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1 parent 0660bf7 commit 3c75eadb9d89b0f8bdb599fae65505e6966b1192 Christophe Verbinnen committed Jan 14, 2011
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@@ -24,10 +24,10 @@ <h1>jTag plugin Basic demo</h1>
- save: function(width,height,top_pos,left,label,tag){
+ save: function(width,height,top_pos,left,label,the_tag){
alert('I can save this tag ('+width+','+height+','+top_pos+','+left+','+label+')');
/* once the ajax is done I need to get the ID here and then set it on the tag */
- tag.setId('someIdFromMyDb');
+ the_tag.setId('someIdFromMyDb');
remove: function(id){
alert('Here I can do some ajax to delete tag #'+id+' in my db');

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