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jQuery Twitter Bootstrap Flickr Carousel

Basic Usage

    {tagsToSearchFor: 'mvpsummit,mvp2013,mvp13', 
    flickrApiKey: '<insert your key here>', 
    paginationSelector: '#flickr-pagination'}

Required Software

  • jQuery (v1.8 or higher)
  • Twitter Bootstrap (v3.0 or higher)
  • Twitter Bootstrap components (v3.0 or higher)


Setting Default Description
flickrApiKey empty string The Flickr Api Key to use
flickrApiUrl The Flickr Api Url
tagsToSearchFor empty string The tags that you want to search for. Multiple tags should be separated by commas (,)
width 600 The width of the carousel
height 600 The height of the carousel
imagesPerPage 10 The number of images that should be returned per query
pageNumber 1 The page number to start with
flickrSizeSuffix z The size of the image to retrieve, see the size chart below
flickrImageType jpg The image type to retrieve
paginationSelector #flickr-pagination The jQuery selector for the paging control to use *
paginationClass pagination The bootstrap pagination css class to use *
onPageClick null Not yet implemented
onLoadError null Not yet implemented

Flickr Image Size Chart

Size Code Size Type
s small square 75x75
q large square 150x150
t thumbnail, 100 on longest side
m small, 240 on longest side
n small, 320 on longest side
  • | medium, 500 on longest side z | medium 640, 640 on longest side c | medium 800, 800 on longest side† b | large, 1024 on longest side* o | original image, either a jpg, gif or png, depending on source format


If you want to use pagination with the carousel, this means it will automatically create the Previous | First | 1 | 2 | ... | Next | Last buttons, you will need the following.

Include the twbsPagination plugin in your source. It can be found here: You need create a <div> tag with an id that you us for the paginationSelector setting.

Useful Links


You can visit to obtain a Flickr Api Key

Flickr Apis used

Return a list of photos matching some criteria. Only photos visible to the calling user will be returned. To return private or semi-private photos, the caller must be authenticated with 'read' permissions, and have permission to view the photos. Unauthenticated calls will only return public photos.

Get information about a photo. The calling user must have permission to view the photo.

Photo Source Url


Twitter Bootstrap Flickr Carousel is a jQuery plugin that uses the power of the Twitter Bootstrap Carousel plugin to cycle through images on Flickr.




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