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A clean Bootstrap blog theme: created by Start Bootstrap and made into a MODX Package
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Blog example for MODX

A clean Bootstrap blog theme created by Start Bootstrap and made into a MODX Package using Orchestrator.


  1. Install MODX
  2. Install the following extras via the MODX Manager
  • Collections
  • FormIt
  • Tagger
  • Ace - optional
  • TinyMCE Rich Text Editor - optional
  • VersionX - optional
  1. First install Orchestrator using Local Orchestrator Example
  2. Open up the composer.json file created above in the core directory and then add
  • "joshua19/modx-clean-blog": "dev-master" to the require
  • "joshua19/modx-clean-blog", "lci/stockpile" to the extra array
  • Add repositories after the extra array:
  "repositories": [
       "type": "vcs",
       "url": ""
  1. Run composer update


MODX Elements created

After installing the following will be created and have the prefix: jg19Clean. See the Blend Migration file InstallCleanBlog


Read about MODX Chunks

Name Description
j19CleanCSS Global CSS
j19CleanFooter Clean Blog Footer
j19CleanJS Global JavaScript
j19CleanMeta Meta elements
j19CleanNav Clean Blog Navigation
j19CleanOpenGraph Open Graph for Clean Blog
j19CleanPostItem A single post item to be iterated in a collection


Name Description
j19CleanPaginator Paginates blog posts


Read about MODX Templates

Name Description

Template Variables

Read about MODX Template Variables

Name Description
j19CleanLimit Limit the number of blog posts
j19CleanMastHead The masthead background image
j19CleanSubheading The subheading

System Settings

Name Description
j19Clean.twitter Twitter URL in footer
j19Clean.facebook Facebook URL in footer
j19Clean.github Github URL in footer
j19Clean.home Resource ID of home page for navigation
j19Clean.about Resource ID of about page for navigation Resource ID of blog collection page for navigation Resource ID of contact page for navigation

Update Blog CSS code from source

$ rm -rf assets/templates/j19/clean/
$ mkdir assets/templates/j19/clean/
$ cd assets/templates/j19/clean/
$ git clone .
$ rm -rf .git
$ rm -rf mail
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