Small python library for managing the creation, usage, and deletion of virtual-machines on Google Compute Engine.
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This is a simple library of python scripts to simplify the creation, use, and deletion of virtual-machine through the Google Compute Engine. Inside the /data/ directory are a few files which keep track of instances, snapshots, and VM options. They are :

  • /data/current_instances - List of current instance names, zones, local IPs, and external IPs.
  • /data/current_snapshots - List of existing snapshot names.
  • /data/zones - Valid zone names for Google Compute Engine.
  • /data/machine_types - Valid machine type names for GCE.
  • /data/boot_images - Default boot-image names provided by GCE

It also contains all of the zone and machine-type names for quick selection when making new VM instances. The scripts included are :

  • - Presents a list of running VMs and lets the user select one to login to.
  • - Make a new instance from a standard Google-supplied OS-image (like Ubuntu or Debian), also can supply a local start-up script.
  • - Make a new instance from a saved VM snapshot.
  • - Make a snapshot of a current running VM instance.
  • - Delete a running VM instance, gives the opportunity to make a snapshot before deleting.
  • - Delete a saved VM snapshot.


Simply place any startup scripts you need in the /startup_scripts/ directory, then when you try to use one when calling a list of startup scripts from that directory will be presented to you to choose from.

Get LibGVM

To start, you will need to install the GoogleCloudSDK

# Open a terminal [ctrl-shift-t]
curl | bash
# Restart the terminal
gcloud auth login # Enter you Google Developer Credentials
gcloud config set project $PROJECT_NAME # *optional* but convenient if you're only working on one project

Now you can clone this project and configure

git clone
cd libgvm.git
cmod +x && ./

The configuration will allow you to set some default values for the library, note that these defaults are only used if a script is called with the -d option. The defaults are as follows :

  • zone - Set the default region (us-central1, asia-east1, etc) for all future vm creations.
  • machine type - Set the default machine type (n1-standard, g1-small, etc.).
  • boot image - Set the default OS boot image (ubuntu 15.04, Debian-7, etc.).
  • projects - Set the list of project names that belong to you through Google Developers Console. If only one is set that one will be auto selected with the -d option.
  • -h - Prints a usage statement of deccription of the program.
  • -d - Uses any default values it can load from the default files stored in /data/

The default values it can load are zone, machine type, boot-image, and project name. Instance names and snapshot names must be entered manually in-script or as arguments.

####License MIT