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Recon-ng and Alt-DNS are awesome. This script combines the power of these tools with the ability to run multiple domains within the same session.

TLDR; I just want to do my subdomain discovery via ONE command and be done with it.

Only 1 module needs an api key (/api/google_site) find instructions for that on the recon-ng wiki.

Script to enumerate subdomains, leveraging recon-ng. Uses google scraping, bing scraping, baidu scraping, yahoo scraping, netcraft, and bruteforces to find subdomains. Plus resolves to IP.


Installation recon-ng from Source

  1. Clone the Recon-ng repository

    git clone

  2. Change into the Recon-ng directory.

    cd recon-ng

  3. Install dependencies.

    pip install -r REQUIREMENTS

  4. Eventually link the installation directory to /usr/share/recon-ng

    ln -s /$recon-ng_path /usr/share/recon-ng

  5. Optionally (highly recommended) download:

  6. Create file and specify the path to recon-ng and allDNS as it showed in

Basic Usage


also supports:

  • -w to run a custom wordlist with recon-ng
  • -a to use alt-dns
  • -p to feed a custom permutations list to alt-dns (requires -a flag)
  • -i to feed a list of domains (can also type extra domains into the original command)

Advanced Usage

./ -i domainlist.txt -a -p permutationslist.txt -w

Output from recon-ng will be in .lst and .csv files, output from alt-dns will be in a .txt file

by @jhaddix and @leifdreizler