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Second Contract

This is a Ruby-based text MUD game driver in the spirit of DGD/LPC-based MUDs and based on much of the design work behind the LPC-based game in the other Second Contract repository.

Configuring the game

Game configuration is in config/game.yml. The production, development, and testing sections contain settings for those particular environments. The all section contains settings applicable in all environments.

Test the game

Test the game by running

% rake

This should run all of the unit and behavioral tests. If any tests fail, you shouldn't expect the game to run without problems.

Running the game

Run the game with


You can select an environment with the --environment switch. By default, the driver will use the production environment.

Directory Organization

The various Ruby classes and modules are organized roughly following the scheme established in the DGD Kernel library:

  • SecondContract::IFLib - classes dealing with the interactive fiction component
    • Data:: - simple data-oriented classes
    • Sys:: - singleton classes providing services


Ruby-based mud driver



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