A beginner-friendly playground for getting started with Angular 2, Typescript and SystemJs - includes bundling
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This repository is deprecated

I suggest using the Angular CLI Webpack version instead, see here for a demo.


A minimal Angular 2 seed project. This is the simplest possible setup for getting started with Angular 2 using the SystemJs module loader.

This repo is meant as a starting point for learning purposes only. It aims at being at the sweet spot for giving the beginner a gentle introduction to parts of the Angular 2 ecosystem - a simple example that still already uses the Typescript compiler, SystemJs and the SystemJs builder.

This build is simple but already has a lot of features and tools without being overwhelming, and it allows to get a feel for what the development Ecosystem of the framework looks like right off the bat.

The way that it works is the following:

  • the dependencies bundle is built only once at startup time
  • Once the server is started, the application gets rebuilt everytime you edit a Typescript file
  • The aplication is served in separate HTTP requests for easy debugging and a quick development cycle

This makes for a good first experience in Angular 2: The application starts up fast, and there are only a few network requests because the libraries are bundled.

But still iterative development is available: just hit Ctrl+S and your changes are applied.

Clone it and start using Angular 2 in seconds!


No global dependencies are needed. After cloning the repo, run the following commands:

npm install
npm start 

Then open a browser at the following url:


And there you have it, a minimal Angular 2 App up and running. You're all set!

Project Starters

ng2-minimal is not a project starter and is meant for learning purposes only, as a playground.

For bootstrapping an app, please use the official angular-cli. If the CLI is still in early stages, these are the most popular starters kits:


This repo is based on the RC0 demo made by Rob Wormald. Go check it out for other examples (like Webpack 2).

This repo was originally based on the ng2-play seed repo, check it out.