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mac-bt-headset-fix build status

Try the Beta Version below for Sierra (10.12.1+) 😁

Small mac application that fixes broken bluetooth headset control by listening for headset keypress events and re-triggers them as media key presses (as if one pushed the buttons on the keyboard).

The app should work with any player/etc. that responds to media keys, but allow you to use your bluetooth headset controls instead :-).

Download the latest stable version.


Download the above file and unzip it. Double-click to run the app (you may need to generally allow unsigned apps or authorize this one in particular).

Try connecting your bluetooth device and pressing the play/pause/etc. buttons (press and hold too). Your media player should respond to them just as if you'd pressed the relevant keyboard media key. :)

If you're using an in-browser player you might need an extension to make the app respond to media keys (which should also make it work with your headset). For chrome try streamkeys.

What it does

On execution the application will background itself and listen for bluetooth headset events. You'll see a menu bar icon that can be used to quit the app (or hide the menu icon). Note that the menu icon will remain visible for 30 seconds before hiding to allow changing the hide option or quitting, etc.

The app will intercept common bluetooth headset key presses and re-fire them as media key presses. Currently the following key presses are supported:

  • play/pause
  • next
  • prev
  • fast-forward
  • rewind

The mapping on headsets seems to be a bit inconsistent. If pressing next/prev doesn't work, try a press and hold. :)

On launch it will also attempt to unload the built-in Remote Control Daemon (rcd) which seems to be responsible for starting iTunes when a play event is first received.

Note that this will probably cause any remote controls you use to stop working.

If you find iTunes still loads you might try this play-button-itunes-patch.

Quitting the Application when menu bar icon is hidden

Run this command in Terminal:

kill "$(pgrep 'Spotify Bluetooth Headset Listener')"

If you want to relaunch the app (possibly to show the icon again), run this instead:

PID="$(pgrep 'Spotify Bluetooth Headset Listener')"; \
APP="$(dirname "$(ps -o "comm" -p "$PID" | tail -n 1)")/../../"; \
kill $PID; \
open "$APP"

You will have 30 seconds to disable hiding the icon if you so choose.

Note: on quit the application will try to reload the Remote Control Daemon to restore whatever functionality it provides

Beta Version

If you're feeling lucky try the beta version.


  • renamed app to bubo[1]
  • works on macOS Sierra 10.12.1+
  • no longer mucks with launchctl daemons to keep iTunes from starting
  • Objective-C -> Swift
  • signed app (legit!)


The original version of this app was posted on this spotify community thread. It controlled the spotify mac player directly via the scripting bridge (objC -> applescript). I did not write it, but was granted permission to post it to github for sharing and encouraging enhancements. It was published here under the MIT License as requested by the author. :)

This current version has been completely re-written, but retains that same license.



Feel free to donate any amount If you'd like to contribute to further development of this little app or just say "Thanks!"

[1] a tiny invisible mechanical owl that sits on your shoulder and, when you press a bluetooth headset button, flies to the keyboard and pecks it for you. 🐦


Small mac application that fixes broken bluetooth headset control by listening for events and sending them directly to apps



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