A YouTube jukebox built with AngularJS
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A YouTube powered jukebox built with AngularJS.

JukeTube screenshot




When I attend parties, YouTube is often used as the sole music provider. People in turn launch the video they want to hear. The process goes as follows:

  • open a new tab
  • browse to YouTube
  • search for a video
  • open and instantly pause it (to preload it)
  • wait for the current video to stop
  • launch the new video

Several problems arise from this process:

  • need to wait for the current video to stop before launching a new one
  • need to permanently have someone queuing and launching a new video
  • no automatic play, so if the current video ends, there's no music
  • time spent queuing a new video
  • tons of tabs opened


JukeTube is an attempt to simplify this scenario.

  • Single page app
  • Ajax search
  • Playlists (upcoming and archived videos)
  • Automatic play (as soon as the current video ends)


You only need a valid YouTube Data API v3 key to copy-paste in app.js. (The current one only works on my domain).

Possible enhancements

  • Play/Pause/Next/Previous controls (currently, only the state is shown).
  • Use the YouTube API to retrieve the pre-populated video titles using the ID. Right now, the titles are hard-coded.
  • Save the current playlist in LocalStorage or a cookie and restore it on the next visit
  • Add a Clear playlist button.
  • Add drag controls to reorder the playlist items.
  • Add search results pagination (the YouTube API provides a pageToken parameter).