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Shooting stars is an experiment with creating particle rendering systems with the HTML5 Canvas.

You can see a demo of this at

I wanted to create something simple instead of using CSS animations on DOM element as I was previously with a different implementation.

This isn't a released piece of code but if you're interested in playing with it you can by importing the shooting-stars.js file into your page and then adding something like the following code to your javascript.

  var config = {
    id: 'app',
    particleLife: 300,
    particleRenderProbability: 0.5,
    amount: 50,
    resizePoll: 250,
    star: {
      size: {
        upper: 50,
        lower: 25
      rotateLimit: 90,
      points: 5,
      innerRadius: 0.5,
      borderColor: '#000',
      fillColor: 'red',

  myCanvas = new ShootingStars(config);

This relies on there being a canvas element in your DOM with the ID app. You can of course change this as long as that canvas element exists.

I'm just passing in a config to the function and the options included are as follows

  • id: string - the ID of the canvas element to be used.
  • particleLife: int - the lifespan of each star in frames.
  • particleRenderProbability: int - the probability of rendering a new particle in each frame if the amount limit hasn't been reached (must be from 0 - 1, eg. 0.95).
  • amount: int - the amount of stars to be rendered on the canvas.
  • resizePoll: int - the amount of ms for canvas to debounce resizing on viewport resize.
  • star: obj - defines characteristics of stars that are rendered.
    • size: obj - defines the upper and lower bound size of the star in pixels.
      • upper: int - defines the upper bound size.
      • lower: int - defines the lower bound size.
    • rotateLimit: int - defines the maximum rotation that stars will make during render.
    • points: int - defines the number of points that a star will have.
    • innerRadius: float - defines the size of the inner radius of the star. For example; an inner radius of 0.5 means that the inner radius will be (starSize / 2) * 0.5.
    • borderColor: string - defines the border color. Can be any valid CSS color representation.
    • fillColor: string - defines the fill color. Can be any valid CSS color representation.

##Contributing If you'd like to get involved or have any issues with the implementation or need some pointers feel free to leave an issue or tweet me @_jh3y!

##License MIT

@jh3y 2015