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title: CSS classes
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<div class="content">
Bulma is a <strong>CSS</strong> framework, meaning that the end result is simply a <strong>single</strong> <code>.css</code> file:
<a href=""><wbr>/bulma<wbr>/blob<wbr>/master<wbr>/css<wbr>/bulma.css</a></p>
Because Bulma solely comprises CSS classes, the HTML code you write has <strong>no impact</strong> on the styling of your page. That's why <code>.input</code> exists as a class, so you can choose <em>which</em> <code>&lt;input type="text"&gt;</code> elements you want to style.
Bulma only styles <strong>generic</strong> tags directly <strong>twice</strong>:
<a href=""><code>generic.sass</code></a> to define a basic style for your page
the <a href="{{ site.url }}/documentation/elements/content/"><code>.content</code> class </a> to use for <em>any</em> textual content, like WYSIWYG