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LOCUS NP_032443 499 aa linear ROD 21-MAR-2010
DEFINITION potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily A member 2 [Mus
VERSION NP_032443.3 GI:157012015
DBSOURCE REFSEQ: accession NM_008417.4
SOURCE Mus musculus (house mouse)
ORGANISM Mus musculus
Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia;
Sciurognathi; Muroidea; Muridae; Murinae; Mus.
REFERENCE 1 (residues 1 to 499)
AUTHORS Schilling,K. and Oberdick,J.
TITLE The treasury of the commons: making use of public gene expression
resources to better characterize the molecular diversity of
inhibitory interneurons in the cerebellar cortex
JOURNAL Cerebellum 8 (4), 477-489 (2009)
PUBMED 19554387
REFERENCE 2 (residues 1 to 499)
AUTHORS Costagliola,A., Van Nassauw,L., Snyders,D., Adriaensen,D. and
TITLE Voltage-gated delayed rectifier K v 1-subunits may serve as
distinctive markers for enteroglial cells with different phenotypes
in the murine ileum
JOURNAL Neurosci. Lett. 461 (2), 80-84 (2009)
PUBMED 19549557
REMARK GeneRIF: K(v)1.1 and K(v)1.2 were predominantly expressed in
distinct EGC phenotypes. K(v)1.2 was also observed in distinct
neuron subpopulations.
REFERENCE 3 (residues 1 to 499)
AUTHORS Yang,J.W., Vacher,H., Park,K.S., Clark,E. and Trimmer,J.S.
TITLE Trafficking-dependent phosphorylation of Kv1.2 regulates
voltage-gated potassium channel cell surface expression
JOURNAL Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 104 (50), 20055-20060 (2007)
PUBMED 18056633
REMARK GeneRIF: cluster of cytoplasmic C-terminal phosphorylation sites
regulates Kv1.2 trafficking
REFERENCE 4 (residues 1 to 499)
AUTHORS Brew,H.M., Gittelman,J.X., Silverstein,R.S., Hanks,T.D.,
Demas,V.P., Robinson,L.C., Robbins,C.A., McKee-Johnson,J.,
Chiu,S.Y., Messing,A. and Tempel,B.L.
TITLE Seizures and reduced life span in mice lacking the potassium
channel subunit Kv1.2, but hypoexcitability and enlarged Kv1
currents in auditory neurons
JOURNAL J. Neurophysiol. 98 (3), 1501-1525 (2007)
PUBMED 17634333
REMARK GeneRIF: Kcna2-null mice exhibited increased seizure susceptibility
but, in contrast to Kcna1-null mice, hypoexcitability and enlarged
Kv1 currents in auditory neurons.
REFERENCE 5 (residues 1 to 499)
AUTHORS Douglas,C.L., Vyazovskiy,V., Southard,T., Chiu,S.Y., Messing,A.,
Tononi,G. and Cirelli,C.
TITLE Sleep in Kcna2 knockout mice
JOURNAL BMC Biol. 5, 42 (2007)
PUBMED 17925011
REMARK GeneRIF: Kv1.2, a mammalian homologue of Shaker, regulates neuronal
excitability and affects NREM sleep
Publication Status: Online-Only
REFERENCE 6 (residues 1 to 499)
AUTHORS Lesage,F., Attali,B., Lazdunski,M. and Barhanin,J.
TITLE Developmental expression of voltage-sensitive K+ channels in mouse
skeletal muscle and C2C12 cells
JOURNAL FEBS Lett. 310 (2), 162-166 (1992)
PUBMED 1383027
REFERENCE 7 (residues 1 to 499)
AUTHORS Migeon,M.B., Street,V.A., Demas,V.P. and Tempel,B.L.
TITLE Cloning, sequence and chromosomal localization of MK6, a murine
potassium channel gene
JOURNAL Epilepsy Res. Suppl. 9, 173-180 (1992)
PUBMED 1285906
REFERENCE 8 (residues 1 to 499)
AUTHORS Wei,A., Covarrubias,M., Butler,A., Baker,K., Pak,M. and Salkoff,L.
TITLE K+ current diversity is produced by an extended gene family
conserved in Drosophila and mouse
JOURNAL Science 248 (4955), 599-603 (1990)
PUBMED 2333511
REFERENCE 9 (residues 1 to 499)
AUTHORS Betsholtz,C., Baumann,A., Kenna,S., Ashcroft,F.M., Ashcroft,S.J.,
Berggren,P.O., Grupe,A., Pongs,O., Rorsman,P., Sandblom,J. et al.
TITLE Expression of voltage-gated K+ channels in insulin-producing cells.
Analysis by polymerase chain reaction
JOURNAL FEBS Lett. 263 (1), 121-126 (1990)
PUBMED 1691985
REFERENCE 10 (residues 1 to 499)
AUTHORS Chandy,K.G., Williams,C.B., Spencer,R.H., Aguilar,B.A.,
Ghanshani,S., Tempel,B.L. and Gutman,G.A.
TITLE A family of three mouse potassium channel genes with intronless
coding regions
JOURNAL Science 247 (4945), 973-975 (1990)
PUBMED 2305265
COMMENT VALIDATED REFSEQ: This record has undergone validation or
preliminary review. The reference sequence was derived from
AK044342.1 and AC121825.3.
On Sep 6, 2007 this sequence version replaced gi:31543024.
Publication Note: This RefSeq record includes a subset of the
publications that are available for this gene. Please see the
Entrez Gene record to access additional publications.
FEATURES Location/Qualifiers
source 1..499
/organism="Mus musculus"
/map="3 48.8 cM"
Protein 1..499
/product="potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily A
member 2"
/note="MK2; voltage-gated potassium channel subunit Kv1.2"
Region 35..126
/note="BTB/POZ domain; cl02518"
Region 224..409
/note="Ion transport protein; pfam00520"
Region <360..410
/note="Ion channel; cl11596"
CDS 1..499
/gene_synonym="Akr6a4; Kca1-2; Kv1.2; Mk-2"
1 mtvatgdpvd eaaalpghpq dtydpeadhe ccervvinis glrfetqlkt laqfpetllg
61 dpkkrmryfd plrneyffdr nrpsfdaily yyqsggrlrr pvnvpldifs eeirfyelge
121 eamemfrede gyikeeerpl penefqrqvw llfeypessg pariiaivsv mvilisivsf
181 cletlpifrd enedmhgggv tfhtysnsti gyqqstsftd pffivetlci iwfsfeflvr
241 ffacpskagf ftnimniidi vaiipyfitl gtelaekped aqqgqqamsl ailrvirlvr
301 vfrifklsrh skglqilgqt lkasmrelgl lifflfigvi lfssavyfae aderdsqfps
361 ipdafwwavv smttvgygdm vpttiggkiv gslcaiagvl tialpvpviv snfnyfyhre
421 tegeeqaqyl qvtscpkips spdlkksrsa stisksdyme iqegvnnsne dfreenlkta
481 nctlantnyv nitkmltdv
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