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Python interface to the Linux RDMA stack
Python C
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Refine searching for GIDs

- The link local prefix should always match the trailing GUID
- mlx HCA's return PREFIX::0 in their gid table for unused entries,
  avoid trying to match for that since it is not valid.
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@jgunthorpe authored
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codegen Fix incorrect COMP_MASK calculations
debian Add debian packaging for python-rdma
doc Update release notes for v0.2
libibtool Pretty print the 'No Records' respond for saquery
COMPILING Add Sphinx building to
COPYING Add copyright license
README.rst Update documentation with 0.1 release announcement
ibtool Move more code out of ibtool and into libibtool
python-rdma.spec Fix GLPv2/GPLv2 typo in comments Fix the check for pyrex version


Python RDMA

This package contains the Python module rdma which provides a Python API for the Linux RDMA stack. It is an amalgamation of the functionality contained in the Open Fabrics Alliance packages libibmad, libibumad, libibverbs, libibnetdisc and infiniband-diags.

A new API was developed for this library that is designed to take advantage of Python features and provides a very uniform, integrated design across all the different aspects of IB and RDMA programming. It has a particular focus on ease of use and correct operation of the IB and RDMA protocol stacks.

The module is written entirely in Python and only relies on external system libraries to provide ibverbs functionality.

Prebuilt documentation for the module can be reviewed online, and the source code is available on GitHub.

python-rdma is maintained by Obsidian Research Corp. and the main contact for the package is Jason Gunthorpe <>

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