An example of how to build an Angular 2 application using RxJs
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Angular 2 RxJs Redux-like sample App

This repository is an example of how to build a Flux/Redux-like Angular 2 application using RxJs and Functional Reactive Programming. This application has a single atom of state, and is based upon two constructs:

  • the action dispatcher
  • the application state observable

See this blog post for further details on the application architecture: Angular 2 Application Architecture - Building apps with RxJs and Functional Reactive Programming (vs Redux)


To install the application, make sure to have npm 3 or higher and node 4 or higher, and follow the following steps:

git clone
npm install

Running the application

The application uses the webpack-dev-server to produce an in-memory development bundle. It also has a node.js REST backend with a simple in-memory data store. The way that this works is that we hit the node.js backend server, which will proxy the bundle.js request to the webpack development server.

In order to run the application, first start the webpack-dev-server in one terminal:

npm run webpack-dev-server

Then in another terminal window, run the node.js server that will both serve the REST API and the HTML/CSS of the application:

npm start

You can access the application in the followwing Url:


You can add, remove or toggle a TODO item. Notice when adding the Todo that the message panel in the footer shows the status of what is going on.