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Waitron reads the machine definition from YAML and templates preseed and finish scripts based on that data. When a server is set in build mode waitron will deliver a kernel/initrd/commandline used by pixiecore (in API mode) to boot and install the machine.

Run in docker container

docker run -v /path/to/data:/data \
    -e CONFIG_FILE=/data/config.yaml \

Run locally

go build . && CONFIG_FILE=config.yaml ./waitron

config file

The config file needs a minimum set of parameters which will be available in the templates as config.value.

name description
templatepath path where the jinja2 preseed, finish templates are located
machinepath path where the yaml machine definitions are located
baseurl the url where this waitron instance will be listening

Extra parameters can be added in i.e. a params dictionari, those will be accessible in the templates as well

name description
params.dns_servers string containing the dns servers to be configured in the installed machines


See file in the repo