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Release notes
Matters to consider. Or ignore at your own peril.
- thumbnails internally by Rich have been refactored into a (hidden for you) rich_thumb style. This means you can now freely override all styles in your initializer without messing up the file manager. If you already have Rich running, remember run: rake rich:refresh_assets
- collection support for the scoped file manager (see readme)
- the scoped filemanager now also works from within Rails Admin associations (thanks DunyaKirkali!)
- refactored all mentions of Image to File and add non-image uploads (turned off by default)
- added a migration which adds a field containing a simplified mime type.
- the data-rich-image-id attributed added to inserted images has been renamed to data-rich-file-id
- the image storage path has changed! in order to prevent possible conflicts with other attachments, the path Rich uses is now namespaced. rename your path from: /public/system/images to /public/system/rich_files
- non-image uploads (disabled by default, see the readme on how to enable)
- added the rich_picker for Rails Admin and Formtastic (and, by extension, Active Admin)
- this allows you to link to a Rich file without having to embed a full CKEditor instance
- localization
- english and dutch included
- a list view mode, the default when viewing non-image files
- can be toggled in the upper-right hand corner
- override the default display mode using view_mode in your config hash (this can only be set per instance)
- scoping of uploads to objects using the :scoped option
- fixes a problem that would prevent Rich from working unless settings were overridden (thanks Stanislaw)
- updated Rails Admin integration to work with their new form logic
- add a rake task to regenerate image styles whilst keeping the URI cache in sync
- major refactoring of internals
- renamed per-instance options directive from 'editor' to 'config'
- renamed RA integration class to Rich::Integrations::RailsAdmin::RichEditor
- loading indicator when new images are loaded
- allowed styles, default style and insertion mode (single or many) can now be specified per instance (also for RA integration)
<= 0.0.6
- Really, I have no clue.