages.</li>
<li>variables (local, instance, class variables) </li>
<li>loops &#38; constructs</li>
<li>string class</li>
<li>numbers </li>
<li>11:30 &#8211; 13:00 Mac Practice + Ruby</li>
<div class="slide">
<h1>Program day 2: Ruby + Testing</h1>
<li>8:30 &#8211; 9:15 Ruby II
<li>Arrays / Hash</li>
<li>Code blocks</li>
<li>Classes + Inheritance </li>
<li>mixins / modules / namespaces</li>
<li>9:30 &#8211; 10:15 Testing Framework &#8211; <span class="caps">RSPEC</span></li>
<li>10:30 &#8211; 11:15 &#8230;</li>
<li>11:30 &#8211; 13:00 <span class="caps">RSPEC</span> + Ruby practice</li>
<div class="slide">
<h1>Program day 3: Introduction to Rails</h1>
<li>8:30 &#8211; 9:15 Introduction to Rails</li>
<li>9:30 &#8211; 10:15 <span class="caps">MVC</span> (Model View Controller)</li>
<li>10:30 &#8211; 11:15 Simple rails program example</li>
<li>11:30 &#8211; 13:00 Practice: Your own Rails Application.</li>
<div class="slide">
<h1>Program day 4: Active Record day</h1>
<li>8:30 &#8211; 9:15 Active Record basics
<li>MySQL Database and <span class="caps">ORM</span></li>
<li>associations between models. </li>
<li>9:30 &#8211; 10:15 Cont.</li>
<li>10:30 &#8211; 11:15 Routs + <span class="caps">REST</span></li>
<li>11:30 &#8211; 13:00 Practice: associations</li>
<div class="slide">
<h1>Program day 5: Advanced topics</h1>
<li>Active Record associations Habtm , many-to-many</li>
<li>Ruby IO</li>
<li>Ruby Gems</li>
<li><span class="caps">RSPEC</span> &#38; Rails.</li>
<p>back to the <a href="table_of_contents.html">toc</a></div></p>
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