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A tiny modern CSS reset that covers the basics:

  • resets the font sizes: so that using semantic markup doesn't affect the styling
  • resets the block margins: so that the spacing is only applied when you need it
  • resets tables: so that tabular data only takes the space it needs
  • preserves the inline paddings: so that buttons and inputs keep their default layout
  • sets the border-box box sizing: so that borders and paddings don't affect the set dimensions
  • sets responsive media elements: so that images and embeds scale with the browser width


Download the latest version

npm install minireset.css

Or clone the repo.


It will be available in your modules directory in /node_modules/minireset.css/:

  • minireset.css: CSS rules
  • minireset.min.css: minified CSS rules (recommended for production sites)
  • minireet.sass: CSS rules written in SASS (recommended for SCSS/SASS projects)
  • minireset.css.lit.js: CSS rules exported as a CSSResult object for LitElement projects (recommended for Web Component projects based on LitElement)


GitHub CDN for minireset.min.css

Copyright and license

Code copyright 2019 Jeremy Thomas. Code released under the MIT license.